Take puppet cat out to play

       I feel that the key color puppets are cute and quiet, and they can’t meow or meow. They don’t like jumping and rushing. They are friendly and sweet. They like to interact with people. Standard indoor cats are very popular! If you go out, you can put it in your bag. There is a kind of cat backpack or traction rope. But the owner must give the cat all the vaccines and take them out!

       At first, it’s better to walk the cat in a quiet place with few people

       There are plenty of dog walkers on the street, but a few cat walking books are rare. First, because the puppet cat (details) is quiet, it is easy to be frightened when going out. Moreover, unlike dogs, cats can easily climb high objects, so it is difficult to catch them. And puppet cat itself does not need too much exercise, so the situation of cat walking is relatively rare.

       1¡¢ What are the benefits of walking a cat

       1. Generally, cats are sensitive, so they are easy to be frightened when hearing some sounds or sudden appearance of foreign bodies. It is helpful to exercise the courage of cats to go out properly. Some cats have behavioral problems, such as anxiety or obsessive-compulsive disorder, due to lack of contact with the outside world.

       2. Improve the physical fitness of cats

       Although the cat’s own exercise demand is not very high, but appropriate exercise certainly has no harm, often walk can let the cat get good exercise, thus improving the cat’s physical fitness, better resistance to disease.

       2¡¢ Tips for cat walking

       1. Be sure to select the proper traction rope

       There is a big difference between taking a dog and taking a cat out. First of all, you must pay attention to the traction rope. Collars are obviously not suitable for cats. Cats are much more flexible than dogs. They can easily drill their heads out. If the collar is too tight, the cat will feel uncomfortable. So it’s best to choose the strap type traction rope, there should be special cat.

       2. Wear vest

       As for the wearing method of cat’s vest, first take out the vest and let the cat contact it to get familiar with the vest, then let the cat wear it for a period of time, and then tie the traction rope when it can walk freely, and take it out after the cat is really familiar with it. The condition of wearing vest should be adjusted according to the individual condition of the cat. Each cat has different suitable time for the vest. After each step is completed, it should be rewarded. In this way, the cat can have a good impression on walking. When walking, the cat’s pace should be given priority to.

       Pay attention to the arrangement of traction rope

       3. Reward appropriately

       Reward can make the cat more receptive to strange things, so when the cat completes a step, it should be rewarded in time. Whether it is with snacks, praise or massage, it can improve the cat’s acceptance, and then it can be more smoothly taken out for a walk.

       4. Try not to choose too noisy places

       Although one of the purposes for us to take a cat out is to train its courage. However, we should not choose a place where the cat is too noisy. This also requires a gradual process. Otherwise, once the cat runs away, it is not easy to find it back.

       5. Don’t leave the cat alone

       Don’t leave the cat alone in a place. In case the cat is frightened by foreign objects and entangled by the traction rope in a panic, it is likely that the traction rope is too tightly wound, which may cause suffocation.

       Although Muppets are gentle and quiet, it is good for them to go out properly. Walking a cat requires a process of adaptation. At the beginning, try to choose a quiet place. If you find dogs close, you’d better take them away. Wait until the cat gets used to it, and then slowly contact people or animals who make a living.

       Activity space:

       No matter how lazy and sticky the puppet cat is, its nature is also a cat. Cats like spacious space, fresh air and things. They like to play, like to explore around, like the breath of nature. If the conditions are only allowed at home, then try not to limit the cat’s activity space, let them enjoy the activities. Firmly condemn those who keep cats in cages! It’s cat abuse! The best window to screen, otherwise the cat may be because of curiosity and jump! It’s no use crying at that time! Especially those who live in buildings must pay attention. Don’t say that a cat has nine lives! There is only one cat in your family! Don’t let it die because of your ignorance and irresponsibility! From time to time, I can see some people on the Internet saying that their cat jumped out of the building again. Fortunately, they didn’t die. It can only be said that these people are not as good as animals! If you can train your cat to walk. Use the special cat walking rope to train from childhood. The venue started at home. When cats get used to it, they can take it to the quiet park grassland. Muppets can’t be stocked! Unless you have a yard and the cat can’t run out!

       Toilets and food:

       Keep the toilet away from food. If it was you, you would not like to eat by the toilet.. The toilet is best placed in a well ventilated place with good light to prevent a large number of bacteria. Of course, try to clean the toilet as much as possible every day. In general, it is best to ensure that a cat has at least one toilet. Cats that eat dry cat food must drink a lot of water. If your cat doesn’t drink much water, it’s best to feed wet cat food. Pay attention to the ingredients of cat food, do not buy preservatives, flavor enhancers. In addition, raw meat of good quality is also a good food. Cats are born to eat meat. So if you have the conditions, you can give them small birds with all five internal organs, bones and meat.

       Daily care:

       The daily nursing requirements of puppets are very low. If necessary, you can always comb their hair. In addition, there is a cat dedicated dry shampoo, you don’t have to wet the cat’s body can take a bath. This shampoo is also suitable for daily cleaning care. In addition, we should often check whether the cat’s spirit, to see whether the eyes are red and swollen, whether there are ear mites in the ears, whether the hair is due to skin diseases and so on. If there is any abnormality, send it to the veterinarian immediately without delay. The cat can’t speak, except for the problem, it may not bark. You can only rely on your keen observation! After some experience, you can always stock some laxatives, eye drops, antipyretics, etc. recommended by veterinarians at home.

       care for:

       Puppet cat needs people’s care very much! Often, if it’s better, don’t leave it at home! Accompany it more! If you want to work, it’s better to find a partner for it. The Muppet is the best, but it can be any other cat or dog. In short, don’t let down the puppet’s simple and sincere heart!

       Puppet cat, also known as “ragdoll”, originated in the United States, is a hybrid pet cat. It is one of the largest and heaviest cats in existence. The head is wedge-shaped, the eyes are big and round, the coat is thick, the limbs are long and fleshy, the tail is long, the body is soft, and the fur color has key color, glove color and double color, etc. Puppets are gentle, quiet and friendly to people. It is beautiful and elegant, and very similar to the character of a dog (pupy cat), but also known as “fairy cat”, “dog cat”. Special appearance and gentle character is one of the biggest characteristics of puppet cat.

       The body hair of puppet cat belongs to medium long type, which can’t be tangled together, and the texture is smooth. It has a fluffy tail, usually with a “Bib” on its neck and a long body hair on its buttocks. Combing your hair regularly will make the puppet cat feel very comfortable. Puppet cat is one of the most beautiful purebred cats, with unique single or double colored dots of fur. They are blue, chocolate and chocolate.

       If the price of puppet cat is 8500, I suggest not to buy it. It must be a string.

       The so-called certificate, if there is no DNA identification, it is also meaningless, because the cat house card is very common.

       I don’t think it’s necessary to worry about the problem of keeping alive. I have kept more than 30 cats for so many years, and none of them has any problems.

       All you have to do is take the cat back to the animal hospital for a routine examination. Immune problems, just listen to the veterinarian.

       If you are worried about the many Toxoplasma problems mentioned in recent years, you only need to do a blood test for the cat. If there is no infection, you can take Toxoplasma vaccination. Give the cat clean water, authentic cat food, eat a can the next day, it’s enough,

       I’ve got three puppets, and I’m in Mordor

       I bought my first puppet in a pet shop in Shanghai;

       Second, it’s said that the cat father is a champion cat. It doesn’t matter what kind of champion he is. He doesn’t take it to the competition. He likes it. Shenzhen sellers, cats fly to Shanghai alone;

       The third is a backyard cat born by a puppet of his own. It came from Beijing by air.

       The three cats are all very healthy now. The first one had cat moss when I bought it. I found a conscience pet shop online, and the doctor opened a ointment for dozens of yuan. It took half a month to wipe it.

       The second cat had a sore throat for several months. He often gasped and had a dry cough. He spent 50 yuan on the pills and ate them well. Now he is very healthy. Thank you very much for the pet clinic.

       The third cat is always in good health. It’s just too greedy. It’s nearly 16 Jin.

       The other two, 8 Jin and 10 jin, have been eating the cat food that longed for and Aiken to take, watching the stool soft and hard to feed.

       The physical condition is judged according to the cat’s eating condition, mood, nose, nose, eye dropsy and stool. If there is any abnormality, check it. Adult cat resistance is very good, do not go out, indoor temperature difference is not big, do not feed randomly, generally will not get sick.

       If the kitten keeps normal for a week, it proves that the cat you bought is healthy. Then pay attention to keep warm and don’t take a bath. It’s very important whether it’s hot or cold. After three months, go to vaccinate, OK. It’s easy for kittens to get nasal branches. If you don’t treat them properly, you can easily die. Now it’s easy to do. Go to search for “Ke Ti Ling”. No disease, no pain can be happy to grow up around you.

       Some of your habits may not be logical.

       For example, I used to have a dog. He liked to pick up empty mine water bottles outside. For them, these are just a few hobbies, although it may be compared as a host.

       Another possibility is that these garbage bags have been filled with some food before, and then the smell will attract the cat to take it back.

       Text Department (tease cat for a while) original, plagiarize party self-respect.

       Muppet cat is one of the big and big cats in the cat family. The head is wedge-shaped, the eyes are big and round, and they are bright. The back hair is very rich, the limbs are thick, the tail is very long, the body is like flowing water, very soft. The coat color is various, the color is different, and the appearance is also different. It is precisely because of these characteristics that it has become a true red cat in the market.

       Because of its quiet and gentle character, it is very friendly to adults and children, and behaves like a noble. Therefore, people call it dog cat or fairy. It is precisely because of its numerous advantages that it has been popular for a long time, and its heat is constantly rising. The price has also changed with its appearance, from tens of thousands to three or four thousand.

       If they don’t know how to express their love, they should do the following:

       1¡¢ Even if it’s a little bit quiet, even if it’s a little bit quiet, you’ll have to remember that even if it’s a little bit quiet, even if it’s a little bit quiet, you’ll have to be gentle. At this time, I hope that the excrement shoveling officials can understand the little fairy’s careful thinking. After finishing the task at hand, they must accompany it more.

       2¡¢ Cats are prone to fall because they are overweight and have long hair. Moreover, their pain nerves are very poor, and they may fracture if they are not careful. Therefore, when the Muppet cat falls down accidentally, the excrement removing officer must pay attention to avoid delaying the treatment, because the cat may not know that he has broken his bone at all.

       3¡¢ It is a very home kitten, it does not like to go out to play, only like to lie at home, so shovel excrement tube must create a very clean and comfortable living environment for it. The excrement removal officer can buy some suitable climbing frame or cat scratch board for them to have a good time at home.

       4¡¢ Since Muppet is a kind of kitten with high intelligence quotient, its owners can teach it some skills, which may bring you unexpected surprise. You can try to teach them how to recall, or shake hands. Muppets are called “dog cats”. Their learning ability and obedience ability are also the best among cats.

       5¡¢ This is the most important point, because the cat is a long haired cat, so we must always take care of its hair. If the excrement removal officer wants to keep the fairy image, he must regularly go to the professional pet store for professional nursing, because it is not easy to maintain the appearance of xiaoxianmao! Of course, it’s OK to wash your cat at home. Just remember to use special bath and hair care solution.

       In fact, every cat, every kind of cat, as long as you really love it, you must try your best to give it the best life and love the little ancestors. How can such a lovely puppet cat have the heart to treat it badly!

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