Take the cat on the bus for 8 hours – can the cat take the coach? I’m afraid of strangers. I have to sit for 8 or 9 hours

       This, long-distance bus is not allowed in any city, some cities need procedures, some cities do not care, some prohibit ~ ~ ~ ~ you should first call the long-distance bus station you want to get on and ask, if you want to go through the formalities, go to * *, prohibited… Most stations can get on the bus outside the station, as long as it is not too crowded on holidays, the driver will stop

       No matter what, you have to prepare an air box, clean water, plastic bags. In 8 or 9 hours, if the cat suddenly drives a large size, the whole car will scold you for your sweat, so you must prepare some toilet paper, pet wipes and so on. Put the toilet paper in the plastic bag and clean it with the wet towel.

       A cat who is afraid of strangers has many kinds of performance when nervous. There are indeed infinite howling types, but there are also silent ones. My family has a fear of raw cats, and the guests and friends can’t see him (hiding type). When going out, they not only keep silent, but also dare not pull Shi… If this is the case in your family, although the cat suffers a little, it will not affect other passengers at least. By the way, don’t think that other passengers have the obligation to understand and tolerate you, and must take care of others’ feelings. If you howl for hours, others will go crazy. It’s better to go to carpool network and find someone to carpool back on the weekend. It’s probably faster than the long-distance bus.

       In addition, it is also recommended that you take the cat out for a walk in a box or cage to see whether it barks or not (which is very important), and whether the cat adapts to a more closed box or likes to see more transparent boxes, so you can see the box outside. If you can take it out and walk on it with a traction belt (be sure to tie it, I’m not responsible for losing it). If you can, you can take it out when the coach arrives at the rest station and ventilate and go to the toilet.

       Long distance bus is not allowed to take pets, it is recommended that you carry a bag that is not too large and can hold cats, and then prepare a box (preferably cat bags, which can be sold in pet stores). During security inspection, put the cat in the bag and carry it with you. This bag should not be checked, but use an empty box for security inspection. After entering the station, find a remote corner to transfer the cat to the box, take it to the car, and put it under your feet.

       It’s not recommended. The medicine given to people is not good for the cat’s health. The life span of the cat is much shorter than that of the human. And in case the weight is not well controlled, it will be hung up directly. Domestic cats are afraid of people. They will certainly be scared to death after sitting for such a long time. My cat used to pee in a car for a while. Pets should not be allowed to pass through the security department. As long as it is a living thing other than human beings, it is not allowed. Also do not let the cat through X-ray security, more injury. If you are going on a trip and no one takes care of the cat, it is suggested to entrust a responsible friend who also likes cats. Or a family outing, leaving one to look after the pets. A friend of mine took the dog to the pet store and found that the dog was a little sluggish when he came back. He was frightened by the pet shop or had been given medicine. Since then, they have left a pet to look after when they travel. I believe you are also a kind and loving person~

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