Teddy dog post partum pant badly – Teddy dog postpartum body heat pant how to return a responsibility?

       It’s normal. My dog was also delivered by me at the beginning. The situation is the same as your dog. After birth, I asked the doctor why the dog panted after birth. The doctor said that the mammary gland of the dog will start to secrete milk after birth, so the asthma is normal (it will be improved after a while)!

       1¡¢ Postpartum precautions:

       Cleaning of the female dog: after the delivery, the parts of the female dog such as the tail, the tail, etc. will become dirty and unclean. If it does not affect the rest of the female dog, wash it with warm water and wipe it dry.

       Heat preservation and moisture-proof: replace the contaminated bedding to protect the delivery room from heat and moisture.

       Don’t take a bath: to prevent infection due to backflow of water with the open vulva. Dogs in lactation do not bathe, there are many female dogs after the bath milk is stimulated back, the little guys did not eat, it is difficult to raise.

       Check the puppies. If the puppies don’t have a good sense of smell, they should take out the puppies immediately.

       Calcium supplement: the common situation is that the postpartum female dog gasps, ha ha is very short, which is caused by the lack of calcium. If you eat some liquid calcium, you can absorb it well, and then you will have nothing to do. Even if you give her a lot of calcium during pregnancy, there will still be such performance. Especially the female dog with more children.

       Caring for children: postpartum dogs are sometimes very irritable. Running on the floor and grabbing the wall are usually shown as follows: the mother dog is more cautious and doesn’t want her children to be disturbed, or just killing time. I tell you that attention should not be paid to the children, and I am also very important.

       Refuse strangers to visit: dogs with a strong sense of territory are not allowed to visit by strangers. Because the female dogs after delivery have a strong sense of protecting their offspring, they are very sensitive. If strangers come near, they will attack the onlookers and even eat the puppies in order to protect their children.

       Nutrition supplement: the female dog generally does not eat within 6 hours after delivery, except for defecation and defecation, she always rests in the nest, and warm water can be given at this time. Within two or three days after delivery, the female dog is still not interested in eating. Therefore, she should feed high-quality and low-volume food several times a day. Egg yolk is a good nutritional supplement.

       Small amount and multiple meals: from the fifth day, increase the content of protein, fat, vitamins and minerals to ensure the self nutritional needs and milk needs of female dogs and cats. We can adopt the method of less food and more meals every day.

       Environmental sanitation: provide a quiet, clean, dry, suitable humidity and windproof and rainproof environment for postpartum female dogs and cats. In addition, the food utensils of cats and dogs should be cleaned every day to keep the environment inside and outside the delivery room clean up the leftovers and feces in time.

       Pay attention to observation: after parturition, for some reasons, the bitches may have some pathological manifestations or diseases, such as retained fetal membranes, prolapse, inflammation, empyema, torsion, inflammation, etc. At this time to pay attention to observation, once there is an abnormal situation, immediately ask a doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

       2¡¢ How to care correctly:

       (1) Within 3-4 days after delivery, the amount of food eaten by the mother dog is one third of that of the pregnant period. The food can be less and refined (the appetite of the dog mother will not be too good). It can be gradually increased after 4 days, and can be restored to the original amount after 12 days.

       (2) During the lactation period, the dog mother should pay attention to the food nutrition to be rich, in order to meet the needs of lactation. Every day to dog mother 4 meals, if the milk is not enough, you can add brown sugar water or milk to the food. Usually some broth effect is very good.

       (3) During this period, we should also strengthen the grooming and cleaning of dog mothers, and take a bath once a week.

       (4) When the weather is warm, take the dog mother out for a walk at least twice a day. Each time is half an hour, and can be extended accordingly. But you can’t do strenuous exercise.

       (5) We should also pay attention to the hygiene of the delivery room, keep cleaning every day, change the bedding material in time, and disinfect the delivery room once a month

       (6) Finally, pay attention to keep the delivery room and surrounding environment quiet. Avoid loud noise or noise, strong light and other strong stimulation, so that both mother and child can have a good rest.

       3¡¢ Other frequently asked questions:

       1. Lochia: vaginal bleeding is not enough, you need to inject postpartum Kuai Kang or Houttuynia cordata injection to promote the contraction of * *. Going to the hospital is just like this. Maybe the name is different. Postpartum can eat motherwort, brown sugar water, play a role in warming the palace, help the dog mm rapid recovery.

       2. No appetite: common small dogs should be careful to eat more placenta, and can be injected with feeding needle.

       3. Lack of milk: boiled crucian carp or pig’s feet soup plays a role in milk. After 14 days, milk gradually decreased, but children’s demand was increasing. Get ready to replace dairy products.

       It can cause the dog’s emotional excitement, or it may be because of the pain in some place, or the special interest in something, because emotional factors can also cause Teddy’s breathing to speed up. This can be the same as our human beings. When we are emotional, our breath and heart rate increase, which should be the same.

       In fact, it is the normal rest of the dog when giving birth. You can give the dog milk, light salt water, eggs, vitamins, yeast tablets and Motilium. After childbirth, will lose a lot of nutrition, so we should pay attention to nutrition supplement. Dogs pant because they feel hot just after birth, so they gasp. Sometimes a dog will get a very rare thirst disease after birth, which is usually caused by poor system or malnutrition.

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