Teddy eats Gooden probiotics – can dogs eat probiotics

       Jinmao is always having trouble with his stomach recently. Recently, it is a summer day when dogs prefer to be greedy and cool, but parents can’t get used to dogs. Even if you give him ice pads and cold drinks, you should control the amount. In this kind of weather, dogs are extremely prone to diarrhea. It’s better to be careful. Dogs can eat probiotics. Jinwei, a pup I used to eat, said that it can regulate the intestines and stomach, and can also supplement the vitamins and minerals needed by the dog’s body. It happens that both of them can be eaten. In the past, when the stomach is old and gurgling, it’s much better. During this period, the weather is relatively hot, so I started to eat probiotics for him. I eat probiotics from the pet store People said that it added a special probiotics, the effect is better than the general probiotics, washed out a little sweet, dogs also like to drink. I know if I hurt him by eating cold drinks recently. Some people on the Internet say that they can give dogs a diet of probiotics. They just want to ask if they can eat golden fur, and where can I buy them? Is the effect good?

       Probiotics is an essential nutritional value for dog health. If the dog is lack of probiotics, there will be digestive symptoms. So in the life of the appropriate supplement of probiotics, for dogs is very helpful.

       What are the functions of probiotics?

       1. The intestinal tract is the immune organ and microecology system of dogs. Dogs interact with the outside world slowly through the gastrointestinal mucosa, promote the normalization of intestinal bacteria through its growth and various metabolic effects, inhibit the production of intestinal spoilage substances, and maintain the normal operation of intestinal function.

       2. Probiotics play a role in Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium lactis, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus casei and other probiotics, and only the living flora has activity, can play a role in regulating the intestinal tract and improving immunity. Different numbers of live bacteria affect the efficacy. There are different probiotics from 300000, 500000, 1 million, 5 billion and 30 billion live bacteria in the market.

       3. The common probiotics dosage forms include powder, granule, capsule, etc. the absorption speed, effect, object and convenience of probiotics products with different dosage forms are different. From the point of view of feeding convenience, high-energy probiotics powder is more suitable for dogs.

       Is it really good for dogs to eat probiotics for a long time?

       According to scientific research, proper consumption of probiotics to maintain a good balance of flora in vivo is appropriate. Neither probiotics nor pure probiotics should be taken excessively, especially pure probiotics used as medicament. Parents should be careful when using them. Please feed them according to the instructions!

       It depends on what price you buy. It’s too cheap. I personally don’t recommend buying it

       Because it’s too cheap, most of them are three no products. Since the dog owners, the probiotics that can’t be bought are too bad

       Secondly, probiotics are mainly used to help dogs to regulate their intestines and stomachs. What I have been eating for my dog is the probiotics of gouden

       Of course, if your dog always loses appetite, it can be eaten for a long time

       If you want to feed probiotics, twice a day, a day and a half bags, for 3-5 days.

       However, if it is just beginning to have diarrhea, it is recommended not to take medicine and fasting for a day to observe and pay attention to the causes of diarrhea

       1. Observe whether there is blood in the stool. If there is blood in the stool, it may be that you have scratched your intestines and stomach after eating sharp bones.

       2. Sudden change of dog food can also cause diarrhea. When changing the variety of dog food, it is better to add a small amount of dog food to the new dog food for a few days. In addition, the milk may be diluted.

       3. I have a cold. Because the weather is cold, the dog may be cold when sleeping. Put some blankets on the sleeping place

       Usually my dog fasts for one day, and the next day he has diarrhea. He doesn’t need medicine.

       If diarrhea does not improve, send to the pet hospital or call the veterinarian to see if the dog is infected with any virus, parvovirus and canine distemper

       In fact, for pet probiotics, it is recommended to feed the pet properly when there are gastrointestinal problems.

       I have a dog in my own family. I don’t know how to control the amount of food it eats. Every time I think I can eat it, I feed it. I worry that it will be hungry. The dog’s stomach will get bigger slowly, and there will be vomiting. I took it to the doctor. Later, I learned that I fed it too much, which caused vomiting caused by indigestion. The doctor suggested that I stop eating for the dog first After feeding a little probiotics, called “greedy but not greasy pet probiotics”, which can regulate the dog’s intestines and stomach. Later, I learned that the best way for a dog to eat is to eat 70% to 80% full. Now there are probiotics at home.

       When feeding the dog to eat probiotics, you can use the warm water below 40 degrees, or pour it directly into the dog food mixed with it for the dog to eat together.

       The above is personal experience, hope to adopt~

       If probiotics can’t be eaten correctly, its effect will be greatly reduced. Two dogs in our family have not been very good in their intestines and stomachs. They often have soft stools, constipation and bad stools. From time to time to visit the pet hospital are recommended gu deng probiotics, the effect is really wrong.

       It is suggested that probiotics should be added to dog food or fed directly, or taken with warm water at about 40 ¡æ. The method is more general and convenient.

       Precautions for taking probiotics:

       1. Good probiotics should be taken in time to avoid the death and failure of probiotics.

       2. Probiotics should not be taken with antibiotics. The interval between probiotics and antibiotics should not be less than 2-3 hours.

       3. Especially for babies with poor appetite, constipation, frequent diarrhea or indigestion, long-term probiotics can also regulate gastrointestinal function. The higher the intake, the better. The correct intake should be according to the product instructions.

       The main function of probiotics for dogs is gastrointestinal health care. The function of intestines and stomach is the place for digestion and absorption of various nutrients. In addition to long-term feeding of a single variety of food, a good diet will reduce the occurrence of various diseases. Therefore, when dogs need a lot of nutrients, it is generally recommended to use probiotics to protect the gut,

       It is recommended to use pet Dior pet probiotics for quick supplement. It contains lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria from the intestinal tract, and Bacillus coagulans, which creates an environment for reproduction in the intestinal tract. It is a combination of intestinal probiotics with high activity and high colonization rate, which can be quickly added to the intestinal tract. My dog has always been eating this, and it also contains What about Clostridium butyricum.

       A: Hello, landlord, as an omnivorous animal, dogs often have gastrointestinal problems. Because of this feature, there are a lot of probiotics products on the pet market now, which are divided into cat and dog exclusive and general models. Here, it is suggested that dogs should be used exclusively. The special ones should be developed according to the specific physiological structure of dogs. So, which brand is better in probiotics for dogs?

       Probiotics is a kind of living microbial preparation that can produce beneficial effects on dog health. To put it more directly, probiotics are living, healthy gut microbes.

       Under normal circumstances, there are three kinds of bacteria in dog’s intestine: beneficial bacteria, harmful bacteria and conditional pathogenic bacteria. (opportunistic pathogens are generally harmless, but if the dog has severe malnutrition or bacterial imbalance, these bacteria can turn into harmful bacteria and cause harm). These bacteria exist in a certain proportion in the intestines of healthy dogs and keep a dynamic balance. When the intestinal flora disorder, dogs will appear laxity, soft stool, constipation, indigestion and other symptoms. At this time, we can eat probiotics to help increase the number of beneficial bacteria, so as to quickly maintain the balance of intestinal flora.

       But there’s a premise: Probiotics arrive in the intestines with high activity, because dead bacteria can’t play a role, and it’s useless. Therefore, a good probiotics brand formula must be high-quality and excellent matching (good source of bacteria and a certain number of strains). Yiliezi, as a dog probiotics of Gooden, a leading brand of pet nutrition and health, is imported from Denmark. Four kinds of beneficial strains are added, which act on the upper, middle and lower segments of the intestinal tract respectively, so as to comprehensively protect the gastrointestinal tract, maintain the remission of the flora in the gastrointestinal tract and inhibit the harmful flora. The advantage of this formula has also been certified by FDA.

       Secondly, it depends on the brand. The general public brand should not be selected. It is suggested that the old brand should be more authoritative. Parents can search for probiotics by themselves. The top brands in the latest list also have Gooden, which is very good.

       What’s more, judging by word-of-mouth, there are still many gastrointestinal problems, such as daily diarrhea, vomiting, indigestion, constipation, loss of appetite, and so on. There are many people who care for them. Probiotics products must have been used. Most of the users who have used them say that they are good, and the effect will not be too bad.

       Finally, Xiaobian can also give parents a move, probiotics can also be through the appearance of color, water solubility, taste and taste of observation and comparison, a contrast gap is still very obvious. Take Gooden probiotics as an example, good probiotics bag powder presents natural white, delicate and no impurities. However, the inferior color is yellowish brown with coarse powder and impurities.

       Water solubility: high quality probiotics can be quickly and evenly dissolved in a short time, easy to absorb. However, if the quality of the powder is poor, it will sink and agglomerate, which is not easy to dissolve and absorb.

       In terms of taste, the high-quality fungus taste will be slightly sweet and natural. But the inferior quality is very fishy and smelly.

       Probiotics products in the end on the effect, in fact, after using can feel. But it is worth noting that because probiotics must be active, dogs eat to play a beneficial role, so, in the brewing method or pay special attention to, the water temperature should not be too high, about 40 degrees, or it will damage it.

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