Teddy licks his hands and eats – why does Teddy always go around licking for 4 months?

       I can tell you very simply, if your dog carries the virus, in your case is likely to be infected. I suggest you get vaccinated.

       If you get the third shot and your dog is still safe, then you can stop hitting the back.

       You can make a comparison. Three injections of vaccine cost about 100 yuan, which can be prevented and prepared. If you are stingy about 100 yuan, you may lose your life! Which is more important, which one is more important!

       Rabies is infected, only a dead end!

       Dr. Ma

       Rabies virus is transmitted directly by being bitten by a dog. It doesn’t matter if you are in this situation.

       Don’t have too much psychological burden. If the dog licks your hand, you should wash your hands before eating. If you don’t wash your hands, it doesn’t matter too much. At most, it may cause some gastrointestinal discomfort and will not be infected with rabies, which will not affect your IQ. Remember to wash your hands before eating, and form a good habit of washing hands before meals.

       Rabies is transmitted through blood through wounds, not through the digestive tract. If an animal is bitten and scratched, the mouth will be damaged, so you will not be infected and will not get rabies. Human body has immunity, wash hands frequently and pay attention to personal hygiene.

       After being bitten by a pet, wash the wound surface with soapy water and clean water for half an hour, and then disinfect the wound with iodine cotton ball, and inoculate rabies vaccine in time.

       No, the probability of infection is almost zero, because there is no absolute, but although it will not be infected with rabies, but when playing with dogs or try to pay attention to, licked by the dog hand or develop the habit of washing hands before eating. After all, the nature of dogs is very unsanitary, like to smell everywhere, running around, it is inevitable that there will be some bacteria, so we should play regularly Insect repellent needle.

       You won’t get sick. Don’t worry. But it’s not hygienic. My family has Teddy, who often licks his hands and then forgets to take the fruit directly. There are a lot of bacteria in human saliva, not to mention dogs. If you don’t worry, drink more yogurt, probiotics kill harmful bacteria. It’s nothing if you don’t drink. It’s just a psychological comfort. Domestic dogs do not have rabies, saliva will not be transmitted to human rabies.

       The saliva of most mammals is nontoxic. Like humans, the saliva of dogs is also nontoxic. On the contrary, it can also play a certain bactericidal effect (the tongue licking wound of a cat or dog after injury is to disinfect it). Other animals, two lineages, not necessarily. Many insects are poisonous.

       No ~! Because:

       1. Rabies virus is very sensitive to temperature (heating), ultraviolet (sunlight) and various kinds of disinfectants in the outside world. Its survival time is very short and there is no possibility of indirect transmission.

       2. Healthy cats and dogs do not carry virus, even if they carry rabies virus is not infectious; cats and dogs only in the outbreak of rabies, their saliva can carry infectious virus.

       Let me talk about my experience.

       I won’t copy and paste them. Rabies virus is transmitted through the blood. As long as dogs don’t have rabies, you won’t get sick. Even if the dog has a rabies, it’s OK to have no wound in your mouth. It’s like kissing someone with AIDS. As long as there is no wound or ulcer in the mouth, you won’t get AIDS.

       A few words, said very clearly, to give or not to the point with fate.

       Many people feel that their dogs look healthy and will not carry rabies virus, so they do not pay attention to prevention. In fact, this is a great misunderstanding in people’s understanding of rabies. In fact, 70% of rabies patients suffer from “healthy dog” bite. Epidemiological investigation shows that the virus carrying rate of healthy dogs is as high as 5-10%, and that of suspicious dogs biting people is more than 30%. Therefore, there is no necessary relationship between healthy dogs and their saliva without rabies!

       Now you need to make sure that your hand doesn’t have a deep cut and your dog doesn’t lick your wound. Because the virus must enter the blood to infect the human body. And because the virus can only survive for a short time outside the host, it will die within a few minutes. However, once rabies is infected, the mortality rate is 100%, so if you are bitten by dogs and cats (remember, not only dogs, cats can also carry rabies virus in their saliva, which has nothing to do with whether they have the disease or not!) Whether they are healthy or not, it’s best to go to the hospital and get an anti rabies serum within 24 hours, because you don’t know if they have virus in their saliva.

       Building lord, your supplement makes me very puzzled, what does it mean that dogs are OK within 10 days after the occurrence? ~

       If you want to ask about the disease, then rabies infection can last for a long time or even more than 5 months before death. But you’re not bitten by it, and the virus is blood borne (and very rarely dog saliva splashes into people’s eyes), so it’s safe.

       There is no relationship between the pet’s saliva with or without the virus and whether it develops or not. It thinks that it may have antibodies, but it is not contradictory with its saliva with virus. For example: the human body has oncogene, but when the immune skills are perfect, this gene can not escape the immune examination, but immune deficiency, such as AIDS, can easily lead to malignant tumors.


       1. Ready to change teeth, so I like to bite. In addition, it is suggested to supplement some trace elements during this period.

       2. To exercise its habits, feed at home, put more dog food, do not control the amount, and take care of it outside. By the time of 8 months, its self-control will be high enough.

       3. It’s very common. A little dog a year and a half ago is so naughty. It’s the same as when people fight. You should buy some small toys for dogs.

       4, eat what is not clean or irritating food will also have gastrointestinal reactions, if very serious, it is recommended to take some anti-inflammatory drugs to swallow, if not serious, do not need special treatment.

       It’s very common that a little dog a year and a half ago was so naughty, not crazy. It’s the same as when people are playing with each other. You should buy some dog’s toys, such as tooth cleaning rope, tooth grinding stick and rubber ball for it to play. If you play a few times a day, it won’t be disorderly to ask for things. After a dog’s meal, you can play with it with a tooth cleaning rope. It’s best to brush your teeth and let it move Don’t just have a meal to play, you can also point to the bone gnawing not too big ah, this is the fun of keeping a dog, slowly experience it

       I can assure you that my family’s is more crazy than you are, and I’m not afraid of living. I’m not only biting, but also using my claws and biting my tail. However, the doctor said that it’s normal, no matter what kind of it is… Their nature is to destroy, especially when they were young… Sometimes we all peel when we bite and scratch. Seven to eight people in our family have not escaped the poisonous hand. We should change our teeth in 3-4 months. Buy some rubber toys for it. I hope you don’t like me. My toys don’t play in less than a week. I’ve bought 7-8 kinds of toys. Today, I don’t want to buy any more and spoil her… My family also love wrestling, everyone must fall down… Crying to death… Photos of my home