Test your pet – Aquarius for pets

       Aquarius people are hard to guess, unable to enter their hearts, and often their performance is difficult to accept imagination. Aquarius’ favorite pet may be hard for you to accept. Yes, Aquarius’ favorite pet is hamster. To put it bluntly, it’s just a little mouse!

       You must check that all the switches in the house are turned off before you can go out. Yes to Q2, no to Q3;

       You have to work overtime every day. Yes to Q5, no to Q4;

       Q3. When you pass the window of a fashion store and see a very beautiful dress, you will buy it without considering the price and whether it suits you or not. Yes to Q6, no to Q7;

       You are used to having lunch in the same restaurant. Yes to Q8, no to Q9;

       Q5. When carrying a backpack, you will often check whether the zipper is pulled open. Yes to type A, no to Q7;

       A good friend tells you that when you see your partner dragging a heterosexual on the street, you will break up with your partner without asking. Yes to type B, no to Q9;

       Q7. You often get angry with your partner for small things. Yes to type D, no to Q8;

       Q8. Even on vacation, most of them will stay at home because there is no appointment. Yes to type C, no to Q9;

       Q9. If 100 is full, you will rate your appearance above 80. Yes to type E, no to type F.

       ¡ñ answer analysis

       Type A: you are a master of tension. You live under severe pressure. In order to relieve your tense mood, you should raise sparrows. When you see them flying freely, your mood will be bright and your pressure will be reduced.

       Type B: you are impulsive and aggressive. You will never think twice before you do anything. In short, you will do it if you want to. Therefore, you are often impulsive. In order to make up for the impulsive character, you should have a cat. Because the cat’s personality is self-contained and noble, you can learn the advantages of being calm and calm and control your emotions.

       Type C: you are a boring egg worthy of the name. Your life is plain and boring. You have no change and lack of Yang Yang. Therefore, you should raise a jar of colorful fish. When you are free, you can enjoy the beauty of the fish swimming freely. In this way, the depressed mood can be swept away, and the space for thinking and creativity can be increased, so that the brain is no longer rigid!

       Type D: you are irritable. You often quarrel with people for small things, and even start to beat people. In order to make the irascible personality converge, you should raise a turtle to reconcile. Because the tortoise’s slow and orderly character can make you learn to cultivate one’s mind, slowly learn to be patient, and make you calm, so as to reduce conflicts with others!

       Type E: you are obviously a person with high self-confidence. You always think that you are the best, the most upright and the most beautiful one. If you think too much of yourself, you should keep a rabbit to balance it. Because rabbit is a kind of pure animal, you will treat it kindly and friendly when facing it, and you can leave the arrogant character behind for it.

       Type F: you are lack of self-confidence. You are not confident to do anything, and are not willing to try. But if you keep a good and obedient dog, you can not only be loyal to your friends, but also help to enhance your confidence in people, open your heart and get happiness!

       Zodiac helps you choose the right pet for you. With the material life getting richer and richer, people’s spiritual needs are more and more extensive. Many people began to like to keep pets, take care of them, and have a deep “love”. Some people have more feelings for pets than for people. Why?

       The answer to this question can be found in. ***People have “six Samsara”. The so-called “six Samsara” refers to the six kinds of living beings, such as heaven, man, Asura, animal, hungry ghost, and hell. All of them belong to the realm of mystery, and can not be separated from life and death. This life is born in this way, and the next one is born in that one. It always comes and goes in the six ways, turning like a wheel and never turning out, so it is called “six Samsara” Why do some people have deep feelings for pets? Maybe the pet was his dearest person in the previous life, or he had owed the “debt” of the pet’s predecessor in the previous life, so he was reluctant to part with the pet in this life and pay the “debt”. It turns out that this is all the “karma” of the previous life. No wonder even the great materialist people think that “there is no love or hatred for no reason in the world”!

       However, in reality, there are two situations: one is the love between the owner and the pet, the other is bitten by the pet, and some even die. From the perspective of “six Samsara”, this also shows a problem, that is, some of these pets are loved by their owners in previous lives, and some are enemies. Therefore, when you keep a pet, you should also have a choice. If you have a suitable pet, you may cultivate your own sentiment; if you have an unsuitable pet, you may increase your worries.

       Although we can’t see clearly the “six ways” and which pets are the “relatives” or “enemies” of the previous life, we can distinguish which pets are compatible with their owners from the aspect of the zodiac, so as to indirectly know the predestination with all kinds of pets, so as to determine what kind of pet to keep is the most appropriate, so as to achieve the goal of getting along well with each other.

       So which zodiac animals are suitable for keeping what kind of pets?


       It’s the most suitable animal for raising cattle. If the big cow is not fun, you can raise a calf. Of course, you can also ride on the back of a cow. When the zodiac is ranked first, the smart little mouse jumps on the back of the cow and ranks first! Secondly, it is suitable for raising monkeys, and then it is also suitable for breeding snakes reptiles.

       Ugly cow:

       It is most suitable for raising rodents, such as rats, white rats, great rats, kangaroos and so on. Secondly, it is suitable for snakes (or dinosaurs) and fish pets, and then it is suitable for chickens, Phoenix and birds. It turns out that these pets can be carried by Aunt Niu!

       Yin Hu:

       Most suitable for raising pigs. Fortunately, there are a lot of small and exquisite pet pigs, and they are very human and clean. Of course, raising wild boars is also very interesting. Secondly, it is suitable for raising horse pets. Mules and donkeys are also OK. They can be used as well as play. It is also suitable for keeping dog family pets. Of course, no matter big dog, small dog, Jingba dog, lion dog or shepherd dog, any kind of dog can be kept for fun.

       Mao rabbit:

       This zodiac is the most suitable animal for keeping dogs! What kind of dog he keeps is handy and complements each other! It can be said that “Hanxin generals and soldiers, the more the better”. The second is pig raising, which is similar to each other. Then it is suitable for raising sheep. With a shepherd dog and a group of lambs playing on the grassland, the feeling is no less than paradise on earth.

       Chen Long:

       It is the most suitable pet for raising birds. The chicken, known as Phoenix, is naturally second to none. Of course, directly raising Phoenix is the icing on the cake. Other birds have no discomfort, such as ducks, geese, mandarin ducks, dry birds and waterbirds. If you raise more, you will almost enter the Jurassic period! Secondly, it is suitable for raising monkeys, but monkeys are more naughty and playful than their owners! Another is suitable for raising rodents and fish pets. Dragons, rats and fish are good friends.


       Most suitable for raising monkeys! Although they are afraid of each other, they are still quite tacit. Second, it is suitable for raising chickens, or bird pets, similar to dragons. It is also suitable for raising cattle. Sometimes it can be put on the back of cattle and have a good sleep!

       Afternoon horse:

       Most suitable for raising sheep, gentle lamb will cultivate the master’s irritability. Secondly, it is suitable for raising tigers, but it is not allowed to “raise tigers for trouble”, let alone “do harm to tigers”. Of course, it is still very good to raise some cute kittens. Another is suitable for dogs, both can become close relatives and friends.

       No sheep:

       Most suitable for raising horses, horses give sheep strength and courage. Secondly, it is suitable for raising pigs, and then it is suitable for raising rabbits.

       Shen Hou:

       It’s the most suitable reptile pet for Snake breeding. It’s more interesting to have fun. The second is to raise rodent pets, and then it is suitable for keeping dinosaur pets. But I’m afraid it’s hard to find such pets, but fish are still available.

       You chicken:

       It’s the most suitable animal for raising dinosaurs, because if you can’t find it, you can replace it with some reptile pets like dinosaurs, such as snakes. It happens that the owner is also suitable for raising snakes. It is also suitable for raising cattle. Fortunately, cattle are still quite common and obedient. It may be very comfortable to build a bird’s nest on the horns of cattle!?

       Xu Gou:

       Most suitable for raising rabbits! What white rabbit, black rabbit, gray rabbit, any color can be oh! It can be raised in cage, in nest or in captivity And you can race 100 meters with rabbits! Second, it is suitable for raising tigers. Although there is a saying that “dogs bite the mother and the tigers are afraid of each other”, they can coexist peacefully and peacefully. Mr. He’s kittens are very popular. You might as well raise some kittens to replace them, because cats and tigers are all feline animals! Then it’s suitable for raising horses. Maybe you can become a good rider

       Tigers and cats are the most suitable for raising cats. Don’t be afraid. As long as the safety measures are appropriate, tigers can’t eat pig drops. Moreover, raising tigers can make pig owners fully feel the thrill and excitement, so as to exercise their will and courage. Of course, the cute kittens are even more risk-free! Secondly, it is suitable for raising rabbits, so there is no need to set up safety measures, so you can let go of your hands and feet and let go of them. It is also suitable for raising sheep. The docility and kindness of owners and pets can be reflected incisively and vividly!


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