That kind of cat doesn’t shed hair. – what cat doesn’t

       British short haired cat, suitable for all families. He is stable and intelligent, and his behavior as a kitten will remain for life.

       Sphinx cat, this is a not only can not shed hair, but also does not grow hair pet aristocrat!

       American short haired cat is famous for its big body, strong body, muscular development, intelligent nature and gentle personality. It is a large and medium-sized short haired cat, which is not easy to lose hair!

       China country cat, this is a kind of cat with various breeds. In China, the scientific name is “China country cat”. The native cat is the most common domestic cat. Although it has hair loss, it is not obvious that it is difficult!

       The cat that doesn’t like to lose hair is Canadian hairless cat. This kind of cat has no hair, but it is ugly and expensive. Other cat breeds will shed more or less hair, as long as diligent care.

       Don’t like to run wild cat species: 1, Scottish Fold ear cat does not like to run, like to stick to the owner.

       2. American short haired cats are gentle.

       It is suggested that you can raise a Scotch cat with folded ears. Its hair is easy to take care of and its temperament is very quiet. It is suitable for raising at home.

       Recommend German curly cat

       Another feature of Devon cat is easy to take care of. After taking a bath, simply wipe it with a towel or bask in the sun. Its depilation is very mild, even not easy to detect, suitable for some sensitive cat fur friends. The fur of curly cat is similar to that of poodle, which is easy to comb and not easy to cause allergic reaction of its owner due to hair loss.

       Teddy’s popularity has a lot to do with the fact that they don’t like to shed hair. Teddy is the most popular city apartment dog because it doesn’t like to lose hair. In addition to Teddy being more suitable for raising in City Apartments, cats are also suitable for apartment pets. A lot of people want to have cats, but not everyone can accept their hair loss. And is there a cat like teddy that doesn’t love to shed hair?

       The answer is yes! There are two kinds of cats that don’t like to lose their hair. One is a hairless cat, and the other is a curly cat. Because the hairless cat looks more elegant, so even if it does not shed hair at all, many people can not accept it. Hairless cats can not be accepted by the public because of their appearance problems, so they can only become a small number of cats and be accepted by individual families.

       But curly cats are different. They look like other cats. Although the hair is attached to the skin, but the overall look is not as strange as the hairless cat, but there is a kind of spirit like feeling. The reason why curly cats don’t shed hair is the same as Teddy’s. they are all curly breeds. Their hair only grows but doesn’t like to drop. A small amount of hair dropped can be ignored.

       There are also many varieties of curly cat, although the appearance is slightly different, but they are very good-looking. In our country, the most easily bought curly cat is Devon curly cat. Devon curly cat hair curly, slender body, looks smaller than the average cat size, very smart and lovely.

       Curly cat is also a more popular cat species recently, more and more people began to raise them! They are very friendly, even super sticky, not very cold at all. In addition, they don’t like to lose hair, which makes them the best choice for apartment pet.

       Of course, the price of this kind of special kittens must not be cheap. The price of a German curly cat is generally five figures, and the price of a good bloodline is even more several times higher. Although they are expensive, more and more people choose to buy them. As we have a deeper understanding of pets, more and more families are willing to pay high prices for cats.

       If you ask a cat that doesn’t shed a cat, it will be a hairless cat. This is the cat that won’t shed hair. Because they don’t have hair, but they look ugly. Some people like it, while others resist it very much. As long as the cat has hair, it will lose some hair, but some cats will lose less.

       Expanding information

       It is very important for a cat to have beautiful and smooth hair. We will find that no matter what kind of cat it is, Tanmen will wash its face every day. American short haired cat is a kind of cat that won’t shed its hair easily. This kind of cat has a lazy feeling, very lazy, but it is very cute. It has a big physique, strong bones, developed muscles and nature Smart, gentle personality and famous, is a short hair cat species in the large. The coat is thick and dense, and there are more than 30 kinds of coat color, among which the Silver Stripe variety is particularly valuable.

       In fact, giving some basic care to the short haired cat can also reduce the number of hair loss. It is very simple. It is the best care to spend some time every day holding it in your arms and gently touching it with warm hands. Because this can help it transfer the oil needed by the coat, so that its coat is more glossy.

       American short haired cat is very lovely and lively. In life, it is very simple. It inherits the strong, brave and hard-working of its ancestors. It has a mild character and will not change because of the change of environment or mood. Full of patience, amiable, will not lose his temper, do not like shouting, suitable for the family with children. American short haired cats have strong resistance.

       This kind of cat is very intelligent, like to lie on the master’s leg, not very greasy and crooked, but sometimes, it will be very cute and sticky, like to enjoy the caress of the owner. They will cherish their toys, especially when the owner is away, they will invent a variety of different ways to play, so that they do not feel lonely. American Bobcats are happy to get along with other animals, including birds and dogs.

       Sphinx hairless cats are also very easy to keep. Without hair, they are very simple and easy to take care of. No matter when they are, their curiosity is very heavy. They are gentle, intelligent and lovely, with rich expressions, clear and delicate feelings and loyalty to their owners. The Sphinx hairless cat has a sweet facial expression, a pair of big eyes with rich expression, sometimes full of surprise, sometimes trapped in people’s thinking, a perplexed and puzzled look, very cute, so it has been favored by cat lovers since ancient times.

       Now it has become a fashion to keep cats. People keep cats not only because they are fun, but also because they want to have a companion. Sometimes cats are very independent and lovely animals. As pets, they are the most suitable ones. In fact, there are many cats that don’t lose their hair. Now many hairless cats are also very cute, and there will be no hair loss ¡£

       Recommend four kinds of cats that don’t like to lose their hair!

       1¡¢ Siamese cat

       Siamese cat is strong and active, witty and flexible, curious and understanding. Siamese cats like to walk with people and can walk with a leash. Siamese cats are outgoing, expressive, intelligent, active and curious. He likes to be company with others, loyal to his master and understanding. He gives people feelings and trust like a dog. He can even go to the street with his master like a dog. Therefore, he has won the title of “dog of cats”.

       2¡¢ American short haired cat

       American Shorthair is a kind of cat native to the United States. Its ancestor was brought to North America by early European immigrants. It is similar to British short hair cat (details) and European short hair cat.

       3¡¢ British short haired cat

       British short haired cat is bold and curious, but it is very gentle and adaptable. It will not change because of the change of environment, nor will it lose its temper or scream. It will only try to climb to a higher place, lower its head, stare at the big round eyes, and look down at you with a smile, just like the one named “Louis” mentioned in “Alice in Wonderland” Like a cat, no language, just that cute facial expression just catches your heart, and you can’t change your love for it any more.

       4¡¢ American Curly ears are characterized by varying degrees of curly ears, such as ears pointing to the head and stripes. But for cats of this color, hawksbill and tiger stripes must be clear and eye-catching.

       American Curly eared cat is very curious and a good companion for all families. He is stable and intelligent, and his behavior as a kitten will remain for life. American Curly eared cats don’t like to talk much, but they know how to tell you what they need. It can also get along well with other pets in the family.

       Birch pet encyclopedia team!

       British short haired cat has no body odor, is not easy to shed hair, mild temperament, appropriate lively.

       1. Adaptability is very strong, will not change because of the change of environment. So, if you buy this cat, don’t worry that it will give you a headache because of the changing environment.

       2. British short hairy cat bold curiosity, but very gentle, will not lose his temper, not to mention shouting.

       3. Sports British Bobcats like to get close to their owners and sleep on your knees. However, cats who don’t exercise for a long time are likely to get fat, and those who are overweight will have problems in their health. So, you should play games with it for at least half an hour every day.

       4. The coat of a British short haired cat is soft and thick like flannel, rarely shedding and easy to take care of. It’s spring, especially in spring. Cat’s own comb will swallow the hair into the stomach, over time in the stomach to form hair ball, if can not be vomited out, and can not be timely discharged through the intestinal tract, retained in the stomach, will form a hair ball blockage, affect appetite, and even endanger life. Therefore, if it is in the depilation period, the owner can comb the hair a few times a day or let it eat the full nutrition hair cream.

       5. British short haired cat, plump body, thick short developed limbs, short and dense hair, big head, round face, gentle and calm, friendly to people, easy to raise. Large, round eyes vary in color depending on the coat.

       6. As an old cat breed, its history can be traced back to the house cat in ancient Rome. Because of its long breeding history, it can be regarded as a model in the cat family. In addition to the fixed and representative genetic characteristics, British short haired cats also have rich variability, such as back coat color, eye color and so on. More importantly, with a wide history of mating, the cat has a healthier body and a more tame personality.

       About cat hair loss

       1. Season change: when the climate changes from cold to hot, the hormones in the cat’s body will change, causing long hair to fall off and grow short hair. Simply put, it means taking off winter clothes and changing into summer clothes. There is no way to stop this kind of hair loss. The only thing we can do is to take care of it frequently. It is also an effective way to bathe it.

       2. Malnutrition: after excluding the causes of weather changes, the most likely cause of cat hair loss is malnutrition. The most common is a lack of adequate protein, and may also be a lack of vitamin intake. Chinese families often feed cats with rice. If cats don’t get enough protein, such as meat and fish, they will lose their hair, and even the whole piece of hair will be removed seriously. In this case, it is recommended to increase the proportion of fish in cat food. At the same time, let the cat eat yeast to help supplement vitamin intake, to prevent depilation is very effective.

       3. Health problems: cats are small animals that are easy to get sick. If the cat behaves in a bad mood, has a bad appetite and loses its hair, it is likely to be ill. At this time, it is better to take it to the doctor for examination, and the doctor will provide professional advice.

       2¡¢ How to reduce hair loss

       1. Spend a few minutes every day grooming your cat

       Don’t find it troublesome to groom your cat. If you make a habit every day, your cat will feel comfortable and willing to play this game with you every day. Of course, you will also save time! Because combing hair every day can comb out a large number of dead hair, which is the fundamental method to remove hair, and also can avoid hair knotting. At the same time, it can also play a massage role, promote blood circulation and enhance skin health. Only healthy skin is the key to not losing hair.

       2. Take a proper bath

       Some parents want to bathe their cats every day, while others don’t wash their cats once a year and a half. In fact, it’s all wrong! The right cat bath should be washed every 5-7 days in summer and 7-10 days in winter. It is absolutely wrong to bathe cats repeatedly if they see their hair fall. Too much Bathing will only damage the skin and cause more terrible hair loss. Will also make the cat’s skin become sensitive and vulnerable, it is easy to suffer from various skin diseases.

       3. Choose proper wool washing solution

       Cat skin is neutral, should use pet special shampoo, not suitable for use of alkaline human shampoo. Some people even use disinfectants such as drip dew, which are chemical harmful liquids, and can never be used on cats, because these substances can damage the cat’s skin, cause allergies and cause hair loss.

       4. Moderate sun exposure to help cats absorb ultraviolet rays

       The sun can make the cat’s skin and hair healthier. All cats like to bask in the sun, but give them a place to shade, and not too long to avoid sunburn or dehydration.

       5. Cut the hair short

       In fact, it’s summer. It’s good to change your cat’s hairstyle! Cutting it short is not only easy to comb, but also easy to observe the condition of the cat’s skin. It is very helpful to improve hair loss and make the cat feel cool and comfortable. It is recommended to take the cat to the regular pet beauty salon for pruning, because the cat will not let you cut it like a dog. If you are a rookie, you are likely to cut the cat, or if it is ugly, it will hurt the cat’s self-esteem. In that case, it will never be cut again.

       Tips: many people choose short haired cats for breeding, and think that short haired cats will not shed as much hair as long haired cats. That’s a big mistake. For example, American short hair cats, British short hair cats, foreign short hair cats, their hair loss is not inferior to long hair Persian cats.

       Canadian hairless cats are the only cats that don’t shed their hair, but most people are deterred by the alternative appearance.

       In a word, raising a cat will have to bear its endless hair loss. Only if you are industrious and follow our teaching method, can we avoid those annoying hairs as much as possible.

       1¡¢ Bombay cat; 2. German curly cat: German curly cat is easy to take care of, and can be wiped with towel after bathing; 3. Labang cat: cat’s hair has long and short, short and curved, long and spiral or long straight hair. If you don’t like hairy cats, it is recommended to have hairless cats. There won’t be a cat losing its hair

       Canadian hairless, also known as the sphinx cat, was bred by cat lovers in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1966 from a litter of almost hairless kittens, which were bred specially for cat lovers who are allergic to cat fur. This cat is a pet cat produced by a natural genetic mutation,

       In addition to the ears, mouth, nose, tail front segment, feet and other parts of the body are hairless, the skin is wrinkled and elastic. Canadian hairless cats are gentle, independent and non aggressive. They can get along with other cats and dogs.

       Extended data:

       Canadian hairless cats are different in many places. They have wedge-shaped heads and large ears. As they get older, they grow bigger. Lacking fur to keep warm, they often look for warmth everywhere. The Canadian hairless cat’s skin is always crumpled, like the Chinese sand dog.

       Another characteristic of the sphinx cat is its ugly appearance. If you are a normal aesthetic person, at the first glance, you will feel that you are ugly. With no hair and wrinkled skin, Canadian hairless cats seem to have no beauty at all. But in fact, sometimes it is not the case. If you get used to it slowly, you may find another unique beauty in its appearance.

       The most special thing about Canadian hairless cats is their strange appearance. However, everything is complementary. Although Canadian hairless cats look impressive, Canadian hairless cats also have their unique wisdom and emotion.

       Source: Baidu Encyclopedia — Canadian hairless cat

       Canadian hairless cat

       If you ask, what kind of cat does not shed hair, then Canadian hairless cats deserve it. Canadian hairless cats are also known as Sphinx cats. Their most distinctive feature is that they are almost hairless. Although they look strange, they are still favored by cat lovers. If you say that I don’t like this kind of cat, besides Canadian hairless cat, what kind of cat doesn’t shed hair? In fact, it should be defined according to your preference. As long as the cats like Bombay and labang are properly groomed, they all have a small amount of hair loss. You can choose according to your own situation.

       1¡¢ The character of the sphinx cat

       The Sphinx hairless cat is gentle, intelligent and lovely, with rich expression, delicate feeling and loyalty to its owner. Sphinx hairless cat has a sweet facial expression, a pair of big eyes with rich expression, sometimes full of surprise and curiosity, and sometimes trapped in people’s meditation, a confused and puzzled look, very cute, so it has been favored by cat lovers since ancient times.

       2¡¢ Standard for Sphinx cats

       Nature: the sphinx cat is not only famous for its curly, wrinkled and hairless appearance, but also popular for its docile, intelligent, modest, delicate, smiling face and a pair of big eyes with rich expression.

       Body: strange shape, strong body, muscular, chest deep, back more hunchback, abdomen compact but not up. The limbs are long and slender, and the hind limbs are longer than the forelimbs.

       Head: the head is wide and wedge-shaped, with prominent cheekbones, thin cheeks, and a triangular face. The auricle is large and upright, towering over the top of the head. The tip of the ear is pointed and round, and slightly tilted forward.

       Eyes: Lemon shaped eyes, large and slightly protruding, orange eyes.

       Tail: it’s thin and long like a mouse, and it’s bent up like a whip.

       Coat: no hair on the whole body. The skin feels soft. There’s no fluff.

       Limbs: slender and slender, with slender bones, hind limbs longer than the hair of forelimbs: the kittens born to Sphinx hairless cats have many wrinkles and are covered with soft and fine fetal hair. With the growth of age, the hair only remains in the head, limbs, tail and the end of the body, and other parts of the skin are hairless, but very few.

       Although Canadian hairless cats have almost no hair, there is no need to worry about hair care, but Canadian hairless cats are precious and the number is diluted, so it is not easy to buy them. In fact, we don’t have to worry about the problem that cats don’t lose their hair. Some short haired cats lose little hair, which is a good choice for us.

       Canadian Hairless

       But long.. Well. It’s a little hard to say.

       Go and see for yourself what it looks like

       It’s better to have a hairy cat, though it’s hard to take care of it. But, feel comfortable. Look cute.

       If you just want to know if there’s one

       The kind of cat that has hair but doesn’t lose it. I’ll tell you: No

       10 kinds of cats that don’t shed hair easily:

       Bombay cat:

       Bombay cat’s little or no hair loss, it is still love, especially gentle. Bombay cats like to lie down on their owners, although the mood is limited. So this is a better cat. Bombay cats are easy to train. They like to play throwing games. She is charming and friendly. Easy to get along with children, often become a tourist receptionist, they can get along well with dogs or other pets.

       Curly cat:

       Curly cats have a higher IQ and can adapt to travel by car or live in a car home or unit room. It is ideal for both the old and the young. Another characteristic of German curly cat is that it is easy to take care of. After bathing, just use a towel to wipe or sunbathe. Its hair loss is very slight and is not easy to detect. Suitable for some sensitive to cat fur friends. The fur of a curly cat is similar to that of a poodle. It is easy to comb, and it is not easy to cause allergic reaction to its owner due to hair loss.

       Laban cat;

       Lapan is famous for its beautiful curly hair. Their hair is long and short, curved short, long to spiral. In addition, some cats have straight hair. But incredibly, many Lapan cats are born without hair and look ugly. But take good care of it. If you don’t know how long it will take, you will find that your ugly duckling has gradually turned into a swan.


       Balinese cats are active, hunting is good, and the courtyard is more suitable for her. The coat is easy to cook and the hair can be combed once a week. Balinese cats are active all day, always hovering around their owners. They are full of emotion, like to play, talk freely, and communicate with owners when they seize the opportunity. Their curiosity never seems to be satisfactory. Balinese cat is a companion animal, beautiful and lively, lovely and loyal. One of their favorite things is to lie in the arms of their hosts. Balinese cats don’t remove their hair.

       Siamese kitten:

       Siamese cats can better adapt to the local climate of their owners, and have strong personality, full of vitality, flexibility, curiosity and good understanding. Siamese cats like to be with people and can take their way with them. It needs constant care and care for the master, loyalty to the master and deep feelings. If you are forced to separate from the owner, you may be crushed and die. Siamese cats are also very smart and can quickly learn to twist muscles and discard parabola skills.

       Canadian hairless cat:

       Canadian hairless cats are docile, independent, and non aggressive, able to get along with other cats and dogs. Canadian hairless cat’s hair is sparse, some thin and soft hair in ears, mouth, nose, tail forging, feet and other parts of the body are hairless, skin wrinkles like antelope skin, elastic, kitten’s face is more round, skin wrinkles; newborn kittens have many wrinkles, covered with soft fetal hair. As you get older, the hairs remain only on the head, limbs, tail and body. The end.

       Abyssinian cat:

       Abicynian is gentle, lively and cheerful. I like to live in a more spacious environment, such as free activities. I don’t want to be confined to a small place, so I don’t want to live in an apartment. This kind of cat likes to live alone, climbs the tree well, the body is light, the temperament is gentle, very humanized, is the ideal companion

       USA Shorthair:

       American short haired cats are famous for their strong body, thick bones, muscular muscles, intelligent personality and gentle personality. It is a large short haired cat. The American Bobcat inherits the courage, courage and hard work of its ancestors, and has a mild personality, which will not be changed by changes in environment or mood. Full of patience, kindness, no temper, no pride, suitable for families with children. American short haired cats are more resistant.

       Russian knapweed:

       Russian blue cat is quiet, shy, afraid of life and unwilling to go out. The voice is soft and sweet, emotional and docile, and trusts and pleases the host. It is also a very popular family pet because it can live in peace with other pets in the family. Russian blue cat was born with a smile and a sly face. It is unique among short hair varieties. It’s very quiet, quiet, a little shy, intelligent. I like to live at home, but I can adapt to the cold.


       The Oce cat has the essence of wild cat and the calmness of a cat. The cat started in the second half of the 1950s. It was made by American breeders based on the Abyssinian cat, along with Siamese and American short haired cats.