The age of Siamese cats can be judged by tooth color and coat color

       Many owners are eager to know how old their cats or dogs are. Many owners are happy to celebrate their pets’ birthdays, but they can’t tell their real age. Now, in addition to their own breeding, very few owners can know how old their cats are. Let Xiaobian teach you how to judge the age of Siamese cats. The baby cat will open its deciduous teeth from the third week of its birth, and it will all grow up in the fifth week. When the kitten is born one year, the front teeth will begin to wear out. After 5 years, the big teeth will gradually age. By the seventh year, the lower front teeth will grind into a round shape, and by the tenth year, the upper front teeth will fall off, and the head and back will grow white hair, and rough and lose luster. This shows that the cat has entered old age. Siamese cat’s key color and coat color can also be used to judge their age. The newborn is usually white, because the uterus is very warm. As you grow up, the coat color will change from white to light brown, and then in the nose, ears, tail, limbs meat pad lower body temperature, the coat color will begin to darken. But Siamese cat’s key color, fur color will also change because of body temperature, environmental temperature, the owner can not judge wrong Oh! The whole face of some Siamese cats is dyed dark brown by pigment, and the place with higher body temperature maintains light brown or gray white.