The baby cat has loose bowels – the baby cat has diarrhea

       The cat’s stomach was full at first and could eat normally, but then it died. That’s why pet owners don’t take good care of cats. There is no way to change the death of a suckling cat. But pet owners should also understand why the baby cat is like this, and then come up with solutions, so that this kind of thing can be avoided in the future.

       1. The cat doesn’t digest well

       If the cat’s stomach is still able to eat normally when it is bulging, the pet owner should think about whether the cat is eating too much and too fast, eating irregularly, or eating too much at once, which will lead to indigestion of the cat’s intestines and stomach. There will be flatulence, abdominal distension, bulging stomach.

       In this case, the pet owner should reasonably arrange the diet structure of the cat, feed some light and easily digestible food, and regularly and quantitatively feed the cat, and also prepare some meow Xiaoli to mix with the food.

       2. Cats have difficulty defecating

       A cat’s belly is bulging and hard to feel. If it has little or no defecation, it may be full of feces.

       In this regard, pet owners should let the cat excrete the feces in the belly. First of all, they should adjust the cat’s eating habits and feed some liquid food, vegetables and fruits. Add some beneficial bacteria to the cat’s intestines, put appropriate amount of mexiling into the food, and feed the cat with normal temperature old yogurt. If the cat still pulls it out, it can use Kaiser.

       3. There are parasites in cats

       The cat’s stomach is bulging. Although it eats normally, it occasionally has diarrhea. There are some bloodstains and white unidentified objects in the stool. It may be that there are parasites in the intestine. This is the need for pet owners to take the cat to the hospital for stool examination, and then under the guidance of the doctor for deworming, and then raise the cat’s intestinal tract.

       The cat may eat too much and too fast to digest so much food. There will be flatulence, abdominal distension and bulging. At this time to give the cat to take meow. Want to… Stomach power, promote the cat’s digestion, improve the cat’s stomach bloating gas and other symptoms.

       If the cat doesn’t poop or just a little for a few days, the cat is constipated. The cat’s stomach is bulging and hard. For constipation cats, to start from the diet, adjust the cat’s eating habits, feed some liquid food and vegetables and fruits. Can give the cat to eat meow. Want to… Probiotics, with yogurt effect is better. If the cat still can’t pull it out, it’s going to work.

       Not regularly to the cat deworming, not even to the cat insect repellent. Once infected with parasites, although the cat eat normal, but very thin, at the same time the stomach is also large, sometimes there will be worms or diarrhea. To the cat deworming should be taken to the hospital to do a stool examination, and then feeding insect repellent drugs. Later, do the body conditioning.

       Feline laxity is a big or small thing. First of all, we should check whether there is a problem with the cat’s food. If the cat’s food is deteriorated, it will also lead to the cat’s laxity.

       If there are such things as changing the environment and changing the cat’s food, the cat will suffer from stress and become lax. If you eat some gastrointestinal treasure, you can see if it can be solved.

       If the cat is accompanied by other conditions besides diarrhea, such as vomiting, loss of appetite, and even with a fishy smell and blood in the stool, it is necessary to send the cat to the pet hospital for treatment in time.

       1. The cat’s food is thin

       The kitten’s health is poor. There are a lot of things that can’t be eaten. Breast milk or natural high goat milk powder is the staple food, and a small amount of full price baby cat food can be fed. It needs to be softened to give it to the kitten.

       Feeding some milk or spoilage can lead to severe diarrhea. At this time, we should stop feeding the milk cat in time and replace it with natural high goat milk powder. After that, it will gradually get better.

       2. The baby cat has diarrhea due to poor digestion

       If the intestines of small milk cats are not well developed, they will lead to poor intestinal digestion. You can feed some high-energy probiotics powder to regulate the intestines and stomach, and improve the resistance. You can also give the cat some honey to drink.

       3. The baby cat has diarrhea due to gastrointestinal disease

       In the kitten laxity is serious, spirit is depressed, do not want to eat, the situation is not improved, it is very likely to suffer from gastroenteritis. The owner took the kitten to the pet hospital in time for the doctor to check.

       It’s hard to take care of the baby cat. It’s very slow to recover from illness. The owner should take good care of it and give the cat enough nutrition so that it can grow up healthily.

       I feel dizzy

       Don’t feed honey, it will be loose

       If you can, you’d better buy pet milk powder for kittens on the Internet. It’s more suitable for kittens. There are several brands. The best one I’ve used is KMR, but it’s more expensive. Secondly, the brand of Weber in Holland is also good, which is much cheaper.

       Now you have to go to the drugstore to buy “bificom” probiotic capsules. Each time you open the capsule, pour 1 / 3-1 / 2 of the powder inside into the kitten’s milk and feed it. This colorless and tasteless kitten won’t have any trouble. Two meals a day, generally speaking, will be good for two days.

       The kitten without eyes should be fed once every four hours, and it must not be allowed to blow or sun, but should be warm; the kitten does not stink every day, but before and after each feeding, gently touch the place where it urinates with a cotton swab to stimulate it to urinate. Before eating, it usually urinates. After eating half an hour, it is stimulated once again, and sometimes it does not urinate.

       If you have to use milk powder only to buy * milk powder, skim milk powder or Shuhua milk powder, do not make the milk powder too thick. The boxed Shuhua milk needs milk 3: water 1 to dilute. It must be warm when eating.

       It’s common for the cat to have diarrhea at home. How do we deal with it? act with confusion? Take it to a doctor? Or just give some medicine that’s bad for your health? As an official for many years, I have a set of methods.

       First of all, see if the cat has any other symptoms besides diarrhea, such as vomiting, fever, lack of spirit, and the whole body feels sagging down. If all kinds of symptoms are serious, it is recommended to take it to a doctor as soon as possible. The cat may be infected with some viruses.

       How does kitten have diarrhea?

       Second, if you only have slight vomiting, diarrhea, and no temperature rise, the most likely thing is to eat the wrong food, which will cause the stomach and intestines to be bad. At this time, you can eat probiotics to help regulate the stomach and intestines. When my family had diarrhea, I ate it a few times and it would be better.

       How does kitten have diarrhea?

       Third, we should not give the cat something that will inevitably lead to diarrhea, such as anthelmintic. Some anthelmintic drugs to eat is diarrhea, through this way to discharge parasites, this situation only need to give the cat water, eat probiotics on the line.

       How does kitten have diarrhea?


       Fourth, remember that cats can’t eat more or complex food on the day of diarrhea. They can only drink water, eat some glucose, and eat cereal, Deng, and nutrient cream when they are better. They can also be used to supplement nutrition when their intestines and stomachs are not good.

       The cat is not full of milk, parents can feed the cat special high goat milk powder, its palatability is good, rich frankincense, nutrition comprehensive balance, is an excellent substitute for cat’s breast milk.

       matters needing attention

       Because the cat is not full moon, the body has not yet fully developed, and has not been vaccinated, it has low resistance in all aspects of the body and is easy to be infected with diseases. Parents should pay attention to keep cats warm. Cats less than three months old should not go out as far as possible. Cats for one month should be put in boxes.

       In terms of diet, it is better to feed liquid food for less than two months, such as rice paste, porridge, goat milk powder, etc., and do not feed indigestible food to cats. After weaning the cat has lactose intolerance, so can not give it to drink milk, drink milk easy diarrhea, soft stool.

       How to solve soft stool

       Laxative soft stool is mostly gastrointestinal problems, parents should find out the cause before medication. Milk is the main food for cats under the age of one month, so the cat may not digest after drinking milk, which may lead to intestinal flora disorder, resulting in soft stool, diarrhea, vomiting, indigestion and other discomfort symptoms.

       At this time, parents can give the cat to eat high-energy probiotics powder, regulate the cat’s intestines and stomach, and solve the problems of soft stool, laxity and indigestion caused by the disorder of intestinal flora. High energy probiotics can be mixed with water or directly mixed with food, given to the cat in accordance with the amount. After the situation is improved, it will be used for health care and continue to give it to the cat to enhance the immunity of the cat.

       The intestines and stomach of the immature kittens are still fragile, lack of digestive enzymes and are not fully developed. Therefore, a little careless feeding can easily lead to the phenomenon of pulling and bloating. In this regard, cat owners should take timely measures to stop the diarrhea and flatulence of kittens, so as to avoid irreversible damage to the cat’s intestines and stomach.

       The intestinal tract of kittens is weak, so special attention should be paid to feeding, so as not to affect the digestion of kittens and lead to diarrhea. The intestines and stomachs of immature kittens can not accept dry and hard cat food. If it is cat food containing soybean ingredients, it is easy to cause diarrhea and flatulence of kittens. The feeding of kittens can be mainly based on goat milk powder, such as meow Xiang sheep milk powder, supplemented by other liquid food.

       After changing the feeding food, if the diarrhea of the kitten continues, it may be that the improper diet has caused the kitten to have digestive problems. Therefore, the cat owner needs to take timely measures to feed the kitten by mixing the probiotics into the kitten’s food, such as feeding in the kitten’s liquid food, and let the kitten eat as soon as possible.

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