The breed of noble cat

       Noble cats… Purebred cats. Purebred cats below 1000 are basically bred by their own families, without certificates and pedigree guarantees. However, there are also opportunities to meet very good products. The kittens at this price are basically American short, British short and Siamese

       I know that the most expensive cat in China is Bengal leopard cat, which breeds more than 100000 adult cats

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       The recognized and valuable species in the cat industry include Persian cat, Himalayan cat, * * tailless cat, Burmese cat, Russian Blue Cat, Oriental short hair cat, puppet cat, Scotch fold eared cat, American Curly eared cat, exotic short cat, etc.

       The price of a cat is not only determined by its breed, but also by its price. The products with good quality are more expensive than those with poor quality, those with certificates are more expensive than those without certificates, and adult cats are more expensive than kittens. There are also some factors that vary from country to country, such as breed. The market of purebred cats in the United States is mature, and the so-called rare species are relatively few. However, the introduction of domestic varieties is less, and rare varieties are expensive. So the huge price difference between varieties is not visible in the United States.

       In mainland China, the most expensive is the Bengal cat, and the best kitten can sell over 10 thousand. Among the purebred cats, the small number are Chartres, Welsh cats, man Island cats, snowshoe cats and so on, all of which are of high value.

       1. British short haired cat, also known as British short, native to the United Kingdom. It is well-developed, with short limbs, thick hair and round head.

       2. Puppet cat, also known as “Braddock cat”, is one of the largest and heaviest cats in existence. The head is wedge-shaped, the eyes are big and round, the coat is thick and thick, the legs are long, the body is soft, and the hair color has the key color, glove color or two colors and so on. Muppets are gentle, quiet and friendly to people. Because of its beautiful and elegant, and very similar to the dog’s character, and known as “fairy cat”, “dog cat”.

       3. Russian blue cat is long and thin, with big and erect pointed ears and small and round soles. It walks as if on tiptoe. The body is covered with short silver blue glossy fur, with a slender body and light gait, showing the noble demeanor of a school of cats.

       4. European Burmese cat originated from yellow cat. He was introduced to the western world by Dr. Thompson, the authority of Burmese cat, in 1930.

       5. The Maine cat, native to Maine, is named after it. It is the first long wool variety naturally produced in North America, and formed a relatively stable variety about the middle of the 18th century. The Maine cat is strong, with thick coat, and looks like Siberian forest cat. It is also a large type of cat.

       6. Ragged cat is a new breed bred from puppet cat, which is more inclined to Norwegian Forest Cat in appearance.

       7. Canadian hairless cat, also known as sphinx cat, is a pet cat produced by natural gene mutation. In addition to some thin and soft fetal hair in the ear, mouth, nose, tail front forging, feet and other parts, other parts of the body are hairless, and the skin is wrinkled and elastic. Canadian hairless cats are gentle, independent, non aggressive and can get along with other cats and dogs.

       8. The origin of cihuamao cat is China. It belongs to the natural cat. It is a breed that has been eliminated by many species in the past thousands of years. People are most familiar with the story of “civet cat for crown prince” (Song Dynasty), which is also the earliest record of cihuamao. Therefore, cihuamao has such an English name dragon Li, which is awarded by CFA Cat Association. It is very popular with the people, because it has beautiful, thick fur, healthy body. It’s easy to feed and very good at catching mice.

       9. Siamese cat, also known as western female cat, belongs to short hair type and its origin is Thailand. Siamese cats are streamlined and slender, with slender limbs, trunk, neck and tail and balanced proportion. Siamese cats are lively and active, intelligent, quick in action, elegant in temperament and extraordinary in appearance. At present, Siamese cat is the most popular representative of purebred short haired cat.

       10. Persian cat is the most common and typical breed. It was born in 1860 after more than 100 years breeding and breeding in Britain, based on the native breed of long hair cat in Afghanistan and Angolan long hair cat in Turkey or Armenian region. Native to the United States, Persian cat has a lovely face, long and gorgeous fur, elegant behavior, so it is known as “Prince of the cat” and “Princess”, so it has a high price.

       It can be divided into the following varieties in terms of coat color and behavior:

       1. Common domestic cat — light yellow with brown black stripe, widely distributed. Most of them are in North Africa and more in China.

       2. Musk cats — black with white spots, especially at the base, are more frequently reared in Europe.

       3. Spanish cat — black, white and yellow, with large spots and interlaced fur, is very beautiful.

       4. Kipuli cat — bright gray (bright due to white line tip of coarse hair), black paw, more in North Africa and Middle East, fond of hunting snakes.

       5. Angora cat — big and beautiful, with long and soft hair, drooping like flowing water, with various colors, white is the most expensive.

       6. Persian cat – similar to Angora cat. The fur is white and soft. It is also called lion cat. It is actually a kind of white cat. One eye is blue, the other is red, and the ear is slightly deaf.

       7. Siamese cat (Thai cat) – very long, hind limbs significantly longer than forelimbs, good at jumping, distributed in South Asia, extremely capable of catching rats. The cat’s hair is silver gray, the face, feet and tail are black, and the eyes are light blue.

       8. Man Island cat – small tail or no tail, distributed in * *, Sumatra, Morocco and Thailand, with a small number.

       Due to the different breeds of domestic cats, their behaviors are different. People can choose according to different needs and hobbies. If the main rodent catcher, ordinary domestic cat, Siamese cat or musk cat can be raised. These kinds of cats are active, ferocious, good at catching mice, and easy to raise. If you want to watch, you can choose to keep Spanish cat, Angora cat, Persian cat or man Island cat. These cats are beautiful in appearance and gentle in character. They have been regarded as ornamental animals for a long time, so their ability to catch mice is very low.

       Boss, this problem is too big, and there is no additional points. Who makes me like cats? Let’s talk about some purebred cats. I can’t say it’s all. Because there must be species unknown to human beings! Ha ha!

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