The cat accidentally took the medicine – how did the cat take the mouse medicine by mistake?

       I just want to ask why the second floor is a famous cat, so you don’t have to close the ordinary cat. Whether it’s a famous cat or not, it’s a life. It seems that you really care about the breed. If it’s a person with money and power, do you respect him? If it’s a beggar or a poor person, you’ll have to fight and kick

       My cat also has this experience. My father poured it and black sugar water. I heard that black sugar water has the effect of detoxification. When it is serious, the cat’s whole neck is tilted to one side. Then you give it some pig’s liver or something, and slowly it will return to normal. The poison of rat’s medicine will accumulate on the cat’s ears. If there is any herb planted at home, the cat will go to look for herbs Eat.

       My cat has survived like this twice. C

       The general treatment for poisoning of cats by mistake: take 3 grams of alum and 60 grams of mung bean, grind them into pieces, add 250 grams of water, and pour them into the cat’s mouth with a small spoon, once every half an hour.

       Take appropriate amount of sugar and alkali, add water and mix well, then fill the cat, generally two teaspoons.

       Take 10% ¡« 15% sodium bicarbonate solution in a glass and pour it into the belly of the cat, and then fill it again two hours later.

       Mash two garlic, 20 grams of water and sesame oil, by gavage four times, once every half hour.

       Take small pieces of cactus to prick and mash, add appropriate amount of warm water, soak for half a small part, and then fill it.

       If it’s just a small amount of ingestion or if it’s relatively mild: identify the type of rodenticide. If you can’t confirm, please give the type of rat medicine that the cat should take according to the symptoms of the cat.

       Identify how this type of rodenticide is detoxified.

       Take the type of rodenticide, or cat symptoms, to the vet.

       Note for novice cat: there are rattan or leather sofa at home. Pay attention to prevent cat scratch and claw grinding. You can buy a cat scratch board or cat climbing frame for it.

       If there are other pets in the house, it’s better to adapt to the cage for a few days; if there are no other pets, the cat should be kept in the house for three days after coming back to familiarize him with the smell and environment.

       Eat cat food with cat litter, eat cat food trade-off is actually cheaper than cooking cat fish bibimbap, clean and simple. Teach him to go to the toilet and buy a totally enclosed Cat Toilet, which will not smell so much.

       If you don’t go out, you don’t need to take a bath, expel insects regularly, and get vaccinated.

       Conduct birth control surgery for pet cats as appropriate.

       Close the doors and windows.

       Cut your nails often.

       Sun Xiaofan,

       Hello, I hope my answer will make you satisfied, rather than simply get your bonus points.

       My suggestion is:

       1. Confirm the type of rodenticide. If you can’t confirm, please give the type of rat medicine that the cat should take according to the symptoms of the cat.

       2. Confirm how this type of rodenticide is detoxified. From Baidu Encyclopedia, you can query which symptoms correspond to rodenticides, such as “six, zinc phosphide poisoning, commonly used rodenticides in the form of gray powder”. Taking such drugs will cause vomiting, and there is white foam in the corner of the mouth, and there are corresponding treatment methods.

       Rat, or the type of the cat, take the medicine. However, it is better for you to understand the methods provided by Baidu Encyclopedia, in case of the evil slaughter of the veterinarian who is obsessed with profit.

       4. If you don’t want to do anything, put all the antidotes provided in Baidu Encyclopedia in front of cats. Cats are smart animals. Their biggest feature is that they know how to heal themselves.

       If a cat eats a poisoned mouse, it will die in September. You can choose to send the cat to the hospital immediately or treat yourself at home. The treatment methods are as follows: 1. First, make the cat out of danger and lie flat in a quiet and warm place. If it is not necessary, do not move the cat.

       2. Check the pulse at the junction of the cat’s thigh and trunk, and the heartbeat at the lower chest close to the front leg.

       3. Check your breathing. If the breath is uneven or stops breathing, open the cat’s mouth and pull out the tongue to clean up the foreign body in the mouth and perform artificial respiration (the method is to align the mouth with the cat’s nose, continuously blow inward for 3-4 seconds, and then blow again after 2 seconds pause)

       4. Check for massive bleeding. Four acupoints can be pressed to stop bleeding: the artery extending from the bottom of the tail; the artery passing through the medial side of the hind leg bone; the artery in the groove at the bottom of the junction of the neck and shoulder; and the artery passing through the leg bone 2-5 cm above the medial side of the elbow joint.

       5. The most important thing is to contact the veterinarian!!! be careful:

       Do not raise the cat’s head to prevent saliva, blood or vomit from flowing to the back of the throat and blocking the respiratory tract.

       Do not feed any fluids or food into the cat’s mouth.

       In addition, if the cat is not in a coma or has a back, chest or hind foot injury, the best way to remove fluid or mucus from the respiratory tract is to swing the cat’s side first. ¡¤Eating poison

       It can be fed with emetic, soothing agent or cathartic

       Emetics are: sodium carbonate the size of a pea; strong salt water; mustard water

       Moderators are: milk; raw egg white; magnesium oxide emulsion; olive oil

       Defecation agents are: paraffin oil; magnesium sulfate

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