The cat can’t stand up after convulsion – the cat can’t stand with its hind legs after foaming at its mouth

       Cat convulsion, mouth foaming, mostly food poisoning or pesticide, rat drug poisoning performance.

       It is recommended to send them to the hospital as early as possible.

       The treatment of poisoning is a race against the clock. If it is too late, it may not be saved.

       For different poisoning, the treatment is also different.

       Food poisoning is OK, you can go to find some pet probiotics to feed, help enhance metabolism, there is the possibility of self-healing.

       It’s hard to get rid of pesticide poisoning. Take it to the hospital


       1¡¢ It’s probably food poisoning, such as taking rat medicine by mistake.

       2¡¢ Calcium deficiency


       1. Calcium deficiency can be fed to cats with children’s calcium tablets according to the children’s portions, and take them out to bask in the sun at noon.

       2. The best advice is to send it to the nearby pet hospital for diagnosis and treatment, which is the best way.

       Maybe Bai has a problem with his hind legs. Don’t force him to stand up and feed him some calcium supplements. It is suggested to visit Dao pet hospital. answer

       1. If you find a cat hurt, don’t try to pull it. First quickly go to the cat’s side, to see how the cat’s injury in the end. According to the cat’s injury and then carry out the correct emergency treatment.

       2. If the cat falls more lightly, it can still stand up and walk normally after the fall, but the skin is a little tardy and bleeding. This emergency treatment is relatively simple. Holding the cat in both hands, first clean the wound, then disinfect and stop bleeding, bandage the cat, then this simple treatment is completed. Of course, to determine whether the cat is really healthy, whether there are sequelae or other invisible pain, then take the cat to a professional pet hospital for X-ray examination.

       3. If the cat looks serious, bleeding and unable to stand up, parents should pay attention to it. The injured cat may have suffered serious fracture. At this time, do not move the cat casually. You should stop bleeding for the cat first, then find a board to transfer the cat to the board, and then send the cat to the pet hospital at the first time, and ask the veterinarian to film and clean the wound for treatment.

       In this case, Bai is dying. Careful observation of the baby shows that at this time, the heartbeat becomes weaker, and the breathing increases faster. If it is handled improperly, the breathing and heartbeat will gradually stop, and the cat will eventually die.

       The reason why cats are easy to land on four feet is that their back and brain are very fragile and they are afraid of falling, so they will not fall at all. But if an accident suddenly falls to the back of the head or spine, it will be like the last struggle before death as described by the subject.

       But if the kitten survives, breathes smoothly and can bark, it will take longer to recover.

       First of all, if the hind legs and tail can’t move, it may fall to the spine. It is recommended to see a doctor immediately.

       If the tail can move, the hind legs can’t move, it may be because the leg kicking struggle is too severe damage to the muscles, rest and recovery can be.

       But we should pay attention to whether there is fracture in the leg that can’t move, and treat it properly in time.

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