The cat does not nurse after childbirth – ask for help!

       To pull out the placenta, to light, do not let the kitten suffocate. Then use cotton ball to absorb warm hot water and squeeze it out. Wipe the cat’s mouth and nose. To keep kittens warm, kittens can’t adjust their body temperature. The ambient temperature should be kept at 32 ¡æ for 2 weeks. Find a thin head eye drops bottle, wash clean, must wash clean! Take the mother cat’s milk, try to feed the kitten, eat colostrum is very important to the kitten, otherwise the kitten is very difficult to survive. If there are any more, we have to find a way to let the female cat milk the kitten. Put her milk on the kitten. The nutrition of the female cat is also very important. First, put enough warm water at the edge of the nest for her to drink. To nourish her, cook the fish in white water (with or without salt). Add some calcium (calcium gluconate is OK, feed it with the small bottle mentioned above)

       The following is my experience of adopting a 7-day-old kitten ~ ~ I feed it with Nestle’s milk powder and a bottle made of needle free needle and valve core. With a 2ml bottle, it has to eat at least five times a day. I can’t take it down without 10ml a day

       Cats have to eat when they are hungry. They will wake up in two or three hours and eat something ~ ~ ~ ~ take a paper towel and order its PP before it will urinate ~ ~ ~ ~ my family’s one. I will teach it to use litter the next day I take it back. There should be big cat’s BB in the litter. Because they are angry, they will know

       If the big cat doesn’t recognize the baby, you can consider wiping the kitten’s body with something with a strong smell, and then put it in a nest. Maybe there is a chance that mother and son will recognize each other… Two strange cats are so familiar, let alone born?

       Good luck to you and the kittens. May God bless you!

       Don’t worry. Maybe the mother cat has a kitten for the first time. The mother cat is afraid and doesn’t understand. Slowly, you can put the kitten under the belly of the female cat through the plastic bag. If the kitten doesn’t open its eyes, the owner should be patient and press the kitten’s mouth on the female cat’s * * several times.

       The following is the care of the newborn kitten:

       The first thing to do is to find a big paper box to make a cat’s nest. On the other side, a hole can be made for the female cat. A threshold should be set higher to prevent the kittens from running out. Put the paper box in a quiet, dark and cool place where no one bothers. Put a soft old towel or an old T-shirt in it. Put the kitten in so that the female cat can see it. Don’t grab it directly with your hands. Grab it across the plastic bag (don’t get stuffy to the Kitten) so as not to leave human smell. If you don’t touch the kitten carefully for fear of leaving human smell, you can rub the kitten on the female cat through the plastic bag. There are also kittens born afraid of light, do not put in a very bright place.

       1. Unless there is a health problem with the kitten, she will take care of her kitten. Of course, there are special cases, the host should pay attention to observe for a few days.

       2. The time is not sure, about 5-10 days have eyes open, 3.4 weeks will run away, if according to the above said in the big box, with a high threshold, that kitten still can not come out, about 4 weeks later may run out. Look at the kitten system. In fact, weaning also depends on the milk condition of the female cat. If it is good, it can take about 2 months. Generally, the big cat will nurse for more than 1 month, and the time is different. The kitten can eat cat food in about 5 weeks. During this period will eat milk from time to time.

       3. The mother’s milk is good and the kittens are in good health. If you eat the kitten’s food for 5 weeks, you can eat it by yourself without soaking. If you want to bubble, with warm water can, try not to use human milk, not conducive to kitten digestion.

       If the mother cat doesn’t feed her kittens, she has to use artificial feeding. Because the intestines and stomach of cats are different from that of human beings, the milk that people drink is not suitable for cats. Prepare a larger syringe. After soaking the warm cat milk, suck the cat milk into the syringe from the head of the syringe, and then grasp the kitten’s neck. With the needle, the cat’s milk will be slowly “punched” into the kitten’s mouth. At this time, the kitten will also know that it is food and drink it slowly. When feeding the kitten, you should not only pay attention to the action of feeding too much, otherwise the kitten will panic, gently push the syringe, and the milk will slowly drip into the kitten’s mouth. Also pay attention to the temperature of soaking cat milk must not be too high, because the cat’s tongue is very afraid of hot, you can try the temperature in the arm before feeding the kitten.

       Note: strengthen nutrition for female cats. Care about the condition of the female cat. Sometimes the cat’s penis is easy to get inflamed, because the milk is not normal, blocked and caked. If you find out early, use a warm towel to warm it up, knead and squeeze the milk out. If not found before, it will be inflamed, swollen and rotten, and the milk will not be. In short, pay more attention to observe it.

       It is very important for the cat to find a way to let the mother feed the kitten by herself. It is very important for the cat to eat colostrum. Consider wiping something with the smell of the mother cat on the kitten, such as smearing its milk on the kitten.

       When a cat does not eat, she may feel sick and may not feed her milk. Pay attention to providing more nutrition to the mother cat. When feeding, soften the Champions League cat food, and then add chicken breast to the cat, so that it can recover as soon as possible.

       If the cat mother still does not feed, she can only breastfeed artificially. Prepare syringe as a tool for breast-feeding. First, use the breast-feeding tool to absorb a proper amount of powdered milk powder, and then milk the kittens one by one. Don’t move too fast. Don’t raise the cat’s head.

       Everywhere is looking for a safe place

       Did you and your family or even outsiders visit their mother and son? Cats and cats are not the same, some cats are very sensitive, giving birth to kittens at the beginning of the time is not allowed to disturb. Otherwise, it will not only find a foothold with the kitten in its mouth, but even if the kitten is contaminated with peculiar smell, it will no longer regard them as their own cubs and abandon them. At the extreme point, they will bite and eat them directly as food.

       Second, is its nest born on its own temporary selection, or you placed it? Maybe it doesn’t feel so ideal, for example, it’s not hidden enough, there’s noise, the light is too strong, it’s a little cold You can try to change places, not in places where people come in and out, have draughts and have direct sunlight.

       There is also a cruel situation, but it is not rare. In fact, it is very common: the litter of kittens is not well developed for various reasons, and the female cat will give up, so as to re estrus and get pregnant again as soon as possible Usually, the kitten is hung in the nest, and sometimes she wants to throw it away. Especially when the female cat gives birth to the kitten in her original fixed nest, she has to “clean up”.

       It is suggested that you observe carefully to determine the possible causes.

       It is the first time for a female cat to give birth, and the first time to be a mother does not know how to feed her kittens. Let’s see what the situation is. If the kittens are healthy, they can be artificially fed, once every 2-3 hours, with warm baby milk powder or warm fresh goat milk. After opening eyes can add a small amount of egg yolk to strengthen nutrition in goat’s milk or cat milk powder. Remember to stimulate the cat to defecate every day.

       The cat must be fed with milk and fed patiently. If breast-feeding can be carried out, it will be good. However, if the female cat is sick, the milk is insufficient, or the female cat refuses to feed the young cat, artificial breast-feeding must be carried out. Prepare 15 ml of cat’s milk, heat it slightly, and put it into the cat’s bottle. Hold baby cat gently. Put the pacifier into its mouth to feed, the healthy baby will start to suck; the weak baby needs a dropper to drip the milk mixed with glucose on its tongue bit by bit. Can also twist cotton into a thin stick, dip in milk, put the baby’s mouth, let it suck. The optimal feeding time was once every 2-3 hours within 1 week after birth, and once every 3-5 hours within 2-3 days after birth. Every time you drink the rest of the milk will be poured out, can not be left for the next time. Help your baby urinate and defecate. Use a soft gauze or paper, gently touch * * to stimulate excretion. After discharging, wipe with cotton wool dipped in warm water. Leave the mother’s warm arms, let the baby sleep on the hot water bag with towel or blanket. If there is a female cat who has just given birth, it is a good way to ask her to be a wet nurse for 2-3 days. |||Have you ever touched the kitten? After touching, the kitten has your smell. It’s very likely that it doesn’t feed. It’s unlikely to find another female Taste is not the same. The only way is to feed milk manually. I don’t know if it’s OK. I didn’t try to eat food for your big cat. My cat doesn’t eat much when she gives birth to her kitten. Then it will be better later. Otherwise, you want to have a female cat to raise her kitten. The kitten can be weaned after 2 months. The pet shop has a special pet milk powder, which is usually used to feed the kitten for the first time The female cat’s head does not have milk for three days. To drink some fish soup for the female cat, the kitten should use a warm water bag wrapped with towel to keep body temperature. Artificial feeding should be conducted once every two hours, generally 2-3ml once. The milk should be warm. After eating milk 10 minutes to the kitten defecate, with a soft cotton swab clear wipe kittens PP, let it defecate urine ~ can. But if kittens can’t eat breast milk, their intestines and stomach will be weaker, so you should be very careful~

       If your kitten belongs to the type of diarrhea caused by drinking milk, you can’t save it. If your kitten belongs to the category of diarrhea caused by drinking milk, it can’t be saved. It’s OK to go to the pet store to buy pet milk powder, or go to the supermarket to buy better goat milk powder. The kitten will roll on the female cat’s urine and put it back into the cat’s belly, such as If the female cat is still ignored, it is suggested that you find a female cat who has just given birth to a kitten in the city to be a wet nurse. You will save a lot of worry and guarantee 100% of the kittens to survive. It is not necessarily possible to raise a baby cat in captivity

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