The cat doesn’t make a sound and barks at you. – what if the cat can’t make a sound

       Snoring – this is when you hold it and touch its chin, go to bed in the middle of the night, or stretch your limbs and be lazy. It also snores when it is sick or in pain. In addition, snoring can also be used to show friendliness.

       Meow — low and gentle, to say hello, welcome, in a good mood, to answer. When it is louder, it may be complaining and begging.

       Hissing — a high pitched hissing sound, with the mouth open, the tongue rolled into a cylinder, and hot air exhaled at the same time. Used to express fear, anger, and even threaten to stop.

       Mi – Oh, mi – wa – is when you are confused and ask for it.

       Action language:

       My back is arched, my hair is erect and my claws are outstretched — I am very good! Don’t mess with me!

       Lie down, belly up, feet flat and in line with the body – I trust you, you can rely on people, so I want to be coquettish… Relax

       Lie curled up – I’m resting, so comfortable

       The tail is upright, the head is raised, and meow at people — coquetry

       Head low, buttocks high, crouching and staring at a certain point — ready to attack! Go!

       I want to make friends with you. You look good

       I want to relax. Or I just woke up

       Licking hair — general arrangement, or relaxation of anxiety and tension

       You are my companion, and I will let you drift. Or get up quickly. I can’t wait. Or eh? It’s delicious. Is there anything delicious?

       Master, you make me happy and satisfied. (sometimes troubles can reduce troubles.)

       My pupils suddenly dilate. What do you think you’re paying attention to? Is there a handsome guy or something delicious?

       Running around — I’m playing sports and games! I can’t sleep all day and become a fat cat, can’t I?

       Tail straight up – I’m a pussy cat in need of comfort or need

       The tail is up, the hair is up — try to annoy me! I am very fierce!

       The body is curled up, the tail is relaxed against the body – Huhu… It’s really relaxing

       The tail wagged gently – hesitated a little nervous, or was called by the host half way, did not want to wake up.

       I’m afraid, but I’m going to scare you away!

       I’m playing! There’s nothing exciting about it recently

       Ears erect, not particularly oriented – a normal, relaxed, and a little alert cat.

       Keep your ears straight and back get out of here! I’m angry!

       The ears stand erect and long, and lean towards some place — eh? What’s the sound? It’s strange!

       Rub one’s hand with the back of your ear I love you so much

       Ears a little backward — (singing) recently a little annoyed, a little annoyed

       Ear forward – happy, happy, confident, etc

       High up, head down, ears down – can you jump down here? Let me see

       There are several situations as follows:

       1) Purring is the most common sound of cats, but it’s the least we know. Cats who are just a few hours old will snore when they are sucking. Purring is caused by the vibration of the glottis vocal cords. Although cats usually snore when they are very satisfied, they also snore when they are in pain or dying. The reason behind this is unknown

       2) Meow. Cats rarely communicate with each other by meow. It seems that meow is a sound invented by cats to communicate with humans. Early on, cats discovered that meow can attract human attention, bring them food, attention and play partners. Behaviorists also found that meow can attract people’s attention and bring them food, attention and playmates, It seems that cats can express their different wishes in different meow ways. For example, the meow of “starved old paper” is different from that of “let old paper go rough”

       3) Gee. When a cat sees a prey, he will chirp. When the cat is very upset (for example, when he sees a bird falling on the window sill and can’t catch it), he will chatter and squeak. When the kitten is very cold, trapped or separated from the numbness, the cat will chatter incessantly, He would howl in despair

       4) Hiss

       Many friends have seen strange cats whistling and hissing each other. Cats make this sound when they feel nervous and threatened by enemies. When cats fight for territory, they also make a roaring sound

       Cat, belonging to the cat family, is a more extensive family pet in the world. The ancestors of domestic cats are supposed to be desert cats originated in ancient Egypt, Persian cats in Persia, which have been domesticated by humans for 3500 years (but not completely domesticated like dogs).

       General cat: head round, face short, forelimb five fingers, hind limbs four toes, toe tip with sharp and curved claws, claws can stretch. Nocturnal sex.

       Hunting other animals by ambush, most of them can climb trees. There are fat pads on the bottom of the cat’s toes to avoid making noises when walking and not to scare rats away when hunting. The claws are in a contraction state when they are on the road to prevent the claws from being blunt, and will be extended when catching rats and climbing rocks.

       More observation. If everything else is normal, you can go to the drugstore to buy some nianci’an (Runhou syrup of Hong Kong brand) and feed less. After checking the situation and changing the cat food, Weijia is still very salty. Buy some good cat food online, or you can use the needle tube to feed more water from the side of the cat’s mouth.

       Introduction to animals

       Cats and cats are natural enemies of mice. There are livestock everywhere. There are yellow, black, white, gray and other colors; the body is like a beaver, the appearance is like a tiger, the hair is soft and the teeth are sharp (there are almost hairless varieties). Long tail, short waist, eyes like gold and silver, and more palatal ridges are the best. The body is small and attractive. Curiosity.

       morphological character

       The cat’s body is divided into five parts: head, neck, trunk, limbs and tail. Most parts are covered with hair, while a few are hairless.

       The cat’s toe bottom has the fatty meat pad, therefore walks soundlessly, when catching the mouse, will not startle the mouse, the toe end has the sharp nail. The claws can be retracted and extended. The cat’s claws retract when resting and walking, and only reach out when catching rats and climbing to prevent the nail from being blunt. A cat has five fingers on its forelimb and four on its hind. The cat’s teeth are divided into incisors, canines and molars. Canine teeth are particularly developed, sharp as cones, suitable for killing captured rats, molar chewing surface has sharp protuberances, suitable for chewing meat; incisors are not developed.

       A cat can also tell its age from its teeth

       Adult cats have 30 teeth. The young cat has 26 teeth.

       The teeth of a cat from both sides to the middle are:

       Upper row – molars, molars, premolars, canine teeth, 6 incisors

       Lower row – premolar premolar canine 6 incisors

       About 14 days later, teeth began to grow

       The deciduous incisors of 2-3 weeks old were of uniform length. Nearly two months old, the deciduous teeth are all long, white, thin and sharp

       The first primary incisors were replaced at the age of 3-4 months

       The second and third primary incisors and deciduous canine teeth were replaced at the age of 5-6 months

       After 6 months old, all the teeth were changed into permanent teeth

       The permanent teeth of 8 months old are uniform, white and bright, and the upper part of incisors is pointed and convex

       One year old mandibular second incisor has a large spike, which is worn to be even with the small one

       2-year-old mandibular second incisor cusp abrasion

       3-year-old maxillary first incisor cusp attrition

       4-year-old maxillary second incisor cusp attrition

       In 5-year-old mandible, the peak of the third incisor was slightly worn, and the wear surface of the first and second incisors was rectangular

       At 5.5 years old, the third tooth tip of mandible was worn out and the canine teeth were blunt and round

       The first incisor of 6.5-year-old mandible was worn to the root of tooth, and the wear surface was longitudinal oval

       The first incisor teeth of 7.5-year-old mandible tilted forward

       The worn surfaces of the second and the first incisors of the mandible were oval in shape at 8.5 years old

       The incisor teeth of 9-16 years old were exfoliated and the canine teeth were uneven

       Living habits

       Cats are quick and good at jumping. Eat fish, mice, rabbits, etc. The reason why cats like to eat fish and mice is that cats are nocturnal animals. In order to be able to see things at night, they need a lot of taurine, and the body of rats and fish contains taurine. Therefore, cats eat not only because they like fish and mice, but also because of their own needs. Cat, as a natural enemy of rodents, can effectively reduce the damage of rodents to crops such as green seedlings, which can be seen from the Chinese ancient agricultural life.

       Cat can walk on the high wall as if nothing happened, light jump, can not help but be satisfied with its sense of balance. This is mainly due to the cat’s outstanding response nerves and sense of balance. It only needs to slightly change the position and height of its tail to achieve body balance, and then use the strong muscles and strong joints of its hind feet to jump quickly. Even if it falls in the air, it can change its body posture in the air and land lightly and accurately. Good at climbing, but not good at falling from the top. Even when the person falling from a height jumps down, the cat adjusts its balance by its tail, landing its padded limbs. Pay attention not to pull off the cat’s tail, which will affect its balance ability, and also easy to cause cat diarrhea, shorten the cat’s life span.

       Is it really dumb, or is he not willing to cry out? Sometimes the cat will open its mouth and not make a sound

       Look at your description, there should be no problem to make him dumb

       Observe more. If everything else is normal, you can go to the drugstore to buy some nianci’an (Runhou syrup of that brand in Hong Kong). Feed less and check the situation

       Change cat food, Weijia is still very salty, buy some good cat food online

       You can also use the needle tube to feed more water from the side of the cat’s mouth

       PS: is it possible that the voice changes during estrus? I don’t know if other cats have this phenomenon. But my family’s voice has changed since it’s in estrus. Moreover, my cat just opens its mouth and doesn’t make any sound…

       By the way, when you observe that he can call out, does it feel laborious?

       Once the cat hides in the corner

       That means it’s really sick

       You clean it and see if it has a fever

       Put a thermometer at the base of his thigh

       Cat vomiting and diarrhea are very bad

       Now, feel the belly

       See if there’s a spasm

       If so

       That means it’s still uncomfortable

       Is it normal to eat now?

       Remember it’s better not to give it raw water

       Or milk

       Especially kittens

       How old is the cat now

       Have you ever played cat triad?

       BB has bloodstains and may use insects

       You need to get rid of insects in your body

       Medicine is cheap

       Go to the hospital and buy it


       If it’s tonsillitis

       Give it amoxicillin for children

       You didn’t say how big the cat is

       I’m not sure how much to feed

       There are two kinds of cough in cats, that is, cold or pneumonia. An important criterion to distinguish a cat from a cold is whether a cat is sleepy.

       If it starts to have a runny nose, anorexia, listlessness, shivering and breathing difficulties, you should be very careful.

       In addition, the symptoms of all diseases in cats are not generally presented together.

       It’s better to take preventive treatment first.

       At the same time, cats and cats were fed with analgin (for dispelling wind and cold), viridin (for antivirus) and ampicillin (for controlling secondary infection).

       Pay attention to the observation of the old cat, once its condition worsens, hurry to the hospital for treatment. Two days ago, a netizen’s cat was delayed because of pneumonia, so he went. Ah……

       There are also conditions to separate cats and cats, to avoid cross infection.

       It’s better not to give medicine indiscriminately. Having been a cat for 8 years, I should have a deep feeling, so I’d better go to the hospital to have a check-up. When the cat gets older, it’s not as easy to raise as a kitten. Just like an old man, you should take special care of it. Check your body more frequently. Early treatment and early health. I wish your cat a speedy recovery