The cat is shaking and sticky. Why does it shake when holding a cat? It’s not afraid of me. It’s also very sticky to me

       During the period of Bao Zheng in the Song Dynasty, five rats made a lot of trouble in Tokyo,

       The emperor ordered Bao Zheng to solve the case within a limited time. Bao Zheng borrowed a cat from the Jade Emperor and promised to return the cat to heaven after collecting five mice,

       But later Bao Zheng forgot about it,

       The cat was very angry and scolded Bao Zheng when he had nothing to do. He didn’t send me back to heaven.

       So now we often hear kittens cooing in their bellies.

       First go to deworming, and then see if there is any disease?

       You can adopt when everything is normal

       Take a bath with cat lotion instead of human bath gel.

       Cats are afraid of the cold

       The temperature in the room is high enough. Don’t wash it if it’s too cold

       Give it a paper box

       It’s happy to get in

       Cats and cats like paper boxes

       Wipe it with a wet towel or a special towel

       Pretty kitten

       Recently, the weather turns cold, and we should keep pets warm. Once a pet catches a cold, it will catch a cold or have a fever, which is more difficult to deal with. So it’s important to keep pets warm. The cat may be too cold and will shake violently. At this time, it should be kept warm. Usually, take it out for running and jumping, let it bask in the sun, and dry it in time after bathing to prevent the cat from catching cold.

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