The cat is suddenly in a bad mood – what is the reason for the cat’s sudden depression?

       Should be sick before, and then you as the host did not notice its physical condition, timely treatment.

       One of the reasons why cats have no spirit:

       He was left out for a long time without friends and host. When pet cats stay indoors alone for a long time, they can’t contact with the outside society and can’t get the care and love of their owners. The cat may suffer from “depression”, so it becomes silent and depressed, does not like to move, does not like to touch other things, of course, the whole mental state will become depressed.

       To alleviate this situation, even if parents are busy, they have to take some time to interact with the cat. Occasionally take the kitten to outdoor activities below, contact some new things and friends, so that the cat can ease the mood, become more cheerful. Let its spirit slowly return to normal.

       There are two reasons why cats don’t have mental health

       When a cat is troubled by disease, it can also become listless and listless. There are many diseases that harm cats everyday, such as common cold, oral diseases, skin diseases, calcium deficiency (malnutrition), tinea felis, gastroenteritis and so on.

       Once a cat gets sick, its spirit will be affected. Depressed, depressed, like to lie in the dog’s nest, do not like sports, these are the main symptoms of the disease.

       I sympathize with the owner because the kitten I bought in Guangzhou was less than seven months old, and it was the same before I died. Before he died, I took him to the pet hospital. The pet doctor said that I should not feed such a small cat with milk, live fish or canned food for cats in the supermarket. If you buy a cat that is too small, if you don’t go to the pet hospital to do a comprehensive inspection, you can buy it back and raise it. Especially for novices, it is easy to cause young cats to die. Moreover, these foods are not good for kittens. They are easy to have diarrhea when they eat these foods. In the end, they will be seriously dehydrated and die. At that time, they will be like white foam and cramps. They will retch all the time I’ll die in three to five days. So if you’re buying a cat, you’d better go to the pet store to buy a healthy one. It’s really not suitable for beginners to keep these cats. We think we can give them a better living environment, but we may neglect a small life. I hope LZ won’t be sad.

       The kitten licks it and licks its feet in order to clean up the dirty things on its claws. It will lick it after eating, or it will lick when it walks too much, because its tongue is the best cleaner. Maybe he didn’t have a playmate, or he didn’t spend much time with him, or he suddenly reduced. That’s why I got sick. Don’t dry, milk, and so on for some small fish. Don’t put something behind it. Put a cucumber or splash water on it. It will frighten it. Or maybe he was killed by other cats and dogs. Scared me. Or his depression.


       The only possible cause is food

       The cat is a very picky animal, especially on the diet, long-term single or not appetizing food, the cat will have anorexia, poor appetite performance. If the food spoils and rots, has the serious peculiar smell, or the food is too spicy and stimulating, these will affect the cat’s appetite.

       For the sake of cat’s appetite and balanced nutrition, food can be diversified. Adult cats or cats who can eat cat food mainly eat cat food. Usually, you can prepare more fish, chicken breast, millet porridge, nutrition cream and milk for cats. Remember to cook meat and remove bones before feeding.


       May be troubled by disease

       Cats with oral diseases usually drool and have difficulty chewing. If you find this, you may as well check the cat’s mouth to see if there is such a problem. Send to the pet hospital for treatment as soon as possible. After the cat recovers, slowly recuperate. Pay attention to feeding some liquid food to protect the cat’s teeth.

       In addition, if the cat with gastrointestinal discomfort or gastroenteritis, how much will affect the appetite, and this kind of disease is usually accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea, high body temperature, so pay attention to observe whether the cat has adverse symptoms, need to send to the doctor in time for treatment.


       Pay attention to feeding and control the amount of food

       Sometimes the cat’s appetite is not good, it may also be eating too much, or eating too greasy, beyond the scope of gastrointestinal digestion, resulting in indigestion, etc. for a long time, this will lead to poor appetite of the cat, and even more serious gastrointestinal diseases.

       Considering this reason, we can prepare some stomach power for the cat. We can mix it with food or take it alone. It can promote digestion, enhance appetite, and improve the loss of appetite, pickiness and anorexia caused by indigestion.

       * * *

       If the cat has not been sterilized, the poor appetite of the cat may also be the reason. Therefore, for the sake of the cat’s health, we must do a good job of sterilization and deworming and vaccination.

       The main reason why the cat is in a bad state of mind is that we should consider two aspects. The first is the physiological normal situation. For example, in winter, the cat may be in a bad mental state, and it may sleep more. But in this case, its appetite and interaction with the host are normal. It eats the same when it should eat and plays the same as the host when playing. It just says that it sleeps more. So this is a normal physiological phenomenon. The second situation is that the cat has some problems and some diseases. For example, the common gastrointestinal tract inflammation, discomfort, or a cold, then there is a more common disease, a more common disease in winter, is the cat’s urinary tract syndrome. Urinary tract syndrome if its urine does not come out and the urethra is blocked, then it may suffer from mental depression and lie prone all the time. At the same time, it may be squatting in the litter pan all the time, which indicates that the urethra is blocked. If you have not urinated, you must take it to the hospital. Catheterization should be given to the cat in time. At the same time, symptomatic treatment should be carried out to see if there is acute renal failure. Then other problems, if found that the cat mental state is not good, but can eat, the problem is not big. But if we don’t eat food, we should take it to the hospital to have a look, let the doctor find out what is wrong, and then make treatment.

       1. Eating food that is not easy to digest.

       If you don’t try cat food, once you suddenly feed him cat food, you will have indigestion and vomiting. Prevention: feed natural cat food and cat food can.

       2. Vomiting caused by a cold.

       The weather turns to season, sometimes cold and sometimes hot. In such weather, bacteria are easy to breed and breed. If the heat preservation work is not done well, cats are easy to catch a cold. Prevention: when changing seasons, pay attention to the heat preservation of cats. Usually give him distilled water to drink, drink cold boiled water, try not to let him drink tap water, cat’s intestines and stomach is very difficult to adapt.

       3. Food allergy.

       For some cats with special constitution, some ingredients in the food you give it may become a potential allergen; however, food allergy usually occurs when you eat something you don’t usually eat. The food that causes cat allergy easily includes cereal, edible pigment, chemical additive, antiseptic. The allergy is generally mild, but the sick cats will vomit several times a week, and most of them occur within two hours after eating. Prevention: it’s not easy to identify the allergen, so it’s best to exclude the food that may cause allergy from the feeding “line” and feed the cat fixed food.

       4. The accumulated hair ball in the stomach can’t vomit out. Don’t change food for it at this time. Feed it wheat seedling or hair removing cream.

       When vomiting occurs in cats, it is necessary to distinguish between physiological vomiting and pathological vomiting. If there is no other abnormality except once or twice vomiting, and most of the people who eat after vomiting are physiological vomiting, they can be ignored; if vomiting occurs frequently and lasts for a long time and does not eat, vomiting occurs immediately after artificial infusion, and there are other abnormal manifestations, such as restlessness of mind, temperature rise, diarrhea, etc., the veterinarian should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment.

       Cats do not have the spirit to sleep all the time. This situation is likely to be anemia of the cat. The owner needs to feed nutritious food to help the cat recover.

       1 supplementary food with nutrition

       Cat food can’t be only cat food. If you want to supplement the cat, you also need the owner to match the cat with some nutritional complementary food, such as chicken liver and duck liver. You can feed a small amount of food once or twice a week. In addition, you can also feed the cat some meat food, such as fish, beef, etc., which can be fed three to four times a week. These are helpful to the cat with anemia. The owner should not slack off and insist.

       Give the cat blood tonic cream

       Fresh food may be due to preservation or other reasons, prone to nutrient loss phenomenon, or cats can not fully absorb. Cats who can’t get supplements will still get weaker, so the owners can also properly feed the cats with blood tonic cream to help them return to normal.

       Fruits and vegetables are indispensable

       Vegetables and fruits also contain a lot of rich nutrition, but also can give the cat vitamin and iron, etc., the cat’s body supplement is helpful. Therefore, cat owners can feed their cats more fruits and vegetables, such as spinach, apples, carrots and so on.

       The cat’s body is fragile. If you find that the cat has other serious symptoms besides sleeping, take it to the hospital in time.

       Cat’s sleep time is affected by many factors. For example, hunger, oestrus, age, climate, etc. When these factors change, the cat’s sleep pattern will change.

       For example, when the weather is cold, the cat is hungry, and during estrus, the cat’s sleep time is shortened. On the contrary, when the climate is pleasant and comfortable, and the environment is safe and stable, the cat’s sleep time will become longer.

       And the cat’s length of time on the water varies according to its age. In general, young and old cats sleep longer than adult cats.

       There may be several reasons why cats suddenly become inactive

       1. The cat is sick: when the cat is sick, it is only when the cause of the disease is known that the right remedy can be taken. If we are unable to determine the cause of the disease, we should send them to the pet hospital for treatment as soon as possible. The doctor will investigate the cat’s medical history and find out whether there are vomiting, malaise and other symptoms. We need to record and feedback. Accurate judgment of the cat’s condition and the doctor’s active treatment is the key to the cat’s recovery.

       2. The cat is suffering from “depression”: it has been left out for a long time without friends or owners. When pet cats stay indoors alone for a long time, they can’t contact with the outside society and can’t get the care and love of their owners. The cat may suffer from “depression”, so it becomes silent and depressed, does not like to move, does not like to touch other things, of course, the whole mental state will become depressed.

       3. There may be many reasons why cats are not spirited, but whatever the reason. As parents should strengthen the understanding of their baby, when it is not energetic, should be able to quickly find the reason, and then find a solution to help cats have a full state of mind.

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