The cat is too sticky to its owner – is the cat particularly clingy to its owner in estrus

       Every pet cat has its own personality, some cats are independent, some cats are very sticky. And the reason why kittens are so clingy is not only affected by their personalities. Sometimes, it may be because it is too boring, no one to accompany it to do game interaction, so it runs to you, coquettish to you, especially loves to stick to you, I hope you can accompany it to play games and interact.

       Male or female? If the hero will not stick to the owner, on the contrary, it will try to find the cat mm outside (if it is locked up by the owner, don’t say it). The female cat will be more dry, the objects around her may be used to vent, take the initiative to look for the owner to act coquettish or rub around, but also accompanied by the cry of love..

       If the cat at home is very clingy and likes to play with others, the owner of the cat slave will be very happy. It’s just that when there’s something else to do at hand, it gets a little tricky. If this happens, what should we do?

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       The situation that cats stick to people often occurs when cats are young. When the cat is still young, it is easy for the cat to rely on people. In this case, the owner should be patient with the cat and make the cat independent through slow education. When the cat grows up, it will not stick to you often.

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       If the cat is already an adult, but the cat is still very clingy, it is likely that the cat is lonely and bored. The owner can consider raising another cat and finding a playmate for the cat at home. In this way, the kitten can play with friends, so that they will not often stick to their owners. Of course, when the second cat gets home at first, it must be separated first. Let the cats play together after they accept each other.

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