The cat loses the cat serious symptom

       We all know that people suffering from depression have an impact on life, so as the excrement removal officer, do you know that cats also suffer from depression? Even if it is serious, it will endanger their lives. Don’t think that veterinarian Xiaoming is scaring you, and don’t think it’s alarmist. It’s all true.

       Refute the myth: is cat crazy hair loss a skin disease? Wrong etiology, delayed treatment, more serious consequences

       This heartbreaking case is not the first one. It also tells us that when cats are depressed, they should not think that the problem is too big and ignore it. In fact, if the cat is depressed for a long time, it will cause other diseases.

       In fact, in life, the cat will have many symptoms to remind the excrement removal officer that he has suffered from depression. However, many owners neglect the symptoms of the cat due to their carelessness, which leads to a more serious condition. As a pet loving veterinarian, Xiaoming, a veterinarian, does not want to see this happen. He hopes that the excrement removal officer can attach importance to the cat’s psychology ¡£

       Refute the myth: is cat crazy hair loss a skin disease? Wrong etiology, delayed treatment, more serious consequences

       Is feline shedding hair frequently dermatosis? See what the doctor says

       People are under a lot of pressure these days. It seems that we can see from our hair who is under more pressure. Especially in the programmer industry, although the income is high, it has to face the risk of baldness at any time. It’s hard to be in the Mediterranean before the old age.

       Don’t talk about people. Isn’t it true that the cat who looks cold and cold has won many people’s hearts with her beautiful hair? If the cat is bald, can the owner still love it as much as it used to be? The answer, of course, is No.

       A few days ago, a excrement removal officer sent his blue cat to veterinarian Xiao Ming for treatment. He said that recently, the cat has been losing hair frequently. Maybe it has some skin disease. If you apply some ointment, it is not good. I guess it will fall a few weeks later, for fear that it will die young. After examination, the cat does not seem to have any skin disease, and through veterinary Xiao Ming’s conjecture, it should be the cat’s stress that leads to mental depression.

       Refute the myth: is cat crazy hair loss a skin disease? Wrong etiology, delayed treatment, more serious consequences

       At first, the excrement shoveling officer didn’t believe it very much. He thought that he was always eating and drinking. How could he be depressed? Later, I remembered that I was busy with my work recently and didn’t have much time to play with the cat. Maybe I ignored it and made it under too much psychological pressure.

       Cats can be stressed, too? Are you kidding£¿

       Don’t believe it, the meow people who seem to have no worries about their lives may also be under great pressure, but they can’t speak and are ignored by the excrement removal officials.

       Cats are very sensitive animals, they can be depressed by the small details of their life, of course, because they have no facial expression and are difficult to detect. For example, the excrement shoveling officials refuse to play with them when they are coquettish. For example, the excrement shoveling officers do not feed them in time, or they may take them for beauty salons and shave their hair. All these may be the causes of their depression.

       However, the most common cause of depression in cats seen by veterinarian Xiao Ming is to have them sterilized. Therefore, when the shovel excrement officer has sterilized the master, he must pay attention to appease their emotions and avoid depression.

       What kind of harm does depression and stress do to cats?

       You’ve lost your life

       In fact, cat hair loss is very common in life, so many excrement removal officers will ignore, did not think that they may have mental problems.

       When cats are stressed too much, they are endocrine disrupted, just like humans. The most obvious symptom of endocrine disorders is crazy hair loss. Their spirits feel very anxious, which affects the normal metabolism, leading to the lack of nutrition and good absorption, resulting in hair loss.

       Refute the myth: is cat crazy hair loss a skin disease? Wrong etiology, delayed treatment, more serious consequences

       Frequent licking behavior

       When cats feel too much pressure, they will have excessive licking behavior in order to alleviate, because when they lick their fur, they will release some substances that make them feel comfortable, so that they can relieve their emotions. However, frequent licking of hair will cause skin redness and swelling. It also causes a lot of hair loss. And a lot of hair is easy to swallow into the stomach, which affects the health of the cat.


       Cat mental stress will cause endocrine disorders, may suffer from cystitis. According to the survey, many cats with cystitis are caused by excessive stress or changes in their living environment. Therefore, when the cat’s hair is serious, the excrement removal officer should pay attention to it and find out the cause. Don’t just think it’s just a skin disease. Otherwise, if you mistake the cause and delay the treatment, the consequences of cystitis will be more serious.

       When they are under too much pressure, they drink less water, which increases the risk of cystitis, so can you ignore it?

       Refute the myth: is cat crazy hair loss a skin disease? Wrong etiology, delayed treatment, more serious consequences

       What should the excrement removal officer do to find the cat depressed?

       In fact, cats may use a variety of ways to suggest that there is a psychological problem with the excrement removing officer. At this time, the shovel official also found this phenomenon. What we should do is to find out the cause of the disease. As the saying goes, heart disease still needs heart medicine. Only by finding out the reason why cats feel stressed can we fundamentally solve the problem from the source.

       Let’s see if it’s not cleaning the litter basin in time recently, or neglecting to care about the cat that makes the owner unhappy. Veterinarian Xiao Ming has been saying that excrement removal officers should not only pay attention to the cat’s life, but also be very important to their mental health. You don’t want your master to be depressed every day, do you?

       The excrement removal officer can buy some toys to play with them, increase the interaction time with the cat, and also promote the feelings. Why not? And the cat is easy to be jealous of the creature, in ordinary life, do not make them feel that the excrement officer does not love them, it will hurt the heart of the master. As a qualified excrement shoveling officer, he should do everything. Veterinarian Xiaoming hopes that every meow can live a happy life.

       How to deal with it, how to deal with it

       How to deal with it, how to deal with it

       In spring and autumn, cats generally have seasonal hair loss. In spring, the thick winter fur should be removed. In autumn, the coarse hair should be removed and the down should be replaced to resist the cold winter. In these months, the cat’s hair loss phenomenon will be more serious.

       Most cat lovers like the soft and comfortable hair of cats, but they are always worried about a problem. After holding the owner, they will leave a lot of cat fur, especially the black clothes, which is very annoying.

       Jinjila is a long haired cat, hair loss is generally more serious, to comb it often, dredge the hair knot.

       Although cats lick their hair to comb and clean them every day, during the hair changing period, cats lick excessive hair and eat into their stomachs to accumulate, which is prone to hairball syndrome. Therefore, the cat owner should comb the cat’s hair with fine teeth to help the cat clean up the old hair and dust mites, which can reduce the hair loss.

       If the cat’s hair is dry and lusterless, and the hair is easy to break and fall off, it may be that the cat is suffering from malnutrition. Generally speaking, cats with weak gastrointestinal function, cats with long hair and cats with single food are prone to hair loss due to malnutrition.

       For cats with weak gastrointestinal function, we should start with regulating the gastrointestinal tract and use some drugs or nutrients to regulate the stomach. Only when the stomach and intestines are well conditioned can we absorb good nutrition and ensure the health of the cat’s hair and body.

       Seasonal shedding

       Cat’s hair has growth cycle and shedding cycle. In this case, cat hair loss is a completely normal and natural physiological phenomenon. There are two main views on the causes of seasonal hair loss: photoperiod and temperature change.

       Photoperiod: sunlight is essential for plants and animals. In winter, when the days get shorter, the animal’s brain sends a message to the hair follicles, “Hey, it’s time to grow fur.” in summer, when the day is longer, the brain will communicate less with its follicle partners.

       Temperature change: when spring and summer come, cats should take off the fluff and change into fluffy coarse fur to help the cat dissipate heat and block the heat;

       Excessive salt intake

       Salt is one of the taboos in cat food. Cats need very little salt, but their taste is poor. If the pet owners don’t care about their diet, they will unconsciously eat too much salt. In addition to the burden of the cat, excessive salt will also cause the cat hair to dry and fall.


       Pathological hair loss

       Skin and endocrine diseases can also cause hair loss in cats.

       Skin diseases: Generally speaking, cats with poor physique and cats with low resistance are more likely to suffer from skin diseases, so young cats and old cats should pay special attention to skin diseases. Once found, seek medical advice in time and isolate for treatment.

       Endocrine diseases: for example, adrenal cortex hyperfunction. It often occurs in the trunk, or in the form of speckles. The skin is fragile, thin and easy to tear.