The cat suddenly becomes thin – the cat suddenly becomes thin

       American Curl

       Some cat parents just have a cat and don’t know how to raise a cat properly. They give the cat cheap cat food or simply eat the meal that people eat. They don’t know that this kind of casual diet will lead to improper diet of the cat, which will not only prevent the cat from eating, but also affect the cat’s health.

       Cats, carnivores, get their nutrients from fat and protein, and they can’t get calories from carbohydrates, or grains. The cheap low-end cat food is made of cereal. The reason why cats love to eat is because there are a lot of additives in it. Cats can hardly get nutrition from low-end cat food; The meat soup with steamed bread, fish with rice and other food is mainly grain, with a small amount of meat added. Cats always eat a lot of such food, but it is difficult to really eat enough. Some parents told me that their cats eat a large pot of rice at a time, and pull a lot of stool every day, but they are not fat. When I ask what to eat, most of them eat soup bibimbap, but cats can’t mix from soup In the meal absorption nutrition, eats how many pulls, the cat certainly does not eat fat.

       If the parents want to make the cat chubby, they must meet the nutritional needs of the cat. The cat’s food should be mainly high-quality cat food or meat. When the cat’s nutrition comes up, it will not only become chubby, but also be healthier.

       The owner of the cat should first make sure that the cat’s health is OK. If it’s a physical problem, take the cat to the pet hospital and ask the pet doctor to help the cat. If it’s just picky, try to use some appropriate ways to help the cat.

       When the cat does not want to eat, the cat owner should pay attention to guide the cat to eat, so as to help the cat grow meat. Cat owners can use the microwave oven to heat the cat food, so that the cat food will be more fragrant. The cat owner can also add some meat that the cat likes to eat, or add some canned, freeze-dried and other snacks in the cat food. Cat owners can also prepare some meow Xiaoli, with yogurt to help the cat appetizer, pay attention not to let the cat drink too cold yogurt, too cold things may stimulate the cat’s stomach, not good for the cat.

       When a cat is picky and doesn’t want to eat, his body will be weaker. Therefore, the owner of the cat should pay attention to supplement some nutrition for the cat and help the cat raise his body. When the cat owner has time, he can prepare some meat, fruits and vegetables for the cat, as well as some soup for the cat. Any broth, bone soup and vegetable soup can be prepared for the cat. After drinking, the cat can also supplement some nutrition for the cat. If the condition of the cat owner is better, you can also prepare some special nutrition cream to help the cat.

       If a cat doesn’t want to eat, it may be caused by a bad stomach,

       Give your cat some light food in your daily life

       Such as porridge, fish soup, sheep milk powder and other nutritious things are OK

       You can also feed the cat some meow. Want to stomach power, let the cat have appetite to eat

       If the cat is too thin, feed some cats. I want nutrition cream to supplement nutrition

       Or cats with parasites must be deworming

       I’m sick. I suggest that you go to the hospital and sell something to it!

       In fact, animals, like people, occasionally get sick. It’s no big deal. Don’t worry.

       My family has had a cat for almost 56 years, and the cat is fine now. We will encounter such problems again.

       In the past, when I had a dog, I would buy some Huoxiang Zhengqi liquid, and others seemed to have bought eye drops.

       Cats and dogs should often eat some fresh grass, which seems to help digestion (forget). Don’t lock the cat in the house all day. Dogs are much better and can be spread around with their owners!

       Finally, I’ll give you some advice.

       1¡£ If there is a pet hospital nearby, you can go there and have a look

       2¡£ Often take it out to eat grass (for the city, after all, it is closed at home).

       3¡£ Go directly to the nearby hospital to sell points and give it to eat (buy medicine according to people’s disease, but not too much).

       It seems that most of the time digestive problems, or fever,,!!!

       Small suggestions, for reference only!!!!!!

       Have you given cat grass or hair cream to your cat? If not, you may have too many hair balls in your stomach. Cats can retch, too. It depends on what’s coming out. Suddenly thin may be sick, or there are insects, do you regularly feed anthelmintic? Eye socket is red, you can drop chloramphenicol eye drops.

       If there is a condition or go to the hospital to have a look ~ suddenly thin more than half sick. However, the amount of medicine given to cats for human use needs to be very careful. If you really want to buy it, please refer to the usage. Otherwise, a little carelessness will poison him. Like cold medicine, never feed — my dog died because of my ignorance

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