The cat suddenly peed on the quilt

       Method 1

       First remove the quilt and hang it on the coat rack, then spray some water on the clothes with the sprayer. After a while, wipe the water with a dry towel, and then dry it for a day. It’s better to add a few drops of lemon juice to the water, so that the effect of deodorization will be better.

       Method 2

       Spread out the quilt, put a towel soaked in water and wring it dry on the wet place, and then iron it on the towel with an iron. After scalding across the towel, the odor on the quilt will transfer to the towel.

       Method 3

       Take out the quilt, and then put the quilt in the sun for an afternoon. If there is no sun, you can use a hair dryer to blow clean, and then clean the quilt cover. You can add 84 disinfectant or use soapy water to clean it. After cleaning, dry it in the air

       Extended data:

       Methods to avoid cat urination:

       The first is the environment.

       The place where the cat urinates is a place that the cat thinks is very safe. If your cat is timid or thinks that he is not paid enough attention to and there are other cats and dogs biting at home, he will feel that the surrounding environment is not safe and will find a safe place to pee. At this time, we should give more care to the cat. We can interact with the cat more, touch it, and let the cat have a sense of security for a long time.

       The second influence factor: cat estrus.

       When cats reach the age of sexual maturity, they will use smell as a tool to “make friends”. Maternal cats will use urine smell as a “material” to attract male cats. However, male cats have a strong sense of territory. The tyrannical president thinks that this place is a place where everyone must listen to him.

       The third influencing factor: urinary tract disease

       In fact, if your cat excludes the above situation, and is very bold and safe, but does not reach the estrus period and suddenly urinates, then you should consider whether it is illness. The first may be body failure, the second may be urinary tract infection. Cats love face. If they urinate frequently, they will find a place to hide their urine. If this happens, they will go to the hospital.

       Fourth factor: dislike your own toilet

       If you put too fragrant litter for your cat, or the sand is not so good, or the location does not like it, then it will urinate as a resistance, choose a ventilated place, change the litter into sand, and place the toilet in the place the cat likes.

       Reference: Baidu Encyclopedia cat

       Don’t beat the cat. The cat has a strong self-esteem. It can be disinfected with 84. The smell is very strong. You need to prepare a toilet for the cat. If possible, use cat litter. Or put plastic under a paper box. The paper is covered on it. The cat likes it very much, and they know that they have to deal with it. My cat has never been there now I don’t have time to clean the toilet unless his toilet is dirty. The cat likes to hurry up. Once the toilet is dirty, don’t squat inside. For the cat, preach mainly. Don’t beat and scold. But let him know that you are unhappy. He will remember that. Don’t let the cat get into the habit of going to bed. It’s very troublesome¡¤¡¤

       It’s just a little bit of what I learned¡¤¡¤

       The effect of qinbaoshu is very good.

       Cats are usually used to litter, feet feel comfortable, pick a few times on the inside of the stool.

       It’s not because people stipulate that they understand where cats poop, but that they choose the place where they feel comfortable, step on it and pick it up a few times.

       Put a basin of cat litter near the bed, which is the most comfortable feeling of ordinary knot. It feels convenient to go to the toilet, and it will not be pulled on your bed again.

       I had two cats. I remember last winter and this spring, more than 10 beds of quilts in our house have been put into the washing machine, some even washed twice or three times… But now it has been completely eliminated.

       There are two main reasons why cats don’t defecate as usual

       1) Bad habits

       2) Oestrus

       Attention should be paid to the following aspects:

       1) Clean up the feces and urine in the litter in time to ensure enough litter and keep the toilet clean so that the cat can go to the toilet at any time.

       2) Keep the room clean and tidy. The quilts and clothes on the bed and sofa must be folded neatly and flat. There should be no sanitary dead corner and no sundries piled up to avoid misunderstanding by cats.

       3) The smell of cat urine is very stubborn. The clothes urinated by cats should be cleaned in time and sprayed with special deodorant to remove the smell.

       4) Spray deodorant on the bed and sofa to prevent the cat from going to bed and on the sofa.

       5) Put a specially made wet proof bedspread on the bed, just in case.

       Don’t fight. It’s more troublesome if it’s broken,

       The cat is afraid of water and can remember it several times. It’s the same thing where it’s not allowed to go.

       It’s best not to go to bed. It seems that you like to pee in a quilt. It’s better to be bigger.

       The cat urine paper towel on the ground is stained, put it in the cat excrement basin, and then clean up, and spray alcohol on the floor, do not leave smell.

       Cats always like to pee on the quilt for the following reasons:

       This is because the cat’s domain mark, so cats certainly do not give up easily, and cats smell, and even spray strong perfume in the urination position, so the cat still urinate.

       2. It may be because the cat’s oestrus is up.

       3. Habit formation. It may be that cats pee like this when they are young, and it’s hard to change the habit. Three months later, they are just beginning to become adults. They are very curious about everything and begin to form some habits gradually. At this time, they must correct this bad habit, otherwise it will be difficult to do when they are big.

       Specifically, the following two measures can be adopted: ask the veterinarian to castrate the cat. After castration, the behavior of spraying urine can be eliminated or significantly reduced. In addition, castration can prevent normal cats from spraying urine.

       Feed at the urine spray. Cats have the characteristics of clean, generally do not spray urine at the eating place. Therefore, this method can correct the abnormal behavior of spraying urine.

       Cat is a kind of clean animal. If the cat poops suddenly, the owner should pay attention to the following points. First, whether the litter basin hasn’t been cleaned for a long time, or the cat just bought doesn’t like it. Second, psychological or spiritual reasons. If the owner ignores the cat or there are new members in the family recently, the cat is dissatisfied with the owner, so as to attract the owner’s attention. Third, the cat’s excretion system problems, resulting in the cat can not control the excretion, this situation, the owner should take the cat to the hospital for examination in time. (sleeve tiger PET)

       All of a sudden? How old are you? How long has it been? Male or female? Have you sterilized? Have you been stimulated recently? It is possible that spring has come and oestrus has come. It may also be that you are sick. Do you urinate too much? Does it stink? If you feel abnormal, take it to the pet hospital. If it’s an old cat, you should be careful. If it’s a new cat, it may be unfamiliar with the new environment, or be bullied and stimulated by other cats. Of course, there may be a lack of supply of canned goods. He will vent his dissatisfaction, ha ha. Think about all the situations. Wish the cat health!

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