The cat’s cornea is broken – my cat’s eyes found 10 days ago that there is a small disc-shaped concave in the right cornea of the right eye. I feel that the circular outer membrane is broken

       Corneal ulcer is a kind of disease which recovers very slowly. Because there are only nerves and no blood vessels in the cornea, the recovery of * * is relatively slow. Your mood can be understood, but you are a little too impatient, only 10 days, not so fast. I am an ophthalmologist. When we can see the lesion on the cornea without using the instrument, it means that it is very serious. What the doctor said is not wrong. You must insist on giving it eye drops. You can use anti-inflammatory drugs such as “lomefloxacin hydrochloride eye drops” combined with “cornea Ning” or “recombinant human epidermal growth factor”, plus antiviral eye drops “ribavirin eye drops” or “acyclovir eye drops”. It is better to increase the number of eye drops

       If not cornea but conjunctiva that problem is not big, drop anti-inflammatory eye drops can, generally a few days to recover. But I’m afraid that the ulcer invades the sclera. I’m an ophthalmologist. If it’s a person, I can operate on him and cover it with conjunctiva. I can recover soon. But it’s an animal. I can’t see for myself whether it’s conjunctiva? sclera? Or cornea? I can only put forward my own views, nothing else can do.

       This disease is not easy to treat, because the cause of your cat corneal ulcer must be caused by bacteria. In general, it is used to treat bacterial infection. However, the ulcer is not treated, so it will continue to develop. Usually, when the bacteria are gone and the cornea is perforated (that is, blind), it is still the same for people. You can try more frequent eye drops It is mainly to strengthen the speed of bacteria inhibition, which may be faster than bacteria, but there is little hope. If people generally use amniotic membrane transplantation, it is to cut the fetal membranes carrying fetal and amniotic fluid into small pieces and transplant them to the eyes. Because amniotic membrane has the function of inhibiting bacteria, and is transparent, it will not hinder vision. But this is not very realistic for cats, so we can only do everything we can Fast sterilization, as long as the bacteria control to a certain extent, the ulcer will slowly stop, I wish you good luck.

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