The cat’s eyes can’t be opened and purulent

       The cat’s eyes are red and purulent. You can use the following methods: you can use warm salt water to wash the cat’s eyes first: Boil the hot water, put some salt, and then wash the cat’s eyes with cotton ball. The attention is to first clean the nose, then wash the eyes, and finally point the eye drops of ofloxacin 2-3 times a day. Remember to wash your nose and eyes every day.

       Conjunctivitis caused by nasal branch infection: nasal branch is a kind of influenza virus disease, which occurs in cats with weak resistance, and its typical symptom is conjunctivitis. The cat infected with nasal branch will have red eyes, tears or secretions, pain, blinking and eyelid closure. The cause of conjunctivitis is bacterial infection or upper respiratory virus.

       Tips: the cat’s upper respiratory tract will also have other symptoms, such as paroxysmal cough, sneezing, tears, increased body temperature, loss of appetite, weight loss, mental depression, nasal secretions often begin to be serous, and become purulent when the condition worsens.

       Treatment of influenza virus: nasal branch virus spreads rapidly, with a general incubation period of 2-6 days. When a cat has symptoms of nasal branch, it is necessary to take mezlonine in the early stage to quickly supplement lysine to control the development of the disease. It has the effect of treating the initial nasal branch. The effect will be better if it is combined with amoxicillin and cephalosporin.

       Eye disease, for cats with state fun eye drops, specially developed for conjunctivitis eye drops, twice a day, antiviral and anti-inflammatory bactericidal use. Relieve eye discomfort, clean eye secretions for cats, and avoid the occurrence of panophthalmia.

       You can see if the eyelids are red. If so, you can use chloramphenicol eye drops to relieve inflammation.

       If the eyelid of Dao is red and swollen, acyclovir eye drops are used to treat right virus conjunctivitis.

       Attention, do not use your fingers to wipe its eye excrement, you can use a medical cotton swab (ensure clean) wipe. If the eye excrement is not easy to wipe, you can use cotton swab dipped in aureomycin eye ointment to help it wipe, so that it can be wiped down, also won’t hurt the kitten.

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       Chloramphenicol. My aunt picked out a kitten outside and gave it to our mother cat as an adopted daughter, but her eyes couldn’t open and she was purulent. Let the female cat lick its eyes, because the saliva is disinfected. But if you don’t have a cat mother, you can use cotton swab or cotton ball to make a small one, and then dip it in warm or normal temperature water (flowing water, clean) or directly dip it with chloramphenicol to gently wipe the thick on its eyes. Then to see if there can be a small slit, then point chloramphenicol, as long as the point in the eye can. One time a day, twice a day. It’ll be all right soon. Kittens have eye dropsy at the beginning, which may be the cause of inflamed. I don’t know what you feed them and whether they often drink water. Now I suspect it’s the Pearl.. Or if you don’t have clean hands, it’s OK to give the cat eyes.

       The kitten’s eyes are purulent and obviously inflamed. Chloramphenicol is the best.

       General kitten eyes can not open, purulent, female cat will give it lick eyes, because saliva is disinfected. But some cats don’t do it artificially. First, they use cotton swabs or cotton balls, and then dip them in warm or normal water (running water, clean) to wipe the pus on their eyes with chloramphenicol. Then see if there can be a small slit, then drop chloramphenicol, as long as the point in the eye can. Two times a day, three times. It’ll be all right soon. In addition, with aureomycin eye ointment and other anti-inflammatory drugs can also, no antibiotics on the kitten how much damage, the cat’s detoxification and adaptability is very strong.

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