The cat’s nose hair sticks together – how is the hair on the cat stuck together

       It’s normal for cats to lose their hair in the new season, but it’s not normal if you lose hair so much. If your cat only loses hair and doesn’t have external symptoms, I think it should be vitamin deficiency..

       The answers here are quite comprehensive, including the ones that were not adopted. I think they are all good. I have two cats myself, and all the questions I have are referring to the cat guide cited by the respondents

       It is suggested to shave the hair and let it rise again. It’s OK to comb more hair.

       In addition to paying attention to nutrition, the cat should shave off the hair around the affected area of cat ringworm, and then use mingruining daily until it is completely recovered. If the condition is serious, it is recommended to go to the pet hospital for examination and treatment, and may need to cooperate with a medicine bath.

       Some people think that cat ringworm can heal itself. It is suggested not to have this idea. At the same time, during the treatment, pet owners should have enough patience, and do not feel troublesome and abandon the cat.

       In spring and autumn, cats have to change their hair. The wool is mixed with soil and grease to form a wool ball and stick together.

       The cat can add, but the big pieces of fur stick together. The cat can’t lick it clean, and in some places, the cat can’t lick it.

       Cats will feel uncomfortable when their hair sticks together. Some cats even tear down the fur balls on their bodies, causing bleeding on their bodies. And the cat can’t vomit, the hair ball will be eaten, so when you find a cat with a cat glued to the hair ball, be sure to cut it off. Don’t worry about the longer the cat’s fur, the cat’s fur will fall off regularly.

       When helping a cat to cut hair, you should caress the cat first to make it feel comfortable. When it rolls and coquettish, it can be cut off. Don’t cut the hair when the cat doesn’t agree, and don’t yell “obedience” to him. The cat doesn’t pay any attention.

       The cat’s neck, back, belly, tail and other parts are easy to produce hair balls. After cutting, use a comb to help him smooth his hair. When the cat feels comfortable, he will ask you to help him cut his hair next time.

       1. First, comb the cat’s face in the direction of the hair, then head, feet, chest, back, abdomen and tail hair.

       2. If you encounter a lot of tufts, you can spray some sheep oil rich hair spray on the cat to help comb the cat’s messy hair. Of course, when carding, the action should be gentle and slow, do not pull the cat.

       3. If the hair is really hard to comb, you can trim it with scissors. Trim all the lumped hair and comb it.

       4. After combing, sprinkle some talcum powder on the cat, then comb it along the hair direction again, and finally trim the cat’s hair with scissors. After combing in this way, the fur will become both bright and fluffy, especially for long haired cats, which will be more beautiful

       The bigger the hairball is, the bigger it becomes! You should comb it first and take a bath. It’s better to shave all the hair of your cat, because if you cut it, there will still be small tufts, which will grow up slowly. It’s better to shave and grow again.

       It’s better to comb the cat often, so that the problem of hair ball will be solved and the problem of hair loss can be solved.

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