The cat’s tail bends inward – why does the cat’s tail always go up?

       The unicorn tail should be a cat’s tail with a bony joint. The tail can be folded into a right angle, just like the lightning tail of Pikachu in pet elves. I remember that a cat friend in the cat’s nest had also proved that her cat was the Kirin tail, which many people like. There is no bad luck saying. That’s all bullshit.

       Kylin tail is caused by gene mutation in cat genetic process, and then gradually stabilized, becoming an accepted genetic phenomenon without any harm. Take an example that the landlord can understand: everyone has a thumb. Someone’s thumb can be bent to nearly 90 degrees, while someone’s thumb can’t be bent at all. This is an accepted genetic phenomenon without any harm. No matter what kind of situation, it has no effect on people. It’s all inborn genes. This is the case with the Kirin tail. In Chinese legend, the unicorn tail cat is a fortune maker.

       In Southern Fujian, many people like to keep a unicorn tailed cat, because in ancient times, it was said that this cat had a very special magic power, and the mice would be afraid of him, so that few mice would be at home. Moreover, this kind of cat can catch mice very well, which is the most important thing.

       First of all, starting from the cat’s body, the tail has the function of balancing the body, adjusting posture, and cooperating with other parts of the body to complete some actions. Moreover, the cat’s tail is also a cat to drive away mosquitoes, flies, catch prey auxiliary organs. In addition, of course, the action of the cat’s tail is used to express certain emotional functions.

       For example, the movements of a cat’s tail often express a certain emotion. When a cat looks like you are coquettish and begging for food or dies, its tail will stand upright and its tail tip will bend to one side or forward; when the cat is intimate with you and in a happy mood, its tail will swing gently; and when the cat is thinking, its tail will be gentle and warm When a pet cat is very angry and angry, its tail will show spasmodic activity; if the cat’s tail is upright like a flagpole, it is a manifestation of satisfaction, safety and pride; if the tail is powerless to pull down, it is a sign of illness, sadness, uneasiness, vigilance and fear.

       Cats don’t always have their tails up. It depends on the actual situation and the cat’s actual mood. A cat’s tail can perform many different states and movements. There are happy, happy, depressed, nervous, scared, angry and so on. If parents want to know the specific meaning of a cat’s tail, they should pay close attention to its behavior in daily life, take the initiative to understand the behavior consciousness of pet cat, and really know why the cat cocks its tail.

       Master the balance. No matter how high the cat is thrown, the cat always lands on four feet, which is directly related to its big tail. Cats are like this. Why should we change it?

       Warning: when a kitten is frightened, it will erect its tail as a warning


       It likes you to be proud of you… So rub your legs

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