The coat color of Siamese cats varies with age and temperature

       When it comes to Siamese cats, many people will think of their symmetrical body, but you know that their fur color will change with age, body temperature and ambient temperature. The colder the cat is, the darker it is, and the whiter it is at the higher temperature. As a result, many young Siamese born in the body of the mother cat usually have white fur. With the growth and temperature changes, dark color patches begin to appear.

       According to the introduction of genetics in Wikipedia, there is a mutation in an enzyme responsible for the production of pigment in Siamese cats. This mutation can cause the enzyme to become unstable and lose its function at high temperature. Therefore, the fur color of cats at lower skin temperature (such as limbs, tail, face, etc.) is darker, while the fur color at higher body temperature is light color.

       In addition to Siamese cats, there are also some cats with key color blocks. For example, Muppets (detailed introduction), Himalayan Persian cats and some Taiwan Mikes often appear to be completely white when they are young and completely different when they grow up.

       In the cold and low temperature environment, Siamese cat’s hair pigment precipitates, and the dark part is more. Therefore, in the high latitude and in the low latitude area, the Siamese cat’s color will also have the subtle difference. The owner can also observe whether the color of its fur turns pale, so as to speculate whether it has a fever.

       The most obvious example is that the newborn is usually white, because the uterus is very warm. As you grow, the coat color will change from white to light brown, and then in the nose, flower, tail, and lower temperature parts of the limbs, the coat color will begin to darken. The whole face of some Siamese cats is dyed dark brown by pigment, and the place with higher body temperature maintains light brown or gray white.

       Interestingly, if the Siamese cat is unfortunately injured and the body temperature of the bandage becomes higher, when the bandage is just removed, it will be found that the new hair growing on this part will become lighter or even completely white, and will slowly recover its original color over time. Therefore, it is not too much to call Siamese cat a chameleon in cat world!