The female cat suddenly kept the male away

       Animals have their own choice, people can communicate with animals, can you? You don’t know what they’re thinking. How do you fix it? Now female cats don’t like male cats. For example, there are many reasons. For example, there are many reasons for this. It is said that the cat world has its own territory. Won’t it compete? In case the female cat is pregnant, will the male cat touch it? Wait for my point of view: believe in everlasting love! Let them run in slowly

       Don’t worry. It’s useless for you to worry. It’s normal

       In the process of sexual intercourse, the female cat will definitely refuse the male’s previous efforts. This is the Convention in the courtship process. The female cat may ignore the male cat and attack him at any time. If the male cat is experienced, he will gradually approach the female cat and avoid the female cat’s eyes, The male will bite the female’s neck to prevent her from attacking her when she climbs on her

       In the process, both cats’ feet are moving all the time to facilitate the male cat’s sexual intercourse. The whole process is only a few minutes. Once the male cat has sex, he will immediately leave the female cat to prevent the female from attacking

       At the end of each event, the female cat will open her toes, roll on the ground and rub her body, while the male will watch the female cat. After 15 minutes, it will start to have sex again. There will be several times a day. The whole process will last for three to four days

       If the female cat is not pregnant and will howl again in about 10 to 14 days, it needs to be mated again

       The cat’s process is not as beautiful as human beings imagine. When some cat friends imagine cats having sex with each other, they only think of the appearance of two furry cats touching each other. In fact, it is not. The process of cat sexual intercourse is quite tragic. Male cats have barbs on their Ding Ding. Female cats will feel extremely painful in the process of sexual intercourse. Even during the estrus period, they can not accept the process. They will be more resistant and will scream in the process.

       There are also some female cats who are not willing to take their cats to the hospital for a good examination, perhaps because of some physical discomfort.

       2. Why can’t it be enforced***

       In the mating of male and female cats, it depends on the wishes of female cats. Because the cat’s physiological structure is relatively special, if the female cat does not cooperate, has been hanging the long tail does not move away, the male cat is unable to force the female cat to comply. The role of cat owners in the process is also very small, can only guide, can not be forced to dominate.

       3. What should we do if we fail

       If the female cat really does not want to, the cat owner should not force the female cat, can use other ways to let the female cat through the estrus period, in the future, when the female cat is better, then try to make her mating. Some snacks and toys can be used to distract the female cat’s attention, so that the female cat’s spirit can be relaxed, and the female cat can be fed with appropriate amount of meowi’s anti love powder, so that the female cat can stay at the owner’s side. After that, the cat owner can give the female cat a good supplement of nutrition, so that the female cat’s body can keep healthy and healthy. The next time the cat is mated, it may be in better condition.

       It may be that the female cat has not reached the estrus period, or there are some problems in the body that cause the late oestrus or the lack of certain hormones, which makes it difficult to oestrus. If pet owners want to let the cat breed offspring, can take some appropriate measures to help it oestrus, the next to introduce some methods and measures to promote cat estrus.

       1. Touching and urging marriage

       While stroking the cat, he said why the cat didn’t look for a mate, and he kept instilling the idea of looking for a mate. Anger to think that cats do not understand, in fact, many cats understand, but most do not want to pay attention to it. Of course, the cat does not rule out that the pet owner’s painstaking efforts are ignored.

       1. Watch cat love action movies

       I believe you can understand what love action movies are. I don’t need to introduce them again. Catching cats and playing them love action movies may promote cats’ love desire to some extent. However, some cats are cold and impatient, and may slip away.

       3. Find a good-looking or beautiful object to tease

       Pet owners can choose the right beautiful or handsome spouse, let them get along for a period of time, through a long time to get along and contact with each other, they may get along with each other for a long time. In the selection of spouses to be careful, in the cage before the physical examination, in order to avoid infectious diseases. Some female cats are eccentric, and they may beat them hard when they see a male cat.

       4. Feeding meow

       There are also people who feed cats with drugs to promote estrus, but these drugs often have serious side effects and are highly harmful to the health of cats. Many people don’t know much about meow, which is not a veterinary drug, but a pet nutrition supplement. Meow Qinghuan contains motherwort, angelica, cyperus and other ingredients, can better help the female cat to stimulate its desire and demand, promote its estrus.

       If your cat has been defecating normally before, and suddenly begins to defecate casually one day, please pay attention to whether your cat has physical problems, because when the cat suffers from cystitis, gastrointestinal discomfort, constipation and other diseases, it is possible to defecate anywhere.

       Cats are clean animals, so if the cat toilet can’t be cleaned in time, there will be a smell in it. The cat doesn’t like to go in. Sometimes the cat hasn’t been cleaned before. When the cat wants to go in, it sniffs and then walks away. But every time the cat cleans up, the cat will go in!

       Cats are ovulating animals. No, they don’t! The female cat is in estrus for three to six days at a time! Usually male and female cats stay together for about three days, five to fifteen times a day! Because of the stimulation, the female cat’s oestrus will end earlier, but if the female cat is too young or the male cat has no experience, the success rate is not high! If the female cat does not have oestrus after 20 days and is ruddy, it is regarded as successful mating!

       Hello, it takes at least 15 to 20 days for your cat to be diagnosed as pregnant by ultrasound. Moreover, the cat will still have estrus behavior during pregnancy, and the domestic cat will have more frequent estrus. Therefore, if you want to know whether your cat is successful, you need to wait 15 to 20 days to go to the hospital for ultrasound examination to confirm. I hope my answer will help you. Chengdu zhenai pet hospital makes every effort to improve the welfare of pets and pet workers.

       This indicates that the female cat has not yet been in the stage of arousal.

       When the female cat is in estrus, she is gentle and willing to contact the male cat. When she meets the male cat, she makes a “howling” sound, and shows a special intimacy with the male cat, or plays and chases with the male cat, and actively raises her tail to let the male cat have sex.

       After sexual maturity, the female cat oestrus once every 14-21 days. The estrus lasts for 3-6 days, and the required time is about 2-3 days.

       If the estrous female cat is locked in the room, when she hears the sound of the male cat, she will violently scratch the doors and windows and rush to get out. If she touches and lowers the cat’s back with her hand, she will be quiet and raise her tail. Some female cats are particularly sensitive when they are in estrus, their eyes are bright, they are unwilling to eat and wander around.

       Extended data

       The solution to this problem is as follows:

       1. Use stress response to distract attention

       In the early stage of estrus, the owner can stop the cat’s estrus by diverting attention. However, the side effect is that the cat’s constitution will decline, and it is easy to get sick during the period, and the cat may not eat or drink.

       2. Use cotton swabs to solve physiological problems

       When a cat is in estrus, the owner can use a simulation method to stop the cat from estrus.

       3. Drug treatment:

       During the estrus period, the cat can be fed with anti estrus powder, and attention should not be given on an empty stomach; to make the cat never oestrus, it is recommended that the owner sterilize the cat and completely remove the ovaries and the penis, so as to prevent the female cat from oestrus again.

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