The four joints of a cat are white – why is it not good to say that four feet are white?

       Because of superstition.

       Four legged white body color is other colors of the cat, in some places known as “dark clouds cover snow”, said that it is bad luck to keep such a cat owner. However, this kind of view is not acceptable. In some areas, there are completely opposite views on cats with such body color. For example, there is a saying that a cat with four white feet is called “four hooves on the snow”. Such a cat is a Fortune Cat and will bring good luck. In fact, the body color of a cat is only related to its genetic genes, and it does not affect the luck of its owner. The so-called “dark clouds cover the snow” or “four hooves on the snow” are just subjective wishes imposed on it by people.


       Just a cat! (the cat breeds recognized by CFA and CAA have purebred names) those that have not been recognized will have popular (folk) names. The characteristics of the cats in the picture do not conform to the cognition of purebred cats (for the identification of purebred cats, whether there is considerable purebred breeding in China should be considered)

       Hybrid cat

       If it’s hybridization in China!

       There was no cat in the early Chinese territory! Near the Yellow River Basin! So there is no cat in the 12 animals! Then expand the territory and foreign spread of domesticated cats! Continuous derivative hybridization! Now China has a huge territory! Unlike in China, this breed of cross bred in China is classified as Chinese country cat!

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