The function of pet hair cream – does cat hair cream work

       Hair cream is useful, even a necessity for cat families. Because cats love beauty, they lick their hair with their barbed tongue every day, which will bring the hair into the intestines and stomach, and thus easily suffer from hirsutism. Huamao ointment is a good adjuvant to solve the problem of feline globus. Of course, there are other methods for you to choose from. The following is the way to prevent feline globosis, I hope it can help you.

       1. Be diligent in combing and do a good job in hair cleaning

       Cat hair, like human hair, falls off almost every day. Therefore, it is suggested that pet owners comb the cat’s fur once a day to reduce the probability of cats eating fur balls. It also helps to strengthen the relationship between the cat and the pet owner.

       2. Feeding cat grass

       Cat grass is barley tender or oat sprout. Pet owners can plant them at home, and when they grow to seven or eight centimeters, they can feed the cats. Cats can stimulate their own intestines and stomach by eating cat grass to induce vomit. But this process is too painful for cats. The most important thing is that some cats’ intestines and stomachs are extremely fragile. Once this method is adopted, it will even seriously affect the health of cats. And cat grass palatability is poor, some cats do not like to eat or even do not eat.

       3. Feeding Huamao ointment

       Huamao ointment is made according to the taste of most cats. Many cats will come to eat it when they see you take it out. At this time, they can directly squeeze out about 3cm of Huamao cream to feed. But not all hair removing plasters are suitable for cats. Now many hair cream in the market, in order to one-sided pursuit of effect, in which added mineral oil, long-term intake will affect the health of cats. Therefore, when pet owners choose hair changing cream for cats, they must choose those with quality assurance, such as meow fun ball.

       In addition, if the cat is a long haired cat, eat it once or twice a week, and a short haired cat can do it once or twice a week.

       4. Surgical removal

       When the cat hairball disease is serious, the above methods are not effective, you can take the cat to the pet hospital for surgery. But this is the last resort. Pet owners should also strengthen postoperative care.

       Finally, hair balm is a good auxiliary product to prevent the disease, but it is also necessary for pet owners to comb the cat’s hair and clean it.


       In other words, maomaohuamao ointment can be understood as intestinal lubricant. The raw material added in it is to drain the hair ball and stool together through the oily lubricant. But do not choose that kind of mineral oil, although the effect is obvious, but the cat’s health is very bad.

       I have been using cats for a few years. I have been using the cream of kitten, which contains olive oil and lecithin. It can stimulate stomach and intestines peristalsis, remove the hair balls and protect the cat’s intestines.

       Hairball syndrome in cats can lead to loss of appetite, listlessness, vomiting and cough, or repeated constipation and laxity. Huamao cream is not suitable for kittens whose intestines and stomach functions are not perfect. Generally, kittens can not be fed with full nutrition hair cream until they are 8 months old.

       In fact, Huamao ointment is used to soften the cat’s feces. The hair ball in the cat’s belly can also be softened and discharged along with the feces. It can have a good effect on the cat’s globus. However, be careful not to give the cat too much hair cream, in order to avoid the cat laxity.

       Regular use of Huamao ointment can also effectively control the hair ball in the cat, but the frequency should not be too frequent, usually 2-3 weeks, one knuckle amount is enough.

       In addition to the hair cream, there is another way to control the hair ball in the cat’s body, which is to feed cat grass. Fresh cat grass certainly has a better effect than dried cat grass. Planting some fresh cat grass at home can not only help the cat vomit hair ball, but also add some green plants to the home.

       In order to avoid feline globosis, it is useless just to do a good job in the later stage. It is also necessary to comb the cat’s hair.

       Many cat owners have such trouble, that is, their cat’s spitting problem has not been effectively resolved. Every time I see the cat spit so hard, I feel bad when I am the owner. In this regard, some experienced cat owners will feed the cat hair cream, so what kind of hair cream is and why can it cure the cat’s hair spitting problem? How long does it take for a cat to eat hair cream? What’s the effect of Huamao ointment on cats?

       For the cat family, this is a necessary item in the family, because the cat is a fur pet, licking hair with the tongue is a cat’s common disease, the tongue barb is also easy to bring the hair into the intestines and stomach, so it is easy to suffer from hirsutism. And Huamao ointment is a good auxiliary to solve the problem of feline globus. However, in terms of usage, dosage and how often to eat, cat owners need to understand clearly, which is a common sense in the process of raising cats.


       It is the best way to prevent the formation of hirsutism by feeding the cat with hair balm regularly. Generally speaking, it takes a cat eight months to learn how to spit hair balls. It’s time to buy hair cream for your cat. In August, large and small cats, whether long haired or short haired, eat them during the hair changing period. However, long haired cats eat once or twice a week during the hair changing period, once a week for short hair cats, once a month for long hair cats during non hair changing period.

       2¡¢ Choose the right Huamao cream


       3¡¢ What will happen after eating Hua Mao Gao

       The first kind: the cat has vomited after eating the cream. There are also two kinds of vomiting, one is that the cat expels the hair ball through vomiting stimulation. The other is that there is too much mineral oil in the cat hair cream selected by the cat owner. Although the mineral oil can lubricate the cat and eliminate the hair ball, it is very unhealthy for the cat to feed mineral oil for a long time. Therefore, Xiao Bian suggests that cats should not choose ordinary hair removing cream containing too much mineral oil.

       The second kind: if the cat eats the hair cream, if the cat owner pays attention to observe the poop situation of the cat and peel off the poop of the cat, the hair or hair ball will be found in it. This is the way that the cat excretes the hair ball. There is no pain in this way for the cat. Of course, some cats may have both situations. The owner does not need to worry about the cat It’s just normal hair ball arrangement.

       In a word, if a cat vomits the hair ball indirectly after eating the hair removing plaster, the owner does not need to worry too much; however, if the cat vomits the hair ball for a long time, it will not work, because the long-term vomiting will cause damage to the cat’s intestines and stomach, and the cat owner can usually give it some pet probiotics to help the cat regulate its intestines and stomach.

       The function of Huamao ointment is to assist the digestion of hair balls, and its main function is to lubricate the intestine and help cats expel hair balls smoothly. Hair ball disease is a common disease. The incidence rate of hair change is increasing every year. So when the cat lick its hair more, it needs the help of the cream to avoid the disease. When purchasing, try to buy the regular products with approved batch number. The unknown lubricant in the low-cost products may lead to intestinal dysfunction of cats and other problems.

       As far as the effect is concerned, the high-quality hair removing cream can effectively make the cat expel the hair, and will not do any harm to the cat’s intestines and stomach. It can accelerate the cat’s gastrointestinal peristalsis, and use natural olive oil lubrication to excrete the hair. You can rest assured to use it. The general cat can be fed once a half month or so, and the long haired cat can be fed once a week.

       Hair balm is used to remove the hair balls in pets. Cats and rabbits like to lick their paws and faces, and their hair loss is very serious. Especially in the fur changing season, a lot of hair will enter the pet’s intestines, but the hair will not be absorbed. It will gradually become a ball with the intestinal peristalsis. At this time, it is necessary to put the hair cream into the pet’s intestines, It can lubricate the intestine, promote the discharge of hair ball, and regulate the digestive health of pet.

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