The hair of CAT whole body changes fluffy very thin – what reason is feline fluffy, do not have spirit?

       1¡¢ The food is rich in variety and the nutrition should be balanced

       If you want to make your cat’s hair better, it’s crucial to supplement nutrition. Do not feed the cat a single cat food, the cat’s nutrition absorption is not good, of course, the hair can not be healthy and shiny. Can prepare some high protein, rich in vitamin food, chicken, fish. Make sure your cat has a balanced diet every day.

       2¡¢ Supplement soft lecithin nutrition granules

       In addition to the nutrition supplement in the daily diet, you can also give the cat lecithin nutrition granules, which can help the growth of cat hair and prevent skin diseases.

       3¡¢ Regular cleaning and hair care

       Don’t bathe your cat frequently. Just keep your cat clean. Comb your cat’s hair with a professional comb once or twice a day. Especially in the season of cat hair changing and depilation, we must pay attention to combing frequently, because at the same time, we are massaging the cat’s body, which is good for the growth of cat’s hair.

       4¡¢ Get in the sun

       Taking a cat out for sunbathing everyday can promote the blood circulation of the cat’s body. With proper exercise, it can promote metabolism and make the hair grow healthily.

       1. Correct and effective diet therapy

       Anyone who has ever owned a pet cat should know that cat hair needs enough nutrients such as protein, vitamin E and vitamin D. Only meet the nutrition of cat hair, can it be more beautiful.

       Therefore, if you want the cat’s hair fluffy, you must let the cat eat healthy. Pet owners can prepare some high protein, vitamin rich food for the cat, such as beef, salmon, chicken breast and so on. You can also feed your cat some meow. You want to fill your hair with trace elements.

       2. Take care of the cat’s hair in time

       Pet owners in daily life must do a good job in the cat’s hair care, must comb it 1-2 times a day. Every year during the period of cat’s hair changing, more attention should be paid to combing. At the same time, when combing the cat’s body can be very good, which is also very good for the growth of cat hair.

       In addition, the cat’s bath also plays a very important role in the cat’s hair. When you give your cat a bath, you should choose the state. Fun. Cat. Shampoo. Don’t wash cats with soap, detergent or detergent.

       3. Sunshine bath and sports

       If the pet owner has time, he can take the cat to sunbathe, which can promote the cat’s blood circulation. At the same time, the pet owner should guide the cat to exercise reasonably at home to promote the blood circulation of the body, so as to better promote the health and growth of the hair. At the same time, it can also promote the metabolism of the cat, so that the cat can digest food better.

       How about his eating, drinking, urinating and defecating? Generally, cats are uncomfortable with fluffy hair and no spirit, but we must find the reason. There are no changes in the home these two days, whether he is frightened, has a cold and so on. My family meow is last year, a child came to the house, shouting, he was scared not to eat, drink or pull. Later I had to go to the hospital for enema. I wish your cat a speedy recovery.

       Use some inspection methods to observe carefully and judge 1. Visual inspection, as the name implies, is to observe whether the cat’s posture and performance are abnormal under quiet conditions. Otherwise, a lot of symptoms will be covered up, and some false symptoms may appear, which makes our diagnosis inaccurate. Only saying that we don’t like to eat, do not like to move, etc., can not provide correct diagnosis Here’s how to observe a cat: mental state The weaker the stress response is, the more serious the condition is. Sometimes, restlessness, walking around, circling or biting are also signs of abnormal mental state Healthy cats are usually smooth and glossy, soft and elastic. When cats are sick or ill, their coats are often rough, dry and dull. Healthy cats have plump muscles, while sick cats are often anorexic, emaciated and powerless When the limbs ache, the affected limbs dare not bear weight when standing and walking, and they are weak when they exercise. Body temperature If the cat’s temperature rises, the nose end of the cat will be dry and hot, and the temperature of the ear root or body surface is higher than normal. At the same time, it will show thirst. There will also be listlessness and loss of appetite Take a measurement of its body temperature. It is best to measure its temperature. If it doesn’t want to, it will be clamped at the root of its hind leg. If it doesn’t want to, the temperature should be about 0.1-0.2 degrees. The body temperature of kittens is 38-39 degrees normal. It may be higher 0.1-0.2 higher at night than during the day. Other symptoms are observed by breathing If the cat’s breathing frequency increases, some even breathe with the mouth, abdominal vibration. It indicates that the cat has a call system disease or other systemic infection. Observation of the mouth The color of the oral mucosa can also determine the severity of the disease. The normal color of the cat’s mouth should be pink. When there is a fever, the color of the mouth will become dark. Anemia is pale. When there are liver and gall diseases, it may appear brown. When the disease is serious and the state is gram-negative, the color of the mouth is cyan Palpation is mainly to observe the size of abdominal circumference and abdominal wall tension. Abdominal distension is characterized by increased abdominal accumulation and tension. The lower part of abdominal circumference is enlarged, but there is more wave movement when touching and pressing with hands. It is necessary to pay attention to whether there is abdominal mucosal infection or abdominal pain. In addition, swelling of the lower abdomen indicates swelling It is mainly used in cat’s breath odor, oral odor and special odor score of cat’s feces. The secret substance is an important clue to indicate the pathological changes of respiratory tract and lung

       The cat bows up, its hair is erect, and its tail is drooping. It should be the reaction when it is afraid to fight back. Are you sure it’s not fierce? It shrinks, its head presses down on the ground, and looks up at you. It should be a state of alert. If he makes a whine again, it should be a police type. If you dare to move again, he will attack At this time, it’s better not to get close to him. Slowly, if he doesn’t feel your hostility, they will be better. In fact, he is very cute. It’s better not to stare at them with terrible eyes. They don’t do anything wrong on purpose. If they treat them better, they won’t be afraid of you,

       Hello! The bad hair of cats is related to many aspects. Owners should pay attention to the following in the process of caring for cats:

       1. Keep enough water

       In fact, cats are the same as people. If their own lack of water and poor hair nutrition, it will lead to dry hair and irritable hair, and even hair loss and depilation. Therefore, pet owners should supplement water and nutrition to cats

       2. Comb your hair regularly

       Pet owners should also remember to comb the cat’s hair regularly. Don’t think that it is difficult to comb the cat’s hair because it is dry and impetuous. The more impetuous and dry hair is, the more regular it needs to be combed. It is necessary to have a comb ready to comb the cat’s hair. If it is a short haired cat, it can be combed once every 2-3 days. If it is a long hair cat, it will be better to comb it every day. In addition, if there are conditions, but also let the cat bathe in the sun, the appropriate bath sun is also good for hair.

       3. Supplement nutrition

       If the pet owner has to work at ordinary times and doesn’t have much time to prepare food for the cat, but also wants to take good care of the cat’s hair and help the hair supplement lecithin and protein, the cat can directly feed lecithin, such as MAG lecithin Taurine Granules.

       Lecithin is known as one of the world’s five major nutritional foods, with high activity, easy to absorb and make hair thick and oily. MAG lecithin Taurine Granules use egg yolk lecithin as the main raw material, Qu Zi animal embryo egg yolk, which is different from soybean lecithin on the market. Taurine is an essential amino acid for cats. It can promote the photoreceptor cells in the retina.

       Lecithin contains organic alcohol phospholipids, which can promote the growth of healthy hair and prevent hair loss, while lecithin keeps hair growth normal, dense and beautiful.

       Therefore, pet lecithin for cat hair is still beautiful hair effect, owners can give the cat a proper amount of lecithin to try.

       How long has the owner not given the cat a bath? If the cat does not bathe for a long time, it will be stratified. Moreover, if the cat is too fat, the hair will be stratified. This is a small problem. It is suggested that the cat should be bathed once a month, and the comb should be used to comb the cat’s hair.

       If cats want to eat more lecithin, it is recommended that cats eat more lecithin.

       There is also the case that the cat is not clean enough. Generally, the hair will be layered after 2-3 days of bathing. Give the cat a bath gel and wash it as long as possible.

       A cat’s hair grows well before it becomes fluffy and beautiful. Because the well-developed cat’s hair is thick and has a lot of hair, it will naturally be covered with more hair. If the cat’s hair is not covered, and want to make the cat’s hair fluffy, it is necessary to pay attention to the diet for the cat to supplement nutrition, usually also need to do a good job in the maintenance of hair, cat hair will grow well, become fluffy. Can also give the cat lecithin nutrition granules, promote hair growth, prevent skin diseases.

       1: Pay attention to reasonable diet

       Cat hair growth needs adequate protein, vitamin E, vitamin D and other nutrients. The nutrition of cat’s hair comes from the daily diet. If you want the hair to grow well, you should add nutrition to the hair. You can eat some food that is good for the hair, such as egg yolk, salmon and carrots. Supplement hair needs a variety of nutrients, diet should be reasonable, the cat’s hair will be more and more shiny.

       2: Comb your hair regularly and get in the sun

       Cat’s hair care should pay attention to the daily comb, if not often help cat hair, hair is easy to form a ball, it will not fluffy up. You can use a special pet comb to help your cat comb its hair every day. The hair will become smooth and helpful to the growth of hair. In addition to combing hair, but also more sun, the sun is more conducive to the secretion of skin oil, hair will be more and more shiny.

       3: Pay attention to the health of skin

       The amount of hair will become fluffy. Pay attention to the health of the skin when caring for the hair. Otherwise, if the skin has skin problems, the cat will lose hair seriously, and the hair will not become fluffy. Skin health should pay attention to regular cleaning of hair, but also often to the cat in vitro deworming line.

       If the owner has time, he can take the cat to bask in the sun, which can promote the cat’s blood circulation. The pet owner should guide the cat to exercise reasonably at home to promote the blood circulation of the body, so as to better promote the health and growth of the hair. At the same time, it can also promote the metabolism of the cat, so that the cat can digest food better.

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