The harm of cat litter – can cats sleep with litter

       1. Prepare clean litter and litter basin. After the cat is convenient in the basin, it should be cleaned up in time, because cats and cats are very clean animals. Although the poop will be buried with litter after defecation, the cat will not like it, which will make it convenient to go to other places. So be sure to keep the litter basin clean.

       2. If you find that the cat has defecation intention, you should immediately put it in the designated litter basin, and let it defecate in it. When the cat defecates in the litter basin, you can praise him with a gentle tone. Although he can’t understand what we say, the praise and gentle tone can be heard and praised, which is helpful to the formation of good habits.

       3. If you find that the cat poops in the wrong place, you should immediately catch him, catch him in time, yell at him, or spray his face with a small watering pot filled with water to punish him. However, it is not recommended to hit the cat because the effect is not good and it will arouse their rebellious psychology.

       4. After that, he put his poop in the litter basin prepared for him. Then he took the cat and asked him to smell his own stool. He grasped one of her front paws and taught him to bury the stool. After several times of repetition, the cat could remember the place and procedure of defecation.

       5. Cat litter basin must be fixed in a place, do not change to change, remember.

       6. Once the cat’s wrong stool must be cleaned up in time, if there is residual smell, there is a risk of repeating the same mistake. And because cats smell twice as much as humans, maybe we can

       Think it’s no smell, and the cat can smell it, so you can use deodorant to clean up the spoilage. Deodorant is common in pet stores, and it’s not expensive. If you can’t buy it, you can wipe it with 84 disinfectant diluted with water in proportion, or spray toilet water to cover the smell

       I hope you can help.

       To see the litter basin, some cats are easy to get sick, so a clean rest area is very important for them. I bought a cat litter basin in Netease yanxuan. After stepping on the pedal, the sand can be recycled automatically to keep the litter basin clean and hygienic, as well as deodorization function. After using this, my cat spent more time sleeping in the litter basin than in its nest. Convenient and practical, the room will no longer be messy or smelly.

       The ingredients of modern cat litter, when our life gets better and the cat officially upgrades the owner, the peripheral products for keeping cats become more and more professional. Cat litter is one of them. Now there are basically two kinds of cat litter, one is agglomerated and expanded, and the other is slagging after encountering water. The materials used in cat litter are basically green. If it is necessary to say that cat litter has any harm to human body, it may be that some cat litter will produce dust and the peculiar smell produced by mixing it with cat’s feces

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