The kitten died suddenly without symptoms

       The sudden death of a cat without symptoms may be caused by poisoning, allergy or cat plague. The owner should pay more attention to the cat’s mental state.

       1. Virus infection (cat plague)

       Feline plague, also known as feline panleukopenia and feline infectious enteritis, is an acute high contact infectious disease of cats. Most of the clinical manifestations were sudden fever, intractable vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, circulatory disorders, and the mortality rate was almost 90%. Although leukopenia may have diarrhea, bloody stool and other symptoms first appear, but it may be only a few days from onset to death. Fortunately, there are vaccines that can be used now, and the preventive effect is quite good. We must not think that cats don’t get vaccinated if they don’t go out. Cat parvovirus is very small and light. It can be transmitted by air and can survive in the environment for half a year. Therefore, it is most important to vaccinate every year.

       2. Poisoning or allergy:

       Many human foods can be fatal to cats. For example, onions can destroy red blood cells, cause anemia and even death. Chocolate can poison cats. Human milk can cause diarrhea. There are raisins, saffron, avocado and so on. These human foods can be fatal to cats.

       3. Parasites:

       Ticks, commonly known as grasshoppers, dogbeans, ticks, ticks, etc., are a kind of common ectoparasites parasitic on the surface of animals. In addition to direct damage and blood sucking on the surface of dogs, cats and all kinds of animals, it often becomes the disseminator of many important infectious and parasitic diseases. The neurotoxin secreted can cause nerve conduction dysfunction in dogs and cats and cause paralysis.

       Some time ago, there were always news reports that tick infection caused human death, which made people scared, and ticks also entered the field of vision of people’s attention. Ticks also parasitize cats. If the cat is found to be infested with ticks, you must go to the pet hospital for treatment. If you insist on catching the ticks, the mouthparts of ticks will stay in the cat and cause harm. In life, we must always pay attention to avoid CAT activities and feeding on the lawn. The environment where cats live is disinfected and cleaned regularly. Summer is a high incidence period of ticks, pet once a month in vitro deworming.

       4. Heartworm:

       Heartworm disease is a serious and fatal parasitic disease in pets. Heartworm is a kind of parasite several inches long. It can parasite on the heart, lung and blood vessels of pets, causing heart and lung vascular obstruction and infection, leading to severe cardiopulmonary failure and even serious damage to other organs of the body. Cats are infected by mosquitoes that contain heartworm larvae, which travel through subcutaneous lymph or blood circulation to the heart and great vessels. And develop into adult here. Mothers of cats may also transmit heartworm larvae to their fetuses through the placenta.

       After the cat dies, the body needs to be treated properly.

       So how to prevent cats from developing heart problems?

       In recent years, domestic cat food brands are getting better and better, and there are fewer and fewer unscrupulous merchants. Among them, the outstanding one is the cat food with super high repurchase rate, namely, cat Dasheng.

       It mainly focuses on “natural”, “low sensitivity” and “beautiful hair”. Compared with a large number of ingredients in some products, the ingredients of cat Dasheng are very simple and clear. If it is made of meat and protein, it can fully meet the nutritional needs of cats. Nature is the core of their cat food! You don’t have to worry about a cat with a black chin. Even the cat’s tear marks can be greatly improved.

       So you shovel excrement officials, must take good care of your cat, because you will always be its world!

       In our life, we should take good care of the cat, and don’t let it suffer from diseases and accidents

       1¡¢ Obesity

       According to the clinical statistics of pet hospital, about 1 / 3 of pets are overweight, and the heart disease of cats is related to obesity and aging, which is the main cause of death. The reason for obesity is that the owner feeds high calorie food in order to please the pet, and the pet owner can give small space for activities, and the amount of exercise is obviously insufficient; it may also be other physiological or psychological reasons, such as insufficient thyroxine secretion, behavioral changes, etc. If the secretion of thyroid hormone is insufficient, trace elements can be supplemented, among which iodine helps to form thyroid hormone, which can reduce obesity.

       For owners, how can we better judge whether their cats have reached the standard of obesity. First of all, the owner can touch the cat’s ribs with his hand. If there is no clear sense of hierarchy, he can’t touch it at all, that is, the cat is obviously obese. At the same time, the owner can also stand behind the cat, press his hands and thumbs on the midline of his back spine, other fingers on the ribs, hands sliding back and forth, if you feel the fat layer on the edge of the ribs, and there is obvious fat accumulation in the groove, it shows that the cat has suffered from obesity, and should understand the beginning of weight loss.

       Fat cats are also associated with diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, bone deformity and so on. Obese cats must lose weight, and the principle and method of weight loss are similar to that of human beings. Reduce the intake of calories and fat, more promote the body to store fat and calorie consumption. And the most practical way to lose weight is still a reasonable diet and a lot of exercise.

       Fat cats should lose weight and be treated in time

       2¡¢ Accidents

       Cats have a strong curiosity and love to explore places. The common fatal accidents in clinic are car accident, falling from height, crush injury by heavy objects, electric shock, heatstroke, food poisoning, poisonous snake, poisonous bee bite and chemical poisoning. Heatstroke is the most easily overlooked cause of death. When the outside world becomes hot and humid, the cat’s body temperature rises and metabolism becomes faster, resulting in brain hemorrhage and hematoma due to insufficient blood flow of * * and * *, and then epilepsy, tremor and coma will occur, with a very high mortality rate. It is suggested that cats should be kept in a cool place in summer, keep the environment ventilated, avoid staying in the closed and high temperature car, properly feed fresh vegetables and lactic acid bacteria, amino acids, bioactive peptides, small peptides, etc., and prepare enough clean drinking water to maintain the normal body function of cats.

       3¡¢ * question

       Acute renal failure may be caused by acute kidney failure or polyuria in cats.

       The terrifying nature of cat disease lies in its concealment. When it is discovered, the functional damage of cat has exceeded 75%. Therefore, if the cat has hematuria, micturition habits change, urine volume reduction, dysuria or abnormal urine color, etc., it should be treated immediately. One kind of cat health care products is lecithin powder, which can promote the regeneration of liver cells, prevent and treat gallstones and kidney stones. It has diuretic effect, can promote the excretion of cell waste and urine, and is beneficial to protect the function of cat.

       4¡¢ Blood parasitism

       Scorcherosis is the most serious cause of death in cats caused by blood parasites. Pyrozoonosis is a blood parasitic disease transmitted by ticks (ticks) and is a protozoan that can be seen with a microscope. The parasites parasitize in the red blood cells of cats, destroy the red blood cells, cause hemolysis and serious anemia. The common prevention methods include regular use of flea drops or external parasite sprays to repel ticks (ticks) from pets. Ticks should not be ignored. In addition to transmitting scorcherosis, it also spreads zoonotic Lyme disease. In addition, the neurotoxin secreted by tick bites may be fatal to cats and humans.

       5¡¢ Diabetes

       Cat diabetes often occurs in male sterilized cats over 8 years old. They eat more and lack exercise, so they are most likely to suffer from the disease. In comparison, the probability of male cats suffering from diabetes is about twice as high as that of female cats. If adult cats weigh more than 5 kg, the risk of diabetes will increase by 11%. In addition, the risk of some species of cats is higher than that of other cats.

       Is it possible for a cat to get a cat out of nothing? Is it possible for a cat to get a cat plague out of nothing

       Cat plague is a kind of contact infectious disease. Only when cats are exposed to cat plague virus, cats will be infected with cat plague virus, and show corresponding clinical symptoms, such as loss of appetite, depression, vomiting, diarrhea, etc., and need to go to the hospital as soon as possible.

       The sick cat is depressed and anorexia. Vomit disease is initially food and then yellow green gastric juice. Clinically, it is stubborn vomiting. Diarrhea usually occurs after 3-4 days of the course of disease, with blood in the later stage. It is brown, dehydrated and sunken eyeballs. Clinically, it is characterized by high fever, vomiting, diarrhea, diarrhea, and leucopenia in the circulating blood. The first fever of the disease was about 40 ¡æ, which dropped to normal temperature within 24 hours, and then rose again to about 40 ¡æ after 2-3 days.

       It’s not that if cats don’t go out, they won’t get cat plague. On the one hand, there may be cat plague virus in the environment, and on the other hand, the owners will also bring the virus home. Therefore, it is not to say that if cats don’t go out, they won’t get cat plague. It is suggested that they should be vaccinated every year. Feline plague, also known as feline panleukopenia, is a highly contagious disease of cats and felines.

       Is it possible for a cat to get cat plague out of thin air

       Poor cat. My family has a cat. Some time ago, it was the symptom. The doctor also said that it might be feline fever. He also said that it might have been exposed to wild cats. He told me that vaccination was a more effective way, but there was no time and it was expensive, and it would not necessarily be good. So he took it home. Cat plague is transmitted, so it is necessary to prevent contact with strange animals. If there are pets at home, owners should try to avoid touching other animals. Most of the time, cats get sick because of the germs brought back by their owners when they go out. The role of vaccines is to have a certain resistance to infectious diseases, which can not be completely eliminated.

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