The kitten is thin but energetic – my kitten is suddenly thin but can eat

       Don’t be so harmful to the people upstairs. The owner, the animal lover, the kitten he keeps is just like his relatives. Oh, I also have pets. I treat them very well, just like my own children. The landlord may have chosen the wrong section when asking questions. Don’t say so. A little more tolerance will be good for you~~~~~~~~~~

       How old is the kitten, three months old or anorexia three months old? Is it a male or a female? Could it be that the estrus is up? Oh, I don’t understand very well. My kitten is a male cat. He eats fish in the river and has a good mouth. Is there a vet near home? Let’s see if you’re sick. Or do you want your other half to breathe~~~~~~~

       Well, it’s right upstairs. It may be caused by parasites. You can consider deworming. What’s more, the cat is still small and growing body. What it eats is that it grows into bones first and then it grows into flesh. Generally, a cat will gain weight only when it is not grown up in adulthood.

       In addition, if the cat can not be guaranteed to feed 3-4 times a day, it is not recommended to feed the cat regularly, especially the kitten. A man’s year is five years of an adult cat. A kitten’s first year is equivalent to a person’s 18 years old. Two meals a day are equivalent to two meals in five days. Cats eat very little at a time and eat many times. (describe a person to eat less, not all said to eat cat food, ha ha) two meals a day fixed fixed fixed quantity, easy to lead to cat overeating, will hurt the spleen and stomach.

       It is suggested to eat freely ~ kittens are growing up to lay a solid foundation for their whole life’s health. This is just like children’s growth and development period without enough nutrition intake, which will have an impact on the future system, such as small size, poor physical resistance, weak physique, etc. Not to be ignored~

       I wish you and your cat happiness ~ Bayer do not need to fast, water, can eat. Look at how many kilograms of weight to eat a piece, you can count how much to eat for the cat~

       The medicine is given in tablets. The left thumb and index finger go down from the top of the nose to the side corner of the mouth. When the thumb and index finger of the right hand hold the medicine and reach in and up from the front of the cat’s mouth, let the cat look up. When the position of the thumb and index finger of the right hand can be seen from the throat, let go of the hand and put the medicine on the base of the cat’s tongue and close the cat’s mouth I swallowed it myself. Move faster~

       Looking at the sky shows that cats are very delicate now

       My family used to have so many cats. Which cat didn’t eat our leftovers and bring fish here

       Which one is not glossy and supple

       It’s tiring to keep a cat like this. People are tired and cats are tired. It’s better to let go of freedom and let him go to play. He wants to eat god horse and eat god horse

       If you want to eat fish, you can eat fish. If you want to play with mice, you can play with mice. How nice and happy you are

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