The kitten kicked me a few times – what should I do if the kitten was biting me all the time?

       It should not be beaten. If a cat makes a mistake, it can frighten and act as if it wants to fight, but it can’t really fight.

       At the beginning, kittens will have the habit of urinating. The strangers in the family, including those who deliver express delivery, or other conditions that make it feel uneasy, may urinate outside. Also, if you don’t clean the litter basin in time, the kitten thinks it’s dirty inside and may go outside to urinate.

       In addition, the cat is very smart, sometimes through this way to tell the owner that his digestive system or urinary system is sick, causing the owner’s attention, if so, you should take the cat to the hospital.

       He is still afraid. I suggest you don’t pay special attention to him. The more you stare at him, the more nervous he is. Leave him something delicious to drink and let him slowly put it down. If you look at him, just say a word or two to him, and then leave without looking at it all the time. This process may take a day or two. Don’t worry. The kitten won’t die of hunger for a day or two.

       Cats are animals with a strong sense of territory. If your kitten has just arrived in a new environment or feels that its territory has been invaded, it is likely to cause its mental tension and discomfort. The most direct manifestation is to become very fierce.

       With the kitten slowly adapt to the new environment and new partners, plus your company and care, after a period of time the kitten will not be so fierce.

       I wanted to say that this situation is of course sent to the pet clinic immediately! But look at your tone, it is estimated that there is no hope. If you have the heart, do something as far as possible to do to relieve pain and inflammation. Try to let him eat some nutritious and supplement calcium. After all, it’s your own cat. It’s more painful. Although the cat has certain self-healing ability, it can’t be hurt wantonly. You can build a nest for it. When there are many people, the cat can stay in the nest. The cat is very smart, so it’s not easy for the guests to hurt him, right?