The kitten suddenly couldn’t open its eyes

       Is it sticky? Just wipe it off. My cat is red, too

       I was afraid at the beginning, but I can sleep well. It doesn’t matter if you are afraid, take some medicine

       Ouch ~ ~ ~ ~ my cat is lost. I don’t know if it’s run away or if it’s caught. Will there be any accident

       I always dream that she is so sad

       By the way, please tell LZ to run well. If you run away, you will come back for a long time. Some will not come back at all. Ha ha

       LZ, let’s see if baby’s eyes are red or not?

       Or are tears and eye droppings increasing?

       Should be inflamed, go to the pet shop to ask what medicine is good.

       Don’t go to the irregular pet hospital, because they won’t let the baby all at once

       Pet shop owners have raised experience, will give you advice~

       I hope it can help you~

       I used chloramphenicol eye drops to my meow, and it was all right in about a week (in fact, it was better the next day, I didn’t trust to drop it for a few more days). You can try to see the effect of the next two days. If it still can’t be opened, it is recommended to go to the hospital.

       p. I don’t know how small the owner’s kitten is. If it’s a very small meow (just learning to open its eyes), it may be that it’s not strong enough to open its eyes. It’s tired to open its eyes and has not adapted to it, so it’s closed again. After a period of time, it will be fine if it adapts to it.

       The reason for the different constitution of cats? Is your cat eating too well…. = =

       Use a cotton swab and warm water to wipe the eye excrement. If it is serious, it should be pus, and there will be some in the eye,

       Lift the kitten from the neck, it will not move, and then the eyes open, cotton swab gently turn, you can

       Wipe the pus off the eyeball….

       Then change to a cotton swab, dip a little erythromycin ointment, gently rub it around the eye socket, do not rub it into the eye,

       After 3-4 hours, it will be covered with eye excrement again. Continue to use the above method, and at the same time, give the kitten more water,

       If the situation is serious, you can add some anti-inflammatory drugs in the water, and wipe it for 1 or 2 days.

       Remember not to drop eye drops.

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