The kitten’s nose is red – the kitten’s nose is red, hot and dry

       How big a kitten, no other symptoms, cat nose dry is not a good thing, you this symptom is not easy to judge, first don’t blindly take medicine, summer favorite is heatstroke and enteritis, you are observing other symptoms, let him stay in a cool place, about 27 degrees on line, to ensure adequate water, the best to eat cat food in summer, do not eat indiscriminately, love sick, if there are other Check the abnormality

       When the cat’s nose is hot and the cat’s nose is red, it may even cause the cat’s nose to become hot and puffy.

       First aid for red nose of cat

       1. The owner should cool the cat and replenish water as soon as possible. The owner should master certain first-aid methods to prevent the cat from danger.

       2. If the cat is slightly heatstroke, first of all, reduce the temperature of the cat’s space as soon as possible.

       3. If it is outdoors, move to a shady place as soon as possible, and then wipe the cat’s body with a wet towel to promote the heat in the body, and put the wet towel on the cat’s head.

       4. To speed up the relief of brain congestion. If the cat’s temperature rises, immerse the cat in warm water. When the temperature drops to about 39-40 degrees, take the cat out and maintain its temperature.

       5. After the recovery of the cat spirit, let it drink some water to replenish water, so as to avoid dehydration. At ordinary times, the owner can prevent the cat from heatstroke through the above methods.

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