The kitty keeps barking very loud – what’s the matter with the kitten constantly barking

       There may be several reasons for calling: 1. Hunger / thirst; 2. Loneliness / insecurity / missing mom; 3. Cold / uncomfortable somewhere in the body. When a little guy starts to live independently, he will feel afraid of his new environment and miss his mother and his original home. You can often touch him, hug him, let him know you can trust, slowly will be good. If he is the only one, I suggest you put him to sleep beside you to reduce his loneliness. But sometimes there will be other reasons for calling, so you need to speculate more:) this life will not change

       The reason why kittens are always barking: they are in the special period of estrus;

       Sick body pain;

       Scared and so on.

       The call of a cat in estrus is inevitable. This is a long physiological reaction of cats. Under normal circumstances, cats will have estrus twice a year, and appear in spring and autumn. The cat will “spring” when it is in estrus, and it also barks fiercely at night. There is no way to avoid this normal physiological reaction, and it should not be forced to stop.

       Whenever at this time, parents should be more tolerant to the cat, about the cat spring should also be patient with patience. Because, when the cat’s oestrus is over, the behavior of barking will gradually disappear.

       If the cat doesn’t yell because of the heat, you should find out why the cat calls first. For example, carefully examine the cat’s body and touch it with both hands to see if there is any injury or fracture. Also, think about whether the cat has been frightened. To determine the cause of the cat yelling.

       If it is because of physical pain and shouting, then send to the hospital for examination and treatment is necessary. If it is because of being frightened and yelling, then the growth of the cat need to give more comfort and encouragement. Give the cat more security, so that it can feel at ease, and do not shout casually.

       You put the rice porridge + the cheapest ham sausage + a cooked egg yolk (broken), and put these three together. See if it eats. And don’t let it freeze at night. Good people in the end, you’d better hold it to sleep. The above things, if it does not eat, we are in contact. By the way, how many days have you found it?

       1¡¢ The issue of oestrus

       If the cat only occasionally calls twice, it will not affect the owner’s normal sleep. However, if the cat calls frequently, the first reaction of many owners is “whether the cat is in estrus”. It’s true that cats in estrus can make a lot of people feel “horrible” in the middle of the night. Some people describe their calls as if they have a firm “must find a partner”. Even if you don’t have a cat, you may have learned the power of howling in the middle of the night.

       2¡¢ Living habits

       The cat itself belongs to the animals that ambush in the daytime and emerge at night. In addition, many owners are office workers who work in the daytime. Therefore, cats who have nothing to do during the day will recuperate by sleeping and so on. At night, they will become real night owls. As the owner may not be able to play with the cat for long after work, some lively cats will continue to enjoy their own night life after their owners sleep. Maybe the cat just wants the owner to play with them.

       3¡¢ Food and water issues

       Some cats may eat or drink in the middle of the night. If they find that there is no food or water in the basin, they may call to remind their owners to “give me something to eat / water”. The owner can check whether there is food and water in the cat’s food basin and water basin before going to bed. If not, you can give some more food and water. However, there is a point that needs special attention of owners. Some cats may not be suitable for continuous food maintenance.

       4¡¢ There’s interference at home

       Sometimes a new object or a new pet at home, or even a small animal you rescued on the way, can arouse the cat’s great curiosity. A cat who is bored at home during the day will naturally be very excited. Even if it doesn’t cry from time to time, it will make the table tennis sound at home. At this point, the best way is to isolate them completely.

       5¡¢ Injury or illness

       Injuries and illness may also be the reason why cats call in the middle of the night. If there are some unexpected situations in the cat’s night, it is a very difficult problem for the owner. Because there are not many pet hospitals open 24 hours a day, the owner may not be able to take the cat to the pet hospital for diagnosis and treatment at the first time.

       Reference: Baidu Encyclopedia entry cat

       1. Hunger

       It may not be surprising that cats sometimes meow when they are hungry. To some extent, this behavior is normal; your cat may meow moderately when you open their food can. (I’m sure) however, if they suddenly are at dinner, or meow all day long, take them to a veterinarian to make sure their health doesn’t change.

       2. Attention

       Another reason your cat meows is not surprising to get attention. If your cats are bored or lonely, they may meow, so pay attention to them. If this happens, don’t compromise when they meow, but offer more entertainment throughout the day. Buy or make some exciting toys and make sure you spend time with them every day.

       3. Pressure

       Stressed cats are likely to express their stress out loud. Has your life (and your cat) changed a lot recently? For example, a new lover, a new pet? Cats are sensitive to change and feel stressed in new situations. If you suspect your cat is stressed by recent changes, give them a lot of love, attention and quiet one-on-one time to help ease their anxiety.

       4. Aging

       Like humans, cats are confused with age. If you have an old cat that starts meowing, take them to the vet. Veterinarians can prescribe medications to help cats with confusion or disorientation.

       5. Desire to reproduce (if not sterilized)

       If your cat is not sterilized, they may howl during estrus or when they smell a female (male). If your cat is not sterilized, take them to the pet hospital for a small operation, which is also very good for it.

       Extended data:

       Be sure to take your cat to the veterinarian when there are significant behavioral changes, such as sudden excessive meow. Veterinarians will rule out diseases and disorders and help you on the path to cure your cat.

       Don’t punish your cat for meowing. It works, and it makes your cat distrust you. And don’t give up. If your cat meows for food or attention, you’ll get information from them, they’ll know it works, and then you’ll be stuck in the meowing cycle for the rest of your life. When you have any questions, be sure to combine the actual observation, if you can not find the reason, consult the veterinarian. Also, be sure to show your cat your love and patience.

       It should be estrus. The cat will be in heat from the winter solstice to the autumn equinox of the next year. Only the oestrus female cat can bark, and pregnancy will not

       The female cat has the following symptoms in estrus: unusual intimacy behavior, loud and continuous howling, limbs separated and lying on the ground in a receptive posture, rubbing her body against the surface of people and objects, increasing the frequency of urination. She will start to howl and roll around one or two days before she is fully in estrus. When she starts to press her body on the ground and curl her back up, If the cat is ready for estrus

       The estrus of a female cat usually lasts three to four days. If she goes out and becomes pregnant with a male cat, she will not cry again. If she is not pregnant or not, she will howl again in about ten days

       A cat is a very sensitive animal. He will be abnormal if he is frightened a little. Your cat is in estrus. It may have a stomachache, and then it will give birth to a kitten or dystocia. If it’s not, you can observe it for a long time. During this period, you may not see her in the daytime and hide in the dark. In the evening, I will come out to find something to eat. I can control the amount of food I eat. I will see if my defecation is abnormal. If it gets better in a few days, it’s OK. It’s just scared (and there’s no trauma). If it doesn’t get better, you have to see if there’s internal injury. Go to the pet hospital to have a look! Thank you. I hope I can help you!

       The baby cat has no sense of security when it comes to the new environment.

       Methods of appeasement:

       1. Play with Kitty toys.

       2. Touch it more, feed it regularly, and express your affection and love for it.

       3. Talk to it, interact with it, give it time to adapt to the new environment.

       It’s normal for a cat to bark. If you feel noisy, you can buy a batch of sound proof earplugs and plug two of them. If your neighbor has any complaints, you can send him two. It’s good to wait for the cat’s mood to be pacified.

       Extended data:

       Body language of cats:

       1. When the cat’s abdomen is upward, sometimes its tail will stand up, which not only means that the kitten hopes that the female cat will lick and wipe its buttocks, but also act coquettishly. When the cat is in a good mood, the eyes will be half narrowed, the ears will be slightly tilted, and the tail will be relaxed, and the soles of the feet will be gently rubbed up and down, and no special gaze will be given to anything. When a trusted person holds him to his lap, he wags his tail slowly to show that he is completely carefree.

       2. If the cat rolls on the ground or lies down with its weakest abdomen facing upward, it means that it trusts the people around it, just don’t touch its belly.

       3. If something catches the cat’s attention, it pricks its ears to receive information, stares to focus on a possible threat or prey, then stops to assess the opponent but remains alert. When the cat is extremely frightened or angry, its tail swings rapidly from side to side, ears flat, tongue arched, pupil dilated, mouth exposed, teeth exposed, whiskers tilted forward, making a fierce hissing sound to intimidate the enemy. If it wants to escape, it will bluff. Bow your back, raise your hair and support your body with your tail in an attempt to scare off your opponent.

       4. When the cat’s tail flicks in a confused state, it indicates that he is thinking, which is likely to become the above situation in a short time. If the cat is nervous, it will drop its tail and relax its fur.

       5. Cats can also feel sad, but unlike humans, they can cry. Different cats have different calls, not just one. If the cat tears, it is usually due to pain or eye disease.

       Reference: Baidu Encyclopedia – cat life habits

       1. Young cats are different from adult cats

       Generally, when a cat has reached the stage of estrus, it can be sterilized. This basically can effectively solve the problem of continuous barking. However, for kittens, it is not caused by estrus, so we must be careful.

       2. Not familiar with the environment

       When cats come to a new environment, they will cry all the time because of the strange feeling. At this time, the owner plays an important role. We must not treat them impatiently. The kittens are not intentional. This will be an important time to cultivate each other’s feelings!

       3. Treat it carefully

       First of all, it is basic to prepare perfect eating tools. Then, we should take it to understand the new environment, mainly the location of drinking water, food and cat litter. When it calls, we can hold it up and pacify it. We can also prepare some toys. After a long time, the situation will improve.

       4. Maybe I was sick

       There is also a more special situation, that is, the kitten is sick, the owner must carefully observe, if the cat’s call is dispirited, and it seems that the cat’s state is not very good, it may be sick, so it should be sent to a doctor for examination, so as not to cause life danger.

       How to eliminate cat tension

       1. Give it a little space

       When a cat first arrives at this new home, it will be in a tense state because of its strangeness, and it will appear very timid. However, after a period of time, it will be less timid if it contacts with people more. Therefore, it is necessary to give it some space and time to adapt.

       2. What does the master do

       The owner can touch it gently, touch its head gently, talk to it gently, and fix a time every day for such interaction. After a long time, the cat will be willing to believe you. To get the trust of the cat, you must pay a certain amount of patience.

       3. You can use temptation

       For the nervous feeling of the kitten, you can start from the temptation, you can prepare a big meal, when it eats selfless, you can gently touch its head at this time, must be gentle, do not frighten it!

       Extended data

       The sound of a cat can not only convey information, but also express feelings. Therefore, the owner can read it and communicate with it through observation and judgment. There are many kinds of cats. Some have poor mouths and some love them. They can’t be generalized. If we want to get along with them for a long time, we can understand every word of them.

       Families with cats will notice that cats often purr, and even owners say that they can understand what the cat is doing by snoring. In fact, when a cat asks for something, it purrs differently than when it doesn’t. When a cat asks for it, it has a special peak, similar to the frequency of human crying.

       In the night of estrus, a cat will make a terrible sound, which is like crying. It’s hard to see that it comes from such a small animal at the high volume. Sometimes it’s more frightening than crying, with a long sound, which makes people feel creepy in densely populated cities.

       Reference: Baidu Encyclopedia – Cat

       There are four situations:

       1. It’s a demand for food, for companions, for mothers, for care. The same is true of newborn dogs and kittens.

       2. Because they are afraid to use sound to explore the world that they still know nothing about.

       3. The kitten that is born will bark all the time, is to adjust its own physical condition to adapt to the environment, which is a kind of reaction.

       4. It may be that they are not full. The kitten suggests eating less and more meals, and feeding five or six times a day.

       Extended data:

       How to take care of baby kittens:

       1. Keep warm, whether it is a domestic or picked up baby cat, the first thing to do is to help it keep warm, because kittens less than four weeks can not self regulate their body temperature, there is no external warmth.

       Kittens are prone to hypothermia, while hypothermia kittens’ intestines and stomachs will stop working. They will not only be unable to digest food, but also easily die of diarrhea or freeze to death within hours.

       No matter what method is adopted to keep the kitten warm, the final effect is to keep the temperature of the kitten constant at 38 ¡æ – 39.5 ¡æ. It can not be too cold or too hot.

       2. Observation. The common problems of baby cats are feline plague, hypothermia, diarrhea, dehydration and hypoglycemia, but not fatal, but also need to pay attention to feline ringworm and constipation.

       Cat plague: symptoms are high fever, vomiting, and later diarrhea. Hypothermia: the body temperature of a normal baby cat has been mentioned in the heat preservation step. The feeling of touching with hands is warmer than that of the human body. The hypothermia kitten can feel that it is obviously colder by touching it.

       Reference: cat Baidu Encyclopedia

       The baby cat has just come to a strange environment, and its sense of security is relatively low, which is also a challenge to its physical condition. In the past, she was more familiar with her mother and had a sense of security. Now she comes to a strange environment, everything is new for her, so she will cry.

       We can take such a way to pacify the kitten: give it a cat’s nest, try to be smaller, too large a cat’s nest will make it feel more pressure, or give it a small carton. Accompany with the kitten and talk to it for a while. Although it can’t understand, the kitten can feel peace from your expression, tone and intonation, so that its tension will gradually reduce.

       Extended data:

       As soon as the kitten gets home, the excrement shoveling officer will let the cat sleep with him in the same room, that is to put his nest beside the bed so that the kitten can see people at any time. Then gently stroking its head or body, coax it to sleep, when it is asleep will not cry. It should be noted that the inside of the cat’s nest should be kept warm. Fill it with hot water in a sealed heat-resistant glass bottle and wrap it in an old dress, or put it under the cat’s blanket.

       This is to simulate the kitten’s temperature in the cat’s mother’s side, so that it has the illusion that it is still at her mother’s side. Although cats are active during the day, they tend to be nocturnal. That’s why we have the name “night owl”. This habit of night activity of a cat is related to its habits over the years. Therefore, even if cats live with people, their nocturnal behavior can not be changed immediately.

       In particular, cats who have enough rest during the day will have better spirits at night. In order to consume these energies, cats will amuse themselves and find some interesting things to do. Jumping around the room, playing toys, of course, in the process of playing, the cat can not help making some sounds, and these noises will easily affect the normal rest of family members, but also may affect the normal rest of neighbors.

       Why do cats like to bark at night

       All mammals have this habit: puppies, kittens, human children, newborn dogs, kittens, human children, are always crying and crying all the time. If there are no congenital physical defects and symptoms of discomfort, there are generally the following reasons:

       1. Demand: for example, in addition to sleeping, most of the newly born men cry when they wake up. Once the bottle and nipple are put into their mouth, they will not cry. It’s a demand for food, for companions, for mothers, for care. The same is true of newborn dogs and kittens.

       2. Call: because they are afraid to use sound to find out the world they still know nothing about. If they get the response from their peers, this situation will be reduced. If there is a female cat nearby, the female cat will go to comfort it.

       3. Regulation: the newborn kitten and puppies will bark all the time. It is a kind of reaction that the kitten adjusts its own physical condition to adapt to the environment while breathing the air. This is just like the first cry of human being born. It is not crying, but the sound of vocal cord vibration. It will stop when it is adapted to the external environment, but if it still calls all the time, it may be caused by other reasons.

       4. Cold: because it takes a long time for the body hair of cats and dogs to mature, and the warm keeping of kittens mainly depends on their companions and female cats for warmth. If you feel the cold, the kitten will keep calling because of the.

       5. Just weaned: just let it get used to it.