The longest lived rodent – how long does a mouse live

       It’s a little more than two years, but according to the experiment of American scientists, the life span of timid mice is shorter than that of bold mice. The average life span of timid mice is 599 days, while that of brave mice is 701 days. It’s hard to say, it depends on the mood of cats. Between 3-3.5 years. In general, males live longer than females, and females that have not given birth live longer than males.

       No nonsense. The best one to keep is the third line hamster. According to the information, the longest life-span hamster is roborovsky hamster. There are two species of hamster, husband and mother-in-law, with a life span of 3.5 years. But to be honest, I don’t recommend you to keep it. You are still a novice. You should buy a third line hamster to practice. If it is not specified in the scope of hamster, chinchilla or guinea pig will do , but it’s very expensive, and it’s not easy to serve. It’s still highly recommended to use the third line.

       I’d like to recommend that the third line rat can live for two years,

       It is the easiest and most intimate hamster among the small hamsters.

       Don’t give it food for people. Feed it rat food,

       Occasionally feed vegetables and fruits (not too much or diarrhea)

       It can’t be bathed with water

       Specific information.

       Chinese Name: Cricetulus trifasciatus

       Common names and nicknames: jiakalia hamster, xiaohuiba, xiaoyinhu, xiaoziwang

       English Name: Dwarf Winter White Russian Hamster, Djungarian hamster

       Latin scientific name: Phodopus sungoris sungori

       Reproduction mode: viviparous

       Geographical distribution: Eastern Kazakh province of the former Soviet Union and southwest Siberia

       The habit of gacaria hamster is the easiest to raise and the easiest to get close to among the small hamsters.

       Body size and weight: male 35-45g / female 30-40g; body length: male 7-12cm / female 6-11cm


       The sexual maturity cycle was 6-8 weeks in male and 4-8 weeks in female

       The pregnancy cycle was 18-25 days

       The number of births per fetus was 1-10

       All year round

       The birth weight is about 2G

       The weaning period was 20-25 days

       The life cycle is 1.5-2 years

       The most common coat color of the gargarian hamster is dark gray with three black lines on its back and white on its abdomen. The actual meaning of winter white is that the coat color will change from gray to white in winter, and the same kind of xiaohuiba, Yinhu and xiaoziwang will not change in winter

       Besides Rattus norvegicus, Rattus flavipectus, Mus musculus and Rattus Aquarius, the most common rodents are nestles, voles, gerbils, hamsters, jerboas, muskrats, Zokors, etc. the largest rodents in the world are American hamsters, which are as big as cats. The smallest rats are jerboas in Balkhash Lake area of Russia As small as a thimble, its five toes can only be seen under a microscope. The longest life span of the groundhog is 15-20 years.

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