The male cat goes in and the female cat yells – how to distinguish the male and female’s calls?

       Generally, it sounds almost the same, but if you carefully distinguish it, you will find that I think the calls of male cats are more stable and pleasant, and there won’t be too big ups and downs. However, female cats are different. Usually, female cats are very gentle in front of people, and their calls are relatively light. However, when the female cats are in estrus, their calls will be particularly frightening and sonorous. In addition, when the cat and the child call, they will also call

       Different species of male and female cats together will not affect the female’s estrus

       Short haired female cats are in estrus at 8-10 months old, short haired cats are in estrus at 10-12 months old, while long hair cats are in estrus again two months later

       According to the custom of wild cats, the estrus of cats usually occurs after the winter solstice to the autumn equinox of the following year. The estrus of cats is related to the light and climate. Although the sensitivity of domestic cats to light and temperature is a little less than that of cats in the wild, they will be in heat all the year round, but after all, there are still a few

       If you want to match her with a male of the same species, you’d better switch her off from the current male cat, otherwise the female cat will have sex with different male cats after estrus, thus giving birth to a mixed blood cat

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