The male cat pisses a little every time in his oestrus – my male cat always pees everywhere

       It’s the same with my one now, and he doesn’t let go of the quilt and the wall TAT

       In the final analysis, it’s still necessary to have sterilization. When a male cat gets old, he will become more aware of his territory. He always likes to mark his own territory. That’s why. It has something to do with oestrus.

       It’s not the cat that has a problem, it’s just his. My strategy now is to let him go out to play as soon as he walks around. He seldom urinates at home, because if he marks his own territory outside, his home will be much better. Two of my family will come back by themselves, usually go out in the evening and come back early the next day to start scratching the door. If you let them in, they’ll sleep all day I don’t get up very much

       Tat, I’m more pitiful than you. I have two male cats

       This is the most obvious behavior in estrus. If the male cat is not in estrus, he will also have the behavior of urinating everywhere, which is normal and unavoidable.

       First of all, there are health problems. When a cat suffers from cystitis, gastrointestinal discomfort, constipation and other diseases, it is possible to defecate anywhere. Secondly, the cat’s toilet is not cleaned regularly. When the cat is dissatisfied with the texture or smell of cat litter, it will also appear to defecate outside the toilet. In addition, the cat toilet is placed in a place where many people go in and out and are noisy, and the cat has excreted in the toilet In addition, because the owner is not at home for a long time, being scolded by the owner, adding a new pet in the house, or having a newborn baby, the cat will be worried and urinate.

       We only need to analyze the behavior of specific cats in view of these problems and take corresponding measures. But bear in mind that different outcomes of punishment can make the problem worse, especially if it is too severe or only after the fact. For example, putting the cat in the toilet after severe punishment will cause bad conditioned reflex of the cat to the toilet. Under no circumstances should the cat be patted or physically punished. For example, pressing the cat’s nose to the floor where it is defecating will produce worse effects.

       When the cat is not good, scold loudly. In order to make people and cats live a comfortable life, it is necessary for the cat to abide by the discipline of each family. Therefore, we should teach cats well and give them the minimum necessary education. If we master the following four points, then the work of training cats will be carried out smoothly.

       First of all, I went to sterilization. The benefits of sterilization are much better than those without sterilization, not only for human beings, but also for cats (please do Baidu for details). What’s more, take disinfectant to get rid of the smell of those things with smell. There are also special ones for pet smell. Then don’t let him play in those soft sofas, quilts and pillows. Put it in the litter and pee it out~

       This is a kind of expression of public affection. On the one hand, female cats usually howl and roll on the ground when they are in estrus, while male cats are peeing everywhere. This is actually a manifestation of delimiting territory, which is not a big problem. Some owners think that it is not advisable and impossible to change the situation of male cats urinating everywhere by beating and scolding, because they do not know that they should pee in the cat litter basin, just because it is a feature. The first way for a cat to be neutered is to find a way to sterilize the cat. Second, send the male cat to the pet hospital for sterilization, which will not happen. In fact, I suggest that the domestic cat should be sterilized. After that, it will have a good appetite, become fat, and will not be in estrus. And if the male cat in this situation for a long time, it is easy to get urinary stones, endangering its life

       I was also involved in birth control. It’s an act of responsibility to him.

       Because now there are too many stray cats out there that no one adopts. There are one male cat and three female cats in our yard. There are 10 more kittens in a summer. No one to support them, wandering around in the winter, hungry a full meal.

       And you don’t have to deal with it twice a year and pee everywhere. *****I know a wechat: goodtaidi

       You add, there are 8g video dog training tutorial complete, dog disobedient, learn the best action textbook. —->

       First of all, I’m glad you have a male cat and a female cat. You try not to be sterilized to see how hard you are?

       It’s much easier for male cats to be sterilized. It will take another week for female cats to remove stitches!

       It’s because cats are cruel to you. In fact, it’s cruel for you to stand on the cat’s side?

       The general estrus period of cats and cats is 15 days. After that, the estrus will be repeated every two months or so! The interval between female cats will be shorter if there is no sexual intercourse!

       Or do surgery, if you are really good for it, if you do not abandon it and can be a responsible master!

       If this happens to cats, please don’t worry. Watch your cat’s diet and behavior to see if there are other symptoms. Then refer to the following cat experience and suggestions, and try to see if it can help the cat recover. If the situation does not improve for a long time or the situation is more serious, it is better for the cat to take the cat to the hospital.

       1. Too little water

       A cat needs to drink about 50 milliliters of water per kilogram a day. The water content in cat food is not enough. It is suggested that the pet owner should place a bowl of water beside the cat food when feeding the cat food, which is convenient for the cat to eat and eat at the same time.

       2. Encounter special period

       The cat may be in heat. Generally, the female cat can be estrus about 6 months, and the male cat will be 1-2 months later. When the female cat is in heat, she will howl, pucker her buttocks, or dally between her owner’s legs. And the male cat will be disorderly defecation, urine, love to run out to play. If the cat is in oestrus appear dysuria, pet owners can not worry too much, first observe a few days to see, maybe the cat will return to normal in a few days.

       3. In a bad mood

       Cats may have trouble urinating because of bad weather or bad mood after changing environment. Therefore, when the cat wants to play, the pet owner should not ignore it, play with the cat for a while, the cat’s mood will become better, urine will naturally return to normal.

       4. Urinary problems

       Cat urine stones, urinary tract infection or kidney disease, etc., may lead to cat urination difficulties. These situations are more complicated. If you don’t know what is the cause of the cat, the pet owner can first feed the cat meow Lushun to have a look. If the effect is not ideal, the pet owner should take the cat to the hospital for in-depth inspection.

       It is worth noting that after the cat recovers, the pet owner should pay attention to the cat’s diet, don’t eat too dry cat food, and don’t scare the cat when it urinates.

       I haven’t been sterilized since I was 8 years old. Haven’t you been in estrus for 1 or 2 years?

       It’s normal to urinate around in estrus, but it doesn’t mean that it’s oestrus. Especially with the age of cats, the estrus will become more and more obvious. If you are 3-7 years old, you will have no obvious symptoms. By the eighth year, you will be in the old cat stage. On the contrary, it is so obvious that you are not very optimistic.

       After eight years of keeping it, my feelings should be very deep. I suggest that you should take it to have a look immediately. I’m afraid that if a male cat has not been sterilized, it will be easy to get urinary diseases. I hope not. 8-year-old can still be sterilized. If not, the operation should be done as soon as possible.

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