The most beautiful breed of cat – what kind of cat looks good??

       Well, cats are different from other kinds except that they look a little different. In fact, they are the same in size, sound, and fur [although there are some that are not hairy] it’s not suitable for them. It’s suggested that many stray cats can’t eat and have no home. There are also some dystocia of kittens born in winter. If you take good care of them, take them home and wash them The same is a beautiful cat. Go to “Cat Bar” to see a post called “my cat son 59”. How did an aunt throw a full moon winter out on the road without a complete skin all over her body? Now she is a big fat cat loved by everyone

       This one is almost cured. You can see that a large bald spot on the head, nose and claw is tinea felis, and the ear mite is in the ear

       This one is almost ready

       Photos from small to large

       Different people have different opinions… The individual has the personal vision, the landlord you see everybody’s answer to know, the wood has one is the same.. For example, Persian cat, some people think Persian cat is very noble, very good-looking, some people do not like Persian cat flat face, feel very ugly = = in fact, cats are suitable for girls, the key is to see what type you like.. What kind of cat do you like??

       Angora cat is one of the oldest breeds, originated from Turkey. Angora cat has a very long body, with very large ups and downs that will appear on its back. Angora cat has very thin limbs and is very high. Its head is pointed and looks a little long. It has large ears on its head. Its whole body is covered with long hair, like silk.

       The most beautiful cats in the world are:

       1. Puppet cat

       Puppet cat has always been the representative of super high looks. It is beyond doubt that it has entered the ranks of the top ten kinds of cats in the world. This kind of cat has very fluffy hair and gentle personality. It is also known as fairy cat, which is worthy of the name of fairy.

       2. Scotch cat

       This kind of cat has a gentle nature. It likes to look at you quietly and doesn’t like to make noise. It’s a kind of extremely gentle cat with high appearance.

       3. Persian cat

       Persian cat has a more lovable face, but also very gorgeous fur, very elegant behavior, and even a lot of better nicknames, is the world’s favorite cat species.

       4. Maine cat

       Although the Maine cat is bigger, its appearance is still relatively high. Its long hair is a bit like a lion. Sometimes it makes some expressions and feels like laughing at others.

       5. Garfield

       Garfield cat personality like quiet, more lovely and sweet, but also quite loyal, in addition, it is a more active cat, like to be close to people.

       6. Turkish Angora cat

       This is a kind of mysterious cat with long and fluffy fur. However, because the breeder has not released the formula, it is very mysterious as a whole.

       7. American Curly eared cat

       The American Curly eared cat is one of the ten most beautiful cats in the world. It is a medium-sized cat. It has some problems with its eyes and its ears are rolled inward. It looks more alert.

       8. Bengal cat

       Bengal cat color is more gorgeous, color matching is quite harmonious, personality is more active, sometimes like a cheetah general, very cute.

       9. Chinese civet cat

       This is a common cat in China. It is quite casual to many things. Its fur is very beautiful and thick, and its body is relatively healthy, but its appearance is not bad.

       10. Norwegian Forest Cat

       This kind of cat is bigger, has the extremely fast running speed, also is not afraid of the wind and the sun, the hair is very long, very elegant, but raises is not very easy to take care of.