The most cost-effective pet cat – what kind of pet cat to buy

       Blue cat is lazy, greedy and easy to raise. Its price is about 500-1000

       Silver gradually layer, also belongs to British short, I think the beautiful cat, the price is about 700 ~ 1200

       American short, this is super cheap, the wage party can support ha, the price is about 300 ~ 700

       English short blue white, this is also super beautiful, but the gold content is not high, because too much, the price is a little more expensive than the United States, cheaper than the blue cat, also very good raise

       (my family has two English short, the biggest drawback: hair loss, cat should be careful)

       If you only buy a cat for less than 2000 yuan, most of your friends’ replies can be tried. If all the funds on the cat should be within 2000, it can be said that the native cat costs the least. After all, it can be raised roughshod, and so can the civet cat and the orange cat. In addition, we also need cat litter, cat food, injection to repel insects, and cure diseases in a lifetime

       According to the different breeds of cats, there are certain differences in IQ and behavioral performance. Do you know which breeds of pet cats have high IQ?

       First place: Canadian hairless cat

       Canadian hairless cat, also known as the sphinx cat, is a pet cat produced by natural gene mutation. In addition to some thin and soft fetal hair in ears, mouth, nose, foretail forging and feet, other parts of the body are hairless, and the skin is wrinkled and elastic. Although this kind of cat looks strange and frightening, it is gentle, independent and non aggressive, and can get along with other cats and dogs. And they are so smart that with a little training, they can be as obedient as a dog. It’s a piece of cake for them to take back the things thrown by their owners.

       Second place: Balinese cat

       Balinese cat has nothing to do with Bali, but its elegant posture reminds people of the beautiful dance art of Bali, so it is named after it. Balinese cat is a natural variation or recessive genetic traits produced by Siamese cats, so it was originally called the long haired Siamese cat. Balinese cats have short hair, soft as mink; they are slender, slim and well-developed. Compared with Siamese cats, they are more gentle in character and softer in voice. They don’t like to be alone, so they often go around their owners.

       Third place: British short haired cat

       English short short hairy cat, the more common is the gold gradually layer, the silver gradually layer, and the blue cat. Yingduan’s face is round and fat (in fact, it’s hairy). The more pure yingduan is, the more obvious this feature is. Yingduan’s body is round and plump, with thick and short limbs, short and dense hair, big head and round face. She is gentle, calm and friendly to people. Moreover, the British short adaptability is very strong, will not change because of the change of the environment, very easy to raise.

       Fourth place: Scotch cat

       Scotch fold eared cat is a cat species with gene mutation in the ear. It was first found in Scotland, and its cartilage part has a fold, which makes the ear bend forward, so it is named after its discovery place and physical characteristics. The Scotch cat is intelligent by nature and has a very good character. Most Scottish folding eared cats suffer from congenital orthopedic diseases and often sit and stand to relieve pain. They are happy to be with people and express themselves in this peaceful way. They belong to the “peace ambassadors” of cats.

       In fact, no matter what kind of cat, their IQ will not be lower, the important thing is that they like it!

       Among the more famous pet cats, long haired cats are mainly Persian cats. Short haired cats include American short hair, British short hair, exotic short hair, Scotch fold ear, Russian Blue Cat and Siamese cat. The cat in your picture is silver tiger spot. The price varies greatly according to the purity, and whether it is a pet grade or a match grade. In addition, the prices vary from place to place.

       The picture is pure American short hair standard silver tabby cat price 2000+

       Famous cat

       Chinese civet cat, Persian, Himalaya, chingira, British short hair, American short hair (Weihe’s model cat), exotic short hair (Garfield), Oriental short hair, North American short hair, Siamese cat, Canadian hairless cat, sugolian fold ear, highland fold ear, Bengal leopard cat, Russian Blue Cat, Li Ge cat, Maine cat, Berman cat, Norwegian Forest cat, charter cat, kratt cat , Havana cat, puppet cat, fanxijuan ear, Angora cat, Singapore cat. First of all, love the cat!!!!!!!!!!!

       [impure cat]

       The most common cat in the world, commonly known as domestic cat. There are all kinds of colors, but most of them are Shuang. In any case, all cats that can’t find any species are listed here. Non purebred cats are intelligent, love home, like to catch mice, and have many breeders.

       [Abyssinian cat]

       Also known as “rabbit cat” elegant body, facial expression is extremely rich, red and yellow hair, gorgeous extraordinary, attracted many cat lovers. Abicynian cats are active and active, like free activities, but smart and easy to tame, can teach a lot of play movements, suitable for breeding.

       [Egyptian cat]

       It has a slightly round body, short legs and long striped spots on its coat. It is regarded as a god cat in Egypt. Egyptian cats are friendly to people, lively and naughty, but more sensitive, if not taken care of, easy to escape.

       [long haired cat]

       The back hair of long haired cats is longer, generally 5-10 cm long, which varies with seasons. Long haired cats are bigger, more docile, more dependent, and like to be close to people. However, it is easy to depilate and needs to be combed frequently, so it is difficult to raise.

       Canadian hairless cat

       The appearance is funny and strange. The whole body is almost hairless. The body is long and thin. The tail is long and thin like the tail of a mouse. The color is gray and white. Canadian hairless cats are affectionate, quiet and kind to people, but they don’t like cuddling. Because of their peculiar appearance, they are seldom loved.

       California shinning cat

       Origin: California, USA, hybrid cat. The whole body is covered with leopard stripes, with golden, silver and blue, brown and other kinds of hair, the appearance is very beautiful. California shinning cat is lively and lovely, intelligent and healthy, gregarious by nature, can get along well with other cats and even dogs, and be loyal to its owner.

       [curly cat]

       It is divided into two kinds: KONIS curly cat and Devon curly cat. The body is long and slender, with big ears. The inner body is short and curly and wavy. It looks strange. Curly cat is clever and naughty, warm to people, like to play, but afraid of the cold, difficult to raise.


       It is native to Thailand. Its coat color is silver blue, also known as Thai silver cat. Because of its rare production, it is more expensive. Its body shape is shorter and fatter than Siamese cat. Colette is quiet in character, but alert, and does not like strangers. Male cats are particularly aggressive.

       American short haired cat

       Native to the United States, it belongs to a large cat species. Compared with the British short haired cat, it has a slightly longer face and mouth and more stripes. American short haired cat is independent in character, but it is good at running and catching mice. It is suitable for families with courtyard.

       Bengal cat

       It is a cross between a small wild cat and a domestic cat. The spots on the body are different from those of other leopard spotted cats. They are distributed horizontally and look like rose shaped. Bengal cat is gentle and friendly, but it is easy to be excited because of its wild cat blood, and often makes uncontrollable calls.

       Bombay cat

       A hybrid of Burmese cat and American black short haired cat. It is black and shiny, big and muscular. It is called “Little Black Panther”. It is quite gentle in character and likes to be accompanied by people. When it is hugged, its throat will keep purring.

       European short haired cat

       It is similar in appearance to the British short haired cat, but not of its bloodline. Its body and face are slightly longer than that of the British short haired cat. The fur is short and thick, and the texture is brittle and easy to break. European short haired cat is alert and sensitive, has strong hunting ability and is a good rat catcher.

       Scotch cat

       It is a very beautiful and lovely cat. Its body, head and limbs are round, its tail is thick and short, its ears are close to its head, and its eyes are big and round. Scotch cat is quiet, intelligent and tolerant. It can get along with children and is suitable for family rearing.

       [exotic short haired cat]

       Domestic also known as “short hair Persian cat”, in addition to short hair, other body shape, limbs, head, face and eyes are the same as Persian cat. Gentle and gentle personality, like to be close to people, but more naughty and clever than Persian cat.

       Siamese cat

       It is produced in Thailand and has long hair varieties in the same family. No matter what color the coat is, the hair color of the face, tail and limbs is relatively deep, with five long stature, long mouth and big ears. Siamese cats are very emotional, affectionate and loyal to their owners, but their emotions are unstable. They are noisy and annoying.

       Singapore cat

       Small and delicate, muscular, it belongs to the dwarf category among cats. The heaviest male cat is rare. There are more than 5 catties of Singapore cats. They are active and playful, curious, like to drill randomly, and even get into the sewer. They are not loved by people.

       British short haired cat

       British Bobcat has a long history, but it was not until the beginning of the 20th century that it became popular. The cat is round and plump, with thick, short and developed limbs, short and dense fur, big head, round face, and large and round eyes with various colors according to different fur. The cat is gentle, calm, friendly and easy to raise.

       I think the pet cats you like can be roughly divided into Garfield, English short and German? These three kinds of cats are very suitable for family, and they are very sticky, and can cooperate with the owner’s lifestyle to change their own lifestyle. This cat is very versatile, so it is more popular

       The most common is Persian cat or Muppet cat. These cat species are very beautiful, and the eyes are also very beautiful, like a fairy’s eyes, very attractive, these are generally some girls like pet cats, as well as British short hair cats, this kind of cat is very cute, I want to keep, most of them are fat, fat face, its feet are also It’s chubby. It’s adorable. I feel happy when I see that fat face.

       I think the most popular pet cat is Persian, Garfield! I believe we all know Garfield cat and Persian cat. Persian cat looks very beautiful, and Jiafei cat is a more lovely type. Most of us now judge people by their appearance. Of course, it is the same with other things. Therefore, Garfield and Persian cats with high appearance are naturally popular

       I like Siamese cat — Prince of cats

       In the late 19th century, Siamese cats appeared in Europe and were widely welcomed. Like other breeds of cats, Siamese cats have distinct personality of love and hate. However, Siamese cats went through a period of “dark period”. At that time, most people did not like this kind of cat with strange appearance. Only a small number of Siamese cat fanatics insisted on breeding and continued the breed. Now it’s back one of the most popular cats in Europe.

       1£º Types of pet cats

       It can be roughly divided into: Garfield cat, fold ear cat, short hair cat, Persian cat, Siamese cat, tiger spotted cat, rijila, Bali cat, Berman cat, Bombay cat, Burmese cat, Egyptian cat, Maine cat, Ouxi cat, puppet cat, curly cat, Singapore cat, Norwegian Forest cat, fluorescent cat, Somali cat, Turkish Van Cat, American short tail cat and so on.

       2£º Pet cat can be regarded as a perfect animal. Nature arranges it perfectly: the cat looks good-looking, does its duty conscientiously, lives independently, does not depend on its owner, contributes more than it takes. The cat’s sense organ is extremely perfect, always can make the keen response to its surroundings. All cats are born noble. The family of domestic cats prides itself on having the most secretive, keenest, most dangerous, most beautiful and bravest mammals on earth. Compared with the puma, the cat is very gentle, but unlike other domesticated animals such as dogs, the cat also has a slightly wild, independent and uninhibited flavor of the past.