The most expensive cat in the world – what is the most expensive cat?

       Animals are human’s best friends. Since ancient times, many people like to keep pets. Pets are also various, the most common is the cat and dog, of course, there are also people will keep rabbits, hamsters and so on. There are so many pets, so what is the most valuable pet? Let’s take a look at it.

       The world’s most expensive pet is thoroughbred horse, worth 422 million yuan, which is similar to the reference price of a Gulfstream G650 aircraft. It’s not that ordinary horses can be called thoroughbred horses. Only when their blood lineage comes from three ancestral horses from the Middle East to England in the 17th century can they be called thoroughbred horses. The characteristic of thoroughbred horses is that they can run 1000 meters a minute, faster than bloody BMW. The price of the once hyped Tibetan mastiff is 50 million yuan. It is a huge Tibetan mastiff named “overlord”. According to its owner, this dog was bought by himself at the initial cost of 18 million yuan, expecting it to appreciate to a higher level. We will never forget that it is stronger than any other dog in the world. It gallops on the grassland like the wind.

       The most expensive antler beetle costs $89000, and generally more than $50000. Antlers were the most fashionable pets at that time. At that time, 340000 people bought a pair of insects, which was very simple to feed. As long as a pet box suitable for the size was prepared, a pair of antlers were put into the humus soil with rotten leaves, plus a rotten wood that allowed the antlers to inhabit, and feed water fruit or jelly, soon a baby antler was born.

       The value of these pets is amazing, but how to measure the value of a pet only depends on its price. No matter what the pet is, it brings you joy every day and accompanies you every day, which is its value. Therefore, the pet with the highest value should belong to your family.

       The most expensive cat: the highest price: in 1993, a rich woman left her cat a legacy worth 30 million yuan; the most expensive wedding: the wedding of a pair of kittens in Hong Kong and Malaysia in 1998, which cost more than 200000 yuan, because both of them are diamond eyes (actually glaucoma), and it is said that this kind of cat can make the owner rich; the most noble cat: the cat of Egyptian Pharaoh, After death, he can enjoy the treatment of a Pharaonic (mummified and buried in a pyramid); the highest selling price of a cat: a royal family in the Middle East bought a silver gray hair blue eye wave for $550000 in 1994

       In mainland China, the most expensive is the Bengal cat, the first class kitten can sell more than 10000, and 50 thousand and 6 of them are also many. Persia, no matter how good the appearance of kittens, more than 10000 are not many. It’s hard to say what kind of cat is the most expensive in the world. Because even if it is a cat species, the price may be dozens of times or even more. Generally speaking, the price depends on the following factors: appearance. Racing class is more expensive than pet class. A match with a certificate is more expensive than one without a certificate; age. Adult cats are more expensive than kittens. There are also some factors in China that may not exist in the United States: varieties. In China, the price difference between products is still very big. But this is not common in the United States. Because the purebred cat market in the United States is mature, there are not very rare breeds. However, if there are few varieties introduced in China, the ones with less quantity are relatively valuable. Cats are more expensive in big cities in China. In purebred cats, the number is relatively small: charter cat, Welsh cat, man Island cat, snowshoe cat and so on. get down to business. As far as I know, the most expensive cat at present is cloned cat. Of course, the most important thing is cloning technology, which has nothing to do with breed. Second, genetically modified cats are also super expensive because of technical reasons.

       To say that the world’s most expensive cat, almost No. The sale of pets all over the world is very different. As mentioned above, the Scotch cat is really the best cat in the world… However, I don’t think it’s necessary to choose the most expensive one when buying a pet. This kind of cat should be taken care of carefully. In case of poor care, it will be wasted. Buy a cat you like in China, the price is about 1000 pure point cat on the line, both lovely, but also easy to raise.

       Cats evolved gradually, not suddenly one day, so there was no first cat. The following is the greatest cat I found and quoted on Baidu. In the 13th century, a large-scale plague broke out in Europe. According to legend, in the face of plague, when people were helpless, cat leader Petra Gina led the cat soldiers to fight and subdue the mice. The cat’s body was mummified in 1370 and remains in the Museum of Padua, Italy. The cat named Petra Gina is also known as “the greatest cat”. The smallest cat – the smallest domestic cat breed is the Singapore cat or “drayne” in Singapore. The average body weight of adult male is 2.72 kg, and that of female is 1.81 kg. A Thai cat named “ebony ESHI Hani” was born 23 months after it was born in February 1984. The body weight is only 0.79kg. The smallest feline is the rusty cat of southern India and Sri Lanka. The average length of adult cat is 67-71cm (tail length is 23-25cm), and its weight is about 1.35Kg. The biggest cat — among 330 kinds of cats, the biggest cat is “cloth doll” cat, and the male cat weighs 16.8-19.07 kg. The average body weight of most adult male domestic cats was 13.9 kg and that of female cats was 13.2 kg. According to records, the heaviest domestic cat is a castrated male spotted cat named Simmy, owned by Thomas Weiss of redlynch, Ernst, Queensland, Australia. It died of respiratory failure at the age of 10 years and 4 months on March 12, 1986. It weighed 21.3kg (neck circumference 38.1cm, waist circumference 83.8cm, body length 96.5cm). In February 1988, an unsubstantiated report reported that a cat named “Edward bell” owned by Miss Jackie Fleming of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, weighed 21.7 kg. The heaviest cat in Britain is an 11 year old male spotted cat named “BOPA” kept by Miss Gladys kulang of Newport, gwentshire. 19 kg on November 11, 1984. He died on June 25, 1985. Cats, the longest lived cats, generally live longer than dogs. Under the condition of family feeding, if the nutrition is sufficient and the medical conditions are good, the average life span of male cats is estimated to be 13-15 years (the life span of female cats is 15-17 years), but the life expectancy of castrated male and female cats is 1-2 years longer than the average life span. According to records, the longest lived cat may have been a spotted cat named “Puss” owned by Mrs. T. Howe of clighton, Devon. It celebrated its 36th birthday on November 28, 1939, and died the next day. A more recent and documented long-lived cat is a female spotted cat named “Ma” raised by Mrs. Alice St. George Moore of drumstein, Devon. The cat died on November 5, 1957 at the age of 34. Britain’s longest lived cat, suku, is believed to be a Thai female cat, suku, owned by Joan Huixi of Kingsbridge, Devon, who celebrated her 32nd birthday on April 17, 1990. The longest lived twin cat – according to records, the longest lived twin cat is Diana, Michigan, USA. “Bo” and “babble” raised by Phelps. They were born at the same time on October 17, 1963. Babur died at the age of 21 and 6 months on April 29, 1985, while Bo died at the age of 22 and 2 months on December 28, 1985. They are long haired half Persian cats. Tarawood antigon, a 4-year-old Brown Burmese cat named tarawood antigon, gave birth to 19 kittens in a litter by caesarean section in 1970. Its owner, Valerie Gann of cherchwicket, Kingham, oxonshire, said this was due to a mistake with a half Thai * * cat, 14 males and 1 females out of 15 surviving kittens. The largest litter of all surviving cats was born to a Persian cat named Lanling in Wellington, Cape Province, South Africa, with 14 cats in a litter. Its owner is Eleanor Dawson. Darcy, a spotted cat born in 1935 in Bonham, Texas, USA, gave birth to 420 kittens. The last time it gave birth was June 12, 1952, it gave birth to only one kitten. In May 1987, Kitty, kept by Richard John of Croxton, Staffordshire, gave birth to two kittens at the age of 30, making her the oldest mother of cats. She died in June 1989, shortly after her birth at the age of 32, and gave birth to 218 kittens in her life. On September 6, 1950, a 4-month-old cat belonging to Josephine ovdanbraten in Geneva, Switzerland, followed a group of climbers to the summit of Mt. matte, 4478 m above sea level in the Alps. The cat that catches the most rats is Tao se, a female turtle back cat from grent Liquor Co., Ltd., near cliff, tyside. She catches about 28899 rats in her life. It was born on April 21, 1963, and died on March 20, 1987, with an average of three rats per day. The most expensive cat — in 1983, Carl mays, a cat keeper in Atlanta, Georgia, was offered $10000 to buy his most famous male Singapore cat, bull, but he refused

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