The most popular pet cat in the United States – is the cat the favorite pet in America?

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       Temperament: smart, simple and lovely, attached to the master, like children. He has excellent jumping and climbing skills, and is good at catching and catching. He is known as “working class” in cats.


       The United States is a free and open society. From the sculpture of the statue of liberty, we can see one or two of them. Americans are also very tolerant and caring for pets, and in American families, cats seem to have replaced dogs as the most popular pets.

       It is very common in the United States to keep cats. According to the estimate of the American Pet Products Association, there are about 95.6 million cats in the family. About 46% of the families have one cat, 31% have two cats and 24% have more than three cats.

       1¡¢ American short tailed cat

       The American Bobtail cat is a large and medium-sized, naturally formed short tailed cat; a striking, active animal with strong muscular shape. When the cat is on alert, its tail should be clearly visible on the back and not longer than the hocks. The best tail is obvious, almost straight, with only a very slight bend. The American Bobtail has a strong, broad, gently wedge-shaped head and a distinctive forehead above the apricot shaped eyes that emit a hunter like gaze.

       Its unique coat can be medium length but slightly thick short hair, or medium to long hair, elastic and waterproof. When moving, it shows a natural rocking gait, which makes the cat look like a wild cat with a short tail. The cat is a late maturing cat that takes two to three years to reach full adult form.

       2¡¢ American Curly eared cat

       American Curly eared cat is a relatively new cat species. It first appeared in Southern California in 1981. It was originally a vagrant black cat. Later, it was adopted because of its special funny curly ears. Curly eared cats are very good to take care of. They only need to clean the curly concave areas of their ears because they are easy to hide dirt. In addition, when cleaning the cat’s ears, you should be gentle and careful not to bend the ear too much, otherwise the ear bone will be easily injured, and do not wash the ear water, because it is easy to accumulate in the ear and cause inflammation, so it is better to clean the cat with cotton swab.

       Curly eared cats are lively, playful but not noisy. They are smart, quick to learn, coquettish, approachable and docile. They can get along well with children.

       3¡¢ American short haired cat

       It is bred from British short and Native American short haired cats. When it comes to the origin of american shorthair cats, it is generally said that they were bred by the British Shorthair cat and the native american shorthair cat in 1620, but they were not officially named american shorthair cats until 1966. The refined ones can be one of the top five cat breeds when the American cat loving Association initially certified the cat breeds.

       I think it’s a dog. There’s a common idiom “love me love my dog.” it’s about being deeply connected with a dog.

       Dogs are family members for many families, not cats, but in the United States, the relationship between dogs and families is reflected in all aspects.

       For example, if you have a child, you may keep a dog to accompany him to grow up together, so that they will not be alone with each other. Therefore, there are many videos and pictures of children and dogs on the Internet, which affirms the significance of dog company.

       Dogs can play ball throwing games, can accompany you to run swimming and so on, is really very suitable as a child’s playmate. Similarly, it is not easy to raise a sticky cat!

       Cats are more independent than dogs, so they are more suitable for urban life.

       There are also many practical problems here. My family had a dog until he died last year… And even though my husband loves cats very much, we don’t have cats. In the United States, many dogs are raised in the middle of the courtyard, and there are dog houses. In this case, many cats are put out of sight for a long time, so it is difficult to raise them. My family is a small dog in the house. When we are not at home, we will drive the dog. The dog adapts to the environment better than the cat. Most cats you don’t want to drive out of the supermarket!

       Of course, more and more people like cats now, especially the old people. Cats don’t need to go out like dogs. They can eat, drink and Lazar at home. And he doesn’t need to play with him and bathe him, which is more energy-saving.

       In the United States, the number of households with dogs is higher than that with cats. 36.5% of households have at least one dog and 30.4% of households have at least one cat.

       But interestingly, the number of dogs in the United States is lower than that of cats, because the average number of dogs per family is 1.6 dogs and 2.1 cats

       By the way, in terms of pet medical expenses, Wang Xingren is significantly higher than meow people.

       According to the data from AppA, 37% – 47% of American households have dogs, while only 30% – 37% of households have cats, which is basically consistent with the above data.

       Given Wang’s huge medical expenses, it’s not hard to understand why dog families can’t afford more dogs.

       So the conclusion is that more Americans like dogs, but Chinese with cats are more likely to have more.

       No.1 Chihuahua

       Origin: Mexico maximum height: 9 inches maximum weight: 6 pounds function: play with you as the world’s smallest dog breed. Chihuahua believes that hundreds of years ago, aboriginal life in Mexico played the role of human leisure life.

       No.2 poodle

       Origin: China’s largest height: 11 inches maximum weight: 16 pounds coat color: everything has functions: play with you to deal with the elderly and children, in addition to the beautiful nurse miss is a lovely poodle, it is small, but the heart takes up a lot of space.

       No.3 poodle

       Origin: Germany, maximum height: 26 inches, maximum weight: 70 pounds, coat color: pure white function: hound, we must have known that in the past few centuries, the poodle has always been the exclusive pet of the upper class ladies, and has naturally become a symbol of luxury and nobility.

       No.4 boxer dog

       Country of origin: Germany (Germany does the trick) maximum height: 25 inches maximum weight: 70 pounds coat color: blue, brown, brown function: bodyguard. Although the police dog looks ferocious, the boxer dog is very friendly and warm to people.

       No.5 Yorkshire

       Origin: UK maximum height: 9 inches maximum weight: 7 pounds coat color: Black / Brown, dark iron blue function: housekeeper Yorkshire, known for its long lovely curly hair, is a small but robust breed. Originally used for rabbit hunting, now we feel that Yorkshire is a lively and active pet.

       No.6 dachshund dachshund

       Country of origin: Germany maximum height: 9 inches maximum weight: 25 pounds coat color: red, black / Brown dachshund is a kind of dog breed with short legs and long body. It is because this kind of body looks like bacon sausage that it gets the name.

       No.7 German Shepherd Dog

       Origin: Germany maximum height: 26 inches maximum weight: 95 pounds coat color: white, black, black back, black / Brown, gray function: housekeeping, rescue, guide the blind. Since the 1920s in the various films, German shepherd dog has already established its own unique screen image. German shepherd dog has become the first choice in family, justice, disability and other fields.

       No.8 Beagle

       Origin: UK maximum height: 15 inches maximum weight: 30 pounds coat color: red, black / Brown, Brown / Brown function: hunting. In the pursuit of hare, Beagle is absolutely expert. As long as there is a hunting team, there must be a beagle as the search pioneer, because its sense of smell is very strong and trustworthy.

       No.9 golden retriever

       Origin: UK maximum height: 24 inches maximum weight: 80 pounds coat color: Gold function: hunting, swimming, guide blind golden hound has always been a regular on the most popular pet list. It is widely seen in children’s entertainment and rural scenery, and its water loving nature and natural hunting have become the best partner of hunters.

       No.10 Labrador

       Origin: Canada, maximum height: 25 inches, maximum weight: 75 pounds, coat color: yellow, coffee color: hunting, catching fish, guiding the blind, friendly, loving, and natural entertainment, the lambrador has become one of the most popular hounds in the United States.

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