The most suitable dog for girls – what kind of dog is suitable for girls

       Suitable dogs for girls

       1¡¢ Border Collie

       It is characterized by intelligence, strong learning ability, high understanding, easy training, good communication with human beings, mild, loyal and good obedience. Its loyalty degree can be described as follows. Due to the gentle and loyal character without shouting, the common coat colors are black and white, blue and white, brown and white, and three colors mainly black, blue and brown, as well as blue meteor and red Meteor color and so on!

       2¡¢ Poodle

       There are three kinds of poodles: standard, mini and toy. Poodle used to be a lady’s pet. With its unique temperament and changeable shape, the poodle has won the favor of many people, giving people a beautiful and intelligent impression. Therefore, it is very popular with many girls. It is a dog suitable for ladies. The hair of poodle is easy to fade. Therefore, it is suggested to choose some natural dog food containing deep sea fish oil for it to eat Oil helps to fix hair color!

       3¡¢ Golden Retriever

       Golden Retriever is one of the most common domestic dogs. It is warm-hearted, alert, confident and fearless of life. It is very friendly to children or other people. Keeping a golden retriever is very simple, and the golden dog likes sports, so it’s not boring to raise a girl with golden fur to run. In addition to giving golden fur sports, you can also do some training with it. When training, you can reward some snacks, such as dried chicken, which can train and grind your teeth!

       4¡¢ Samoye

       From the appearance, it gives people the impression of being full of strength, endurance, charm, obedience, nobility and self-confidence. When you take a walk, you will have a high rate of turning back. Samoan needs a certain amount of exercise every day. Therefore, the pet owners need to take Samoa for more than 2 hours a day. In regular sports, you can do some basic training. During training, you can reward some snacks, such as chicken and French fries Can train can also beautiful hair!

       5¡¢ Great Dane

       Of all the large dogs, the Great Dane is the most elegant and noble in appearance and nature. It is emotional, considerate, brave, trustworthy, friendly and not aggressive. It is a good partner and guard dog. It is known as “the easygoing giant in the dog world”. Therefore, a big Dane can be kept by a girl to protect her safety!

       6¡¢ Beagle

       The Beagle dog is friendly, lively, brave, alert, intelligent, and has good memory. It can make a variety of actions to make people laugh. It can bring endless fun to the owner. Therefore, it is very popular with all of us. What we need to pay attention to in raising a beagle dog is to feed people less. If you eat too much, it will lead to serious tear marks and skin diseases. Therefore, you can choose some of them as much as possible Rich nutrition, low salt and low oil natural dog food feeding!

       7¡¢ Pomeranian

       The Pomeranian, because of its appearance like a squirrel, is generally known as a squirrel. It is one of the world’s famous pet dogs. It is extroverted, intelligent and lively, and is very suitable for raising in the city. The name of the Pomeranian dog comes from the name of Pomerania in northeast Germany and is bred and bred by the valiant Prussian. Therefore, it is generally believed that its origin is Germany.

       1¡¢ Giant poodle

       Teddy, a poodle, is very popular with girls. Then the giant poodle can be said to be Teddy plus, they have noble temperament, do not shed hair and smell. A dog of such a big size can be hugged when girls don’t like it. It’s really gratifying.

       2¡¢ Golden Retriever

       It’s absolutely good for a girl to have a golden retriever. The Golden Retriever is famous for its warm personality. Sometimes it is said that you are taking care of it. In fact, it is the golden retriever who is taking care of you and helping you with express delivery. And it has a very high appearance, both handsome, and can help you oh. In the aspect of hair loss, pet should pay special attention to it. It is suggested to feed light dog food and do daily nursing to reduce hair loss.

       3¡¢ Labrador

       Labrador is a large and medium-sized dog, which is recognized as one of the non aggressive dogs in the world. It has good training and obedience, is very friendly to people, has a very warm-hearted relationship with people, and has a stable temperament and will not be easily irritated. It’s really a good choice for girls to keep only Labrador. Labrador usually has a lot of energy and needs to exercise regularly. It can go out to play and train more every day.

       4¡¢ Great Dane

       The tallest big Dane dog, there is a big Dane named “Daqiao Zhi”, which was certified by Guinness World Records in 2010. However, it has now gone to Wang planet. It is very gentle, loyal to the owner and tolerant to children. However, the life span of the big Dane is very short, and it can only live for 8-11 years at most!

       5¡¢ Husky

       Why Husky is so dangerous to his family that he can still be on the list? The reason is that husky has high appearance and is more happy. For girls, especially for selfie control, only husky can slowly appreciate its beauty. For some girls who are more irritable, raising a husky will bring you a lot of fun.

       Now the more common large dogs are samoyer (also known as the sled dog), Labrador (golden), Scotch shepherd, German black back (wolf dog), Tibetan mastiff (too expensive, and very fierce), big Dan (ugly, or forget it). Large dogs are usually very docile and obedient. Girls may feed them in addition to bathing There’s nothing else to worry about. It’s cool to take it to the street. In my personal opinion, girls prefer Cute dogs. It’s better to consider golden fur. Golden fur is more popular in the market, and the price is relatively low. More than 1000 yuan can buy a male dog for three months. It’s still good. Other looks are a little strange, not suitable for girls. In addition, the songlion mentioned by LS is a medium-sized dog, but it is really cute and chubby. LZ can also consider it; while Bomi is a small dog, which is usually referred to as “big ears”.

       I know a lot about dogs

       My family is husky now

       This girl is too noisy, too naughty and not very obedient, so it is not suitable for girls

       Samo is very obedient, very obedient, quiet and clean, long like a smile ~ very cute ~ very suitable for girls

       Otherwise, Jinmao is not bad. It depends on what you like~

       Samo’s price is around 1500. It’s white

       Golden hair is yellow around 1200

       They are about the same size

       Bo Li cat: one of the most popular cats. It is quiet and lovely, optimistic, honest, elegant and especially good at catching mice (if you have one in your family).

       Himalayan cat: kind and optimistic, warm and generous, naughty and lovely, tolerant, do not fight with other cats, cry like singing.

       Scotch fold eared cat: nostalgic for family and loving for its owner. Although it only gets along with one person day and night, it is good for all family members.

       Turkish Angora cat: often lying motionless, giving people the feeling of a small family Jasper, dignified behavior, quiet and warm.

       British short haired cat: dignified, independent, good at communicating and playing with dogs, loyal to people, good psychological quality.

       Maltese dog: it is said that there is a noble name in the dog. It is lively and sensitive, has feelings for people, and has rich expression.

       ***Dog: lively personality, close to people, especially suitable for fashion women.

       Pomeranian: small, no land occupation, cheerful mood, lively, no body odor, less hair, more suitable for women.

       Cocker, Labrador and golden retriever: smart and beautiful, which can best set off the elegant temperament of the hostess. But it takes a big house in the suburbs because they’re taller in the city.

       The Beagle is very suitable for girls.

       The Bichon fris ¨¦ is a small breed of dog. Is a common pet, similar to the appearance of maldis. They don’t shed hair naturally, so they need to be groomed. The color is usually white.

       The Beagle is a small breed of dog, with a height of 23-30cm and a weight of about 6kg. It is a small, strong white powder puff dog with a cheerful temperament, which can be reflected in his tail and curious eyes. The Beagle comes from France. Its name means cute poodle. It looks like white marshmallow.

       Beagle: 600-1500

       Bixiong: 2000-4500 (more hair, more expensive)

       Bomei: 1000-2500

       Teacup dog: 5000-10000, this is a senior pet dog (it seems a little expensive, but it’s very small, suitable for carrying, the size of a teacup)

       Husky: 1500-3000. This dog is fun.

       Chihuahua: 2000-3500

       Jinmao: 1000-3000

       ***Silver Fox: 1000-3000

       Samoye: 2000-5000

       Xidigao stem: 1000-3000. It’s like a toy

       Originally, I sincerely wanted to answer your question, but I saw the answer below and I knelt down. You want to be lively on Samoye, hyperactive and over timid. I heard my dog pee tonight. But you say dogs don’t shed hair? Do you think it’s good to hold a dog with no hair? You don’t want to keep those VIPs Teddy, do you? Those dogs look noble. If you keep them for a month, if you don’t give them a haircut, they will be VIP and beggars if they don’t. If you like to be next to you. Can give you the feeling of TV series, then golden hair or Labrador. Although a lot of dogs are ordinary, you may see it very common when you take them out, but good feelings are really good. For example. If the poodle can talk to you and help you with the housework, you won’t give it up. Do you understand me? Hope to help you.

       Samoye is a big dog with an angel smile. Husky is an aristocratic dog. If you do it properly, you will listen very much. PI can only be a child. These two kinds of dogs are in great demand for sports. It is obvious that they need space and time to walk slowly for at least an hour every day. In addition, if you have no experience in raising dogs, you’d better not have a large dog like xiaoha or Seymour. Butterfly and Bomi are the best choice for people without dog experience, and they are small dogs. Because you are a girl and you have no experience. Don’t keep a beagle. Although they are cute, they are eccentric. They pursue their own space. If they are inexperienced, they are the most difficult dogs in small dogs. If you buy a pure breed of butterfly, you can buy a purebred dog if you don’t have it. Compared with working dogs with high quality pedigree, mixed breed dogs are more extroverted and closer to people. Finally, if the house is large and you don’t have so much time to accompany the dog, the dog will be very afraid, will make trouble, will urinate on the carpet, bite towel and so on, the thing is destroyed is small, the dog’s heart is depressed, the dog will also get depression. So before raising a dog, consider carefully whether you really need a dog. After all, a dog is also a life. Abandoning it or transferring it to a person is very torturous to the dog. Well, this is my dog experience for so many years, remember, treat the dog kindly, don’t give up at will!

       In Xi’an, we have our own kennel for breeding puppies, and our own pet store. The quality and health of dogs can be guaranteed. We have four years of experience in sales and maintenance. We hope that the parents who like dogs can add my QQ number: 34851419. We can also share the experience of raising pets together. In the same city, we are more welcome to choose~ Let a lovely little life can accompany you around ~ (when adding please note: PET) reporter and picture cheap do not look at the quality of the situation detour thank you~

       Some girls have Alaskan dog is super handsome, but if you want to keep it for the first time, you don’t recommend that you keep Alaska. If you want to have a big dog, you should be obedient. It’s not hard to take care of it! ~Hehe, this is very…. Suggest you a few dogs, and then the Internet to see which is the most beautiful bar, Alaska golden fur Su Mu Samo border herding silver fox these can be girls raised small, good-looking more Oh

       Golden fur is good to dig, very cute, the price of 1000 ~ 3000 samoyes is better, girls raise and pull out absolutely popular. Now the price of Samo puppies with average quality is around 1500, and adult dogs will be cheaper. After all, everyone is willing to start from childhood. If your dog’s hair size is OK, you may be able to buy 1500 or more, if it is the general quality, about 1000.

       First of all, you’re an office worker, which means you don’t have a lot of time to spend with your dog. And you live in a room and a living room, the environment is a little small, so it is recommended that you keep a small dog, do not need to often accompany independent personality, the amount of exercise does not need too much dog.

       Large and medium-sized dogs exercise too much, you don’t have so much time to walk it, it can’t vent its energy to start demolition, so it’s not recommended.

       With a little teddy, Chenery can exercise a little without losing hair. But it is highly dependent

       Myna dog, Jingba dog, French Niu, Ying Niu, can not love to call, and their personality is relatively independent.

       Let’s take it

       In terms of body shape, it is definitely recommended to raise small and medium-sized dogs. First of all, the appearance of girls is small and their strength is small. If you keep some bigger dogs, it may bring you trouble and even affect your safety. If a girl keeps only Alaska and goes out for a walk, depending on Allah’s strength, I can’t tell who is walking who. In terms of appearance, in this age of beauty, it must be more popular to look good-looking or cool and cute. Personality to be lively or gentle and quiet, reasonable price in the acceptable range on the line.

       I have several dog types for you to consider:

       1. Poodle

       The so-called poodle, the most common is Teddy, a body of curly hair, looks likable, Teddy is also a small breed of dogs with a large number of people. Its character is more sticky, take it out, walk tired will surround you for hugs, there are always ways to make you cry and laugh, but helpless. It is also very smart, as long as careful teaching, it can learn in a short time the master’s instructions. Teddy is small in size and has a small range of activities. It is suitable for housewives to raise and keep company with each other.

       2. Bixiong

       Most of the beagles are white and curly. They are as cute as Teddy. Their ears are hidden in long hair. Their head looks like a ball. They are super cute. The most important thing to pay attention to is the care of the hair. If you don’t have much time to help it clean up its hair, it is recommended not to raise it, because the hair in disorder will destroy the beauty of the bear!

       3. Koji

       If you are a quiet girl or busy at work, you must choose a quiet and easy to take care of dog. Here we recommend Keji. Keji may not be static, but Keji’s buttocks are really super soft, which is called electric small motor. Even if the girl is strong, she needs to be surrounded by tenderness at the critical time. After a day’s tiredness, touching Keji’s soft buttocks can forget the fatigue of the day. Isn’t it a very exciting feeling?

       4. Chai dog

       Chai dog, a super cured dog, looks impressive and not very naughty when smiling. I think it’s very suitable for the culture of girls. Imagine, in autumn, wearing a beret, a scarf, a coat and a long skirt, and holding a handsome firewood on the road full of leaves, it is just as beautiful as a picture.

       5. Golden hair

       Golden retriever, you are a warm man in the dog world! When in a good mood, they will send out a happy “hum Hum “to coquettish voice, do not hide their emotions, willing to share with you. There is a baby’s excrement shoveling officer at home. He will also find that he likes the baby as much as you do, and will help you take care of your baby. He is worthy of being a warm man.

       Teddy: this breed of dog is very smart. It can be trained. It is very small. It is the most cute when I was a child. However, it will be a little naughty, gentle and obedient.

       Bixiong: bixiong is a small breed. It’s very comfortable to hold in your arms. It won’t shed hair naturally. However, the hair needs to be treated regularly, and the color is generally white.

       Labrador: Although the Labrador is a large dog, it is not ferocious at all. It is very fierce only when the owner is in danger. He is usually very docile and intelligent. He treats his master faithfully and will not betray his master.

       Chai dog: Chai dog is a family type dog, with very sensitive organs, lively and active personality, like toys will love not release claws.

       Keji: Keji is a small dog with great courage. He is very alert in guarding his home. He is not timid and ferocious. He is friendly in nature and lovely in appearance.

       However, you should pay attention to the ability to keep dogs. You need to take them to a professional pet hospital for examination regularly. Dogs sometimes get sick. You should remember to take good care of them~

       Teddy and bear are sticky. Husky.. Girls had better not choose.

       Sammy prefers to call..

       Suggestions. Jinmao is gentle in character. ***You don’t need traction when you go out.

       Disadvantages. Hair loss. More saliva. (there seems to be a lot of saliva in large and medium-sized dogs. Hehe)

       Mini Schnauzer – and Teddy small. Smart. Not as clingy as Teddy. Terrier dogs. No shedding.

       Disadvantages. You need a hairdressing. But beauty once insisted on a long time.

       The above is purely a personal hobby. The landlord can choose to adopt it.

       First of all, you are suitable for small body. The big dog has a lot of exercise. If you don’t have time to walk it, it will do damage at home. Moreover, it barks so loud that it is easy to disturb the neighbors.

       There are also many kinds of dogs, among which Teddy, Chenery, Corey, Chihuahua, bixiong, VIP and Bomi are the most common. Among them, the hair of Teddy, VIP and bixiong is not very easy to take care of, but it is very cute and easy to worry about (I have two teddies in my family). Then there are Bomi and Chihuahua. They are very small and smart. Kirky’s ass is cute. It’s up to the individual.

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