The most timid dog in the world the most humane dog

       Dogs with human nature are:

       1. Sheraton shepherd dog: joy is smart, adaptable and friendly. In the eyes of some breeders, it is the best medium-sized pet dog. Joy is loyal and enthusiastic to her master and very easy to train because she is very emotional and naturally willing to be with her master.

       2. Labrador retriever: Labrador Retriever, also known as the retriever, is a medium and large breed of dogs. It is naturally mild, lively, non aggressive and intelligent. It is suitable for being selected as guide dog and companion dog.

       3. Butterfly dog: the most special thing about the butterfly dog is that it has a pair of very eye-catching big ears, as well as the petite and exquisite posture, so it is loved by many beautiful ladies. His personality is lively and active, bold and flexible, and easy to get close to. He is warm and docile to the host, but extremely exclusive, and envious of the third party.

       4. Rottweiler: the Rottweiler is an old breed. It is strong, swift and powerful. It is one of the most courageous and powerful dogs in the world.

       5. Australian Shepherd Dog: Australian cattle dog has the nature of loyalty and protection, so it will take the initiative to protect the herdsman, livestock and his property. Its nature is to doubt strangers, and it needs to obey the dog handler in the competition field, which is quite special.

       The most important dog is the German shepherd dog.

       1. German shepherd dog,

       There is no need to say the ability of German shepherd. Take many German shepherds in military dogs and police dogs as an example to know how excellent this kind of dog is. Especially in the two world wars, the German shepherd has a very outstanding place, so later people like to cultivate the German Shepherd into a multi-functional working dog.

       2. Doberman,

       Doberman may not be a popular breed in China, but it is also a popular breed abroad. Although intelligence and loyalty are the advantages of Doberman, its greatest advantage is its vigilance.

       Moreover, the vigilant Doberman is not as timid as a cat. Instead, it will face the danger after being aware of the danger and have no intention to retreat at all. Doberman is also easy to train. After all, its IQ is not bad. After being pampered several times, it will naturally learn and always remember.

       3. Akita,

       The Akita dog, known as the “*” national dog, is actually very popular all over the world. Although it is very docile, it will step forward and become very violent just to protect its owner if it encounters any danger.

       4. Butterfly dog,

       Butterfly dog is actually a good dog in all aspects, it is very smart, lively but not losing alert, obedience is also very strong, can understand some of the owner’s not too complex instructions.

       In addition, the butterfly dog is also very elegant, which is very good for a family dog. However, I prefer the butterfly dog’s advantage of not being noisy, which can also avoid unnecessary troubles such as neighborhood disputes and house demolition.

       5. Chinese garden dog,

       Chinese garden dog has many advantages, but why hasn’t it become a popular dog? It’s all because of some of its advantages. For example, if a country dog is too loyal, it may bite people.

       Moreover, the appearance of the Chinese garden dog is not bad. The reason why it is not popular is that it has existed in our land for too long. We all want to raise a different dog.

       The most common humanity: German shepherd, golden hair, Labrador, frontier nomad, Teddy

       1. Demu

       How do you think a dog is human or inhumane? In fact, it’s very simple. You just need to see how obedient it is to you. If you say anything, it will listen to what it says. It shows that it is a more humane dog.

       Demu is a kind of dog with special human nature. It can understand what the owner says and follow it. It is also because of the German Shepherd it is so human, so it was seen by the army, let it be a military dog or police dog.

       There is also a special human nature of German animal husbandry, that is, it dares to die for its master. In the battlefield, there is such an example, the German shepherd for its master to block the deadly. When the soldiers around him saw what he had done, they all wept and lamented that he was too human.

       2. Golden hair

       Warm male golden hair, is a very good, very human dog. Many people may not know where it is through human nature, it doesn’t matter. Let’s give you an example and you will understand.

       Everyone will feel sad when they are sad in front of their parents and friends. They will comfort themselves. But when they are sad alone, who will comfort themselves? Jinmao will. This kind of dog can read the master’s mood, and even go to the master’s side to comfort him.

       3. Labrador

       Lala is also a kind of special humanized dog. Although it can only be raised as a pet dog in China, it is raised as a guide dog abroad.

       A good Lala must be a special human dog, because if it is inhumane, there is no way to take the owner to the place he wants to reach. How far can Lala be human? It can make itself the host’s third eye!

       4. Border herding

       In fact, border herding is also a kind of special humanized dog. Do you know, some border herders even just look at the owner’s eyes, you can know what the owner wants him to do, and then he will do it, and the work is excellent! From this point of view, border animal husbandry is even more human than Jinmao and Lala.

       5. Teddy

       This kind of dog is also a kind of dog with high intelligence quotient. It is also very versatile. No matter what action the owner teaches it, it can learn quickly and take the initiative to make this action when the owner wants to see it. Of course, some Teddy need a gesture from the owner to make a move.

       There are Chinese garden dog, golden haired dog, Labrador dog and VIP dog. Among them, the most humane dog is Chinese garden dog.

       Because of their genetic hybridization, they tend to be smarter, more loyal, and very versatile, able to distinguish between goodwill and malice. Even if some dogs who have been hurt or especially cautious dogs, they will gradually put down their guard and get close to human beings with their persistent good intentions.

       Chinese garden dog, traditionally called “native dog”, is also called “Chai dog” in some places in the north. It belongs to a mammal of Carnivora, Canidae and caninus. When it grows up, its shoulder height is about 25-55 cm, and its weight is about 10-30 kg.

       It is a native breed that needs to be rescued. It used to exist widely in rural China and Southeast Asia, but now it is widely used as a pet dog in urbanization.

       Extended data:

       1. Living habits

       He is gentle in character, not easy to attack human actively, can live in groups, has strong regionalism, is easy to raise, has high loyalty, and is not easy to have skin diseases. It is widely used in the countryside to guard homes and early hunting.

       2. Feeding habits


       Sometimes they eat grass, but they eat very little, and sometimes they vomit. Dogs eat grass not to satisfy their hunger, but to clear their stomach, mainly because of the unique structure of their intestines and stomach.

       The dog’s stomach is very large, accounting for about 2 / 3 of the abdominal cavity, while the intestines are very short, accounting for about 1 / 3 of the abdominal cavity. Therefore, dogs basically use their stomach to digest food and absorb nutrition. It is easy to digest meat food, but not easy to digest things with “tendons” such as leaves and grass.

       Although dogs are carnivores, they can survive on food such as vegetables and grains when their survival is difficult.

       Chinese native dogs, like other dogs, have the habit of eating feces, that is, they eat their own feces. Some studies have shown that dogs learned this habit by getting along with human beings in the process of tens of thousands of years of domestication. This is one of the important sources of food that dogs had to accept as food in the early human society when food was scarce.

       There are also views that this is a dog in food shortage, malnutrition, lack of certain trace elements or suffering from parasitic diseases. Supplementation of trace elements can also reduce this behavior.

       Source: Baidu Encyclopedia – Chinese garden dog

       I think the golden retriever or German shepherd dog is more suitable. The golden retriever itself is very docile and its IQ is very high. It is also the main guide dog in foreign countries. Let’s talk about the German shepherd. German shepherd’s intelligence quotient is quite high in the dog family, the pedigree specially pure ten thousand gold is hard to find. It is also the main breed of police dog. This kind of dog is easy to be cheated, and it is better to put it at home to guard against theft. If you are a woman, I advise you to choose a golden retriever. If you are a man, then German Shepherd is more suitable for you. I don’t recommend buying small dogs. Because the intelligence quotient of small dogs is absolutely not comparable with that of large dogs, which is far from enough. At present, the price of golden fur is not expensive. If the price of dog in your area is cheap, it is hundreds of yuan. If it is in Shenzhen and other places, the price will be much higher. So I estimate that the price of golden wool is now between 500-2000. German shepherd dog is particularly purebred, which is definitely not available, but if you spend 5000 yuan to buy it, you can definitely buy a very good one. The price is between 2000 and 5000.

       1. Labrador Retriever

       Labrador Retriever is a large-scale dog with a reference price of 1600-8000 yuan. It is very suitable to be used as a guide dog or subway police dog, search and rescue dog and other working dogs. It is named for its origin in Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada. They are listed with Siberian sled dogs and golden retrievers. Labrador’s intelligence quotient ranks sixth in the world. The Labrador Retriever has four colors: black, yellow, chocolate and off white. The most common ones are black and yellow. Labrador is currently the most registered breed in the U.S. Dog Club and is especially friendly to children. 2. Poodle

       Poodle, also known as “Lady dog”, also known as “curly dog”, in German, pudel means “splash of water”, is an animal of canine subfamily, with a general shoulder height of 20-38 cm, a weight of 4-8 kg, and a life span of 14-18 years. The poodle’s origin is as muddy as the water it’s wading through to pull out the birds. The French poodle, the Hungarian water hound, the Portuguese water dog, the Irish Water Dog, the Spanish hound, and even the Maltese dog may be the ancestor of the poodle. According to the AKC standard, poodles can be divided into three types: standard, mini and toy. With its unique temperament and changeable shape, the poodle has won the favor of many people and gives people a beautiful and intelligent impression.

       3. Chihuahua

       Chihuahua is one of the oldest known dog breeds. It originated in America and has a deep and close relationship with the ancient civilization of Mexico. Chihuahua is the smallest breed of small dogs, elegant, alert, quick action, with a symmetrical body and petite body widely loved by people. They are generally 15-23cm tall, 1-3kg in weight and 15-17 years old in life. They are very popular dogs with wide functions. They can serve as guardians of religion and good companions of common people, from nobles to common people. Chihuahua is a good friend of big families. He doesn’t like foreign dogs of the same breed. It has similar characteristics to stem. be full of go. Small size, suitable for family.

       4. Husky

       Siberian sled dog, commonly known as Husky, commonly known as erha. Siberian sled dogs weigh 20-27 kg in males and 16-23 kg in females. Their height is about 53-58 cm for males and 51-56 cm for females. Siberian sled dog is an ancient primitive dog species, living in northeast Siberia and southern Greenland. Husky’s name comes from its unique hoarse voice. Husky’s personality is changeable. Some are extremely timid and some are extremely violent. Husky, who has entered the mainland and his family, has no such extreme character. He is a kind of pet dog popular all over the world. And golden retriever and Labrador were listed as three non aggressive dogs.

       5. Irish cheddar

       The Irish Shepherd is an active, aristocratic bird hound with a strong red color and a strong but elegant structure. Standing more than two feet high on his shoulders, he has a straight, fine, glossy coat with slightly longer hair on his ears, chest, tail and back of his legs. In the wild, the Irish Shepherd is a fast-moving hunter. At home, he is a sweet, easy-going companion. He is suitable for children. He often combs the dog’s fur. However, the dog’s good image of keeping dry and tidy also reduces the breeding of skin diseases. It is very important for dogs and dog owners to understand and master the common dog diseases. Understanding reproductive behavior is a better way for dogs to breed.

       6. Pomeranian

       Baume is a compact, short back, active game dog, the scientific name of Hadley is a kind of German fox dog, native to Germany. It has a soft, thick undercoat and a thick, hard coat. The base of the tail is very high, and the tail with thick fur curls on the back. It has an alert character, intelligent expression, light manner and curious nature. It is small and cute, generally 22-28cm in height, weighs less than 3.5kg, and has a life span of 14-16 years old. It is suitable for companion dogs. Most of them are white and brown. German foxes, including the Dutch poodle, large foxes, medium foxes, small foxes and squirrels, are also competitive competition dogs. Its hair color has white, yellow cream, flower color, black, red, brown and so on.

       7. Small Schnauzer

       The appearance of the mini Schnauzer is very distinctive. They are strong, strong and square. Mini Schnauzers have long beards, eyebrows, feathery legs, ears sometimes trimmed into a straight, V-shaped shape, with the base of the ear set high and folded forward, and a short tail with a high, level tail. They have long, thick hair that gives them the appearance of a pet dog at home. The American Kennel Club recognizes the mini Schnauzer in only three colors, black, pepper and silver black. The mini Schnauzer is a strong, lively Terrier, similar in overall shape to its close relative, the Standard Schnauzer, and has the same alert and active personality.

       8. English Bulldog

       The British bulldog, also known as tiger dog and bullfight, has a reference price of 3000-9000 yuan. It is a dog breed originated from England. It is said that its ancestor is a combination of mastiff mastiff and bull terrier. Its face has wrinkles, adult dogs about 18-25kg, height 51-64cm, belongs to medium-sized dogs. The bulldog was originally used to tease bulls. After the sport was banned in the 19th century, the bulldog was transformed into an ornamental dog. There are French Bulldog, American bulldog and so on. The Bulldog is the mascot of many schools, countries, and even countries. For example, Yale University’s mascot is a bulldog named “handsome Dan”. The United States Marine Corps and the United Kingdom also regard the bulldog as the mascot. The Bulldog is also the sports team mascot of Butler University in Indiana.

       9. Samoyer

       Samoye: English: Samoyed, nickname Samoye, originally bred by the indigenous Samoye people in Siberia. It was naughty and smart before the age of one year. It is alert, strong, flexible, beautiful, noble and elegant, cute and cute. It has a very eye-catching appearance. It has the title of “smiling angel” and “smiling angel face, making trouble with devil’s heart”. The color of samoyer dog is white; some of them are light brown, cheese and light brown. In addition, other colors are disqualified. There was once a gray Sammy in the world, and FCI admitted that he was a Samoan with pure Samoye gene. Black Samoye dog is extremely rare. [details > >]

       10. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

       The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is low, strong, strong and active, giving the impression that the body occupies a small space. But the body should not be too short, the bones should not be too heavy, otherwise it will appear rough, redundant, and not too light, otherwise it will appear too active. Brave, kind, intelligent and interested in the outside world. Neither timid nor vicious. Proper balance and contour, attractive head, intelligent manner and appropriate temperament are the first conditions. The state of movement of the dog is also important, especially when viewed from one side. Dogs with smooth and free gait are ideal dogs and should be paid more attention to. In the features described above, there should be no small shortcomings.

       11. Chai dog

       The Chai dog is the oldest and medium-sized dog. The Chai dog is able to cope with the steep hills and mountain slopes, and has sensitive senses, making it a good hunting dog. Chai dog is lively and active. Play with your favorite toys all the time. It has a strong vigilance to the outside world and can guard the house for the head of household. It is especially for large-scale congeners, and does not admit defeat. Mice and birds in the grass will be its prey and toys. Firewood dog is a national treasure. The price of common red wood dog is between 6000 yuan and 30000 yuan. Compared with Akita, the Chai dog looks like a miniature version of it. In * *, Chai dog was designated as a “natural relic”.

       12 x Shih Tzu

       Shih Tzu, alias: poodle, English Name: Shih Tzu. It is native to China and originated in the 17th century. It generally has a shoulder height of 25-27 cm, a weight of 5-7 kg, and a life span of 12-14 years. It was raised in the temple as a watchdog. ***Manzhu huri, the God of teaching, often carries small dogs that can become lions. Lhasa dogs, which are similar in appearance to lions, are believed to be closely related to the poodles. He was taken to Europe in 1908, and the Shih Tzu Club was founded in England in 1935. In 1969, the United States recognized the variety and gave it the title. The coat is long and needs to be combed regularly. Understanding the common dog diseases and breeding line can make dogs grow healthily.

       I think this kind of Pomeranian is very cute. Think about it! ~^-^~

       Pommel is a compact, short back, active game dog, the scientific name of the Hadley family pomegranate (commonly known as the British pommel dog). Is a German fox dog, native to Germany. It has a soft, dense undercoat and a thick coat. The base of the tail is very high, and the tail with thick fur curls on the back. It has an alert character, intelligent expression, light manner and curious nature. Small and cute, suitable for companion dog. German foxes, including Dutch poodles, large foxes, medium foxes, small foxes and squirrels (i.e. Pomeranians).


       The most cute pet in Boo history

       Mike Isaac, editor of Allthingsd, recently exposed a photo of one of the cutest puppies in history. His name is boo. His owner is Isaac. The cutest dog in history is not a casual word. Google the world’s cutest dog and you’ll find it. Last year, the press also released a book for the lovely puppy. Boo’s owner, Irene Ahn, is a Facebook finance director who came to work at Facebook from Yahoo in 2008. Ahn, the dog’s “mother,” has never been disclosed before, and she has been posting her dog’s life on the Internet under the pseudonym J.H. Lee. Boo’s loveliness has also given it five million fans around the world on Facebook, and Boo has published a Book of his own, priced at $12.95, which went on sale last summer. Now the book has been translated into 10 languages: Portuguese, Finnish, French, German, Norwegian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Turkish and Chinese, of which the Chinese version is only available in Taiwan, China. April Whitney, a spokesman for the publishing house, said that not everyone would be successful in publishing a book, but Boo’s first book was very successful. Because of the success of his first book, Boo’s second book, boo: little dog in the big city, will soon be released. This book is mainly about the stories of boo and his good friend buddy in San Francisco. The price of the book is $12.95. The publishing house also launched a boo calendar, which costs $13.99 a copy. In addition, boo also has a book designed for children, which is also popular with children. However, Whitney didn’t make it clear that Ahn was the owner of the little boo, only that boo and his owner lived in San Francisco. “Boo’s owner never announced her identity. We contacted boo when she had 60000 fans on Facebook, but it was as if she was just uploading photos on Boo’s website.”

       The one who said Hadley Bremen is nonsense! Hadley is only a dog house in foreign countries that specializes in breeding Bomei. We can’t buy it in China. Even if we have a little blood relationship, we have to get at least 5 zeros. Moreover, we don’t breed white Baume in hadouli’s Kennel, only yellow one. There is also the British Bomei. The British line is just the stereotypical Bomei from the Bomei breeding area in Britain. Although it looks like our country’s Bomei, there are still differences, OK! Baidu Encyclopedia don’t copy and paste, are fake. I’ve been to the Hattori kennel. It was founded by Mrs. dyke in England. If you don’t know, please don’t talk nonsense. The name of the kennel founded by Mrs. dyke in England is Hattori kennel, which only breeds yellow Baume. The Baume bred in this kennel is very beautiful and has the characteristics of the kennel. Mrs. dyke was very old and gave most of the hadoly borms he bred to a male of fifty haze, not to mention the white one belonging to Hadley Baume, even the pure yellow Hadley is extremely rare. Hadouli is only Huang Bomei, there is no Bai Bomei. Hadouli is basically difficult to find. Even if there is, it is valuable. Therefore, we should not be deceived. If it is less than tens of thousands, it is impossible to buy hadoulli. Even if you have money, you may not be able to find the real Hadley. And don’t think that your home’s white Baume string is Hadley. Junjie on the Internet, in fact, is just an ordinary cream colored hair shaved into a Chai dog.

       The world’s three biggest silly dogs are husky, Alaskan sled dog and Samoye.

       1. Husky

       Husky, also known as Siberian sled dog, is a primitive ancient dog species, mainly living in northeast Siberia and southern Greenland. Husky’s name comes from its unique hoarse voice. Husky’s personality is changeable. Some are extremely timid and some are extremely violent. Husky, who has entered human society and family, has no such extreme character. He is a kind of pet dog popular all over the world. Husky, golden retriever and Labrador are listed as three major non aggressive dogs, which are widely raised by people all over the world, and there are a large number of competitions of this breed around the world.

       2. Alaskan sled dog

       The Alaskan sled dog, also known as the Alaskan dog, is one of the oldest polar sled dogs. Its name comes from the malamut tribe of the Inuit tribe of Eskimos. This tribe lives on the coast of Kotzebue in western Alaska. Adult Alaskan dogs have a quiet, elegant temperament and are very loyal to their owners.

       3. Samoye

       Samoye was originally a breed of dog bred by the Samoye people of Siberia. It was naughty and smart before the age of one year. It is alert, strong, flexible, beautiful, noble and elegant, cute and cute. It has a very eye-catching appearance. It has the title of “smiling angel” and “smiling angel face, making trouble with the devil’s heart”. The color of samoyer is white; some of them are light brown, cheese and light brown. In addition, other colors are disqualified.

       Extended data

       The characteristics of husky

       1¡¢ Docile and friendly

       Husky is a kind of animal which has no defenses against human beings, and seldom takes the initiative to attack human beings. They like to be close to people, always eager for people’s company, even treat strangers very friendly. Different from the bold and bold appearance, Husky’s inner world is eager for the attention of the master. If you are a busy host and can’t always accompany him, the gentle and sensitive husky will easily feel lonely. Husky can also get along very well with his family. But at the same time, its specificity is very strong, and sometimes even more intimate to others than you.

       2¡¢ Energetic

       They are always very active, for example, when they are still sleeping, they will jump out of bed and toss you around until you get up to play with them.

       3¡¢ Saboteurs

       Erha has a powerful destructive force, anything can be opened, from the corner of the table to the door frame, to the sofa mattress. It tests not only your patience, but also your financial ability.

       4¡¢ Neuroticism

       Husky, especially the female husky, is probably the most neurotic of all dogs. It always inexplicably began to run on the road, without warning in the home scurry, demolition home, return to turn, the host should be prepared for psychology.

       5¡¢ Extremely loose

       Xiao ha seems to think that we with two legs can easily catch up with the four legged ones, so every time we go out, we will look like we have been imprisoned for a long time, flee from the host, and then when we suddenly stop, we find “ah? Who am I? Where am I? What happened…” Therefore, when taking erha for a walk, be sure to lead the dog rope and never try to let go.

       6¡¢ Ignore you

       Husky will run away, most of the reason is to ignore your existence. Once you start to go crazy, no matter how you yell at it, you won’t pay attention to you.

       7¡¢ I don’t like shouting

       I don’t know if it’s related to the special voice of xiaoha. In short, they don’t like to shout, so many owners doubt whether their little HA is a mute.

       Husky, Afghan Hound, songlion.

       Songlion dog is an ancient breed of dog originated in China, which has a history of at least 2000 years. It can also be seen in some cultural relics of the Han Dynasty. The real name is “as” and “Songshi” is the name that has entered foreign countries and passed back to China.

       The lovely appearance of the songlion dog is regarded as an ideal household pet, mainly as a companion dog. It is about 30kg in weight and 50cm in height. It is gentle and can be used as hunting dog, towing dog, guard dog and companion dog.

       Husky is very close to human beings and can’t be defensive against people. It can be said that both the host and the stranger can play. It can be said that there is almost no active attack on people. Moreover, they always respond to people with enthusiasm, like and desire the host’s company very much, and they have no vigilance towards strangers.

       Husky can get along with people harmoniously, and bring infinite fun to the breeders. They are friendly and loyal. They don’t distinguish the good and the bad. They are all recognized as one. It is not suitable for you to watch the house, but can become a good playmate with you, whether you are happy or sad, can let you tell your inner world.

       It should be husky, Alaska, Samoye.

       1. Husky is called erha. Husky belongs to a more curious personality, like to contact with people, so when you meet strangers, you will not have too much guard in mind. Basically, he will go forward happily, and it is not surprising to go with people.

       Little husky’s personality is very gentle, almost no active attack on human phenomenon. For China’s current dog status, gentle and friendly little ha, can let you and the dog in the surrounding environment have a certain advantage, more easily accepted.

       Little husky’s enthusiasm is incomparable. For a long time, he will bump into your feet and lick your saliva.

       2. Alaska: Alaskan sled dogs are very clingy, like to play with people or even with strangers. They are not alert to strangers, so they often lose dogs.

       Alaska is gentle and friendly to strangers. It is suitable for young families. Alaskan sled dogs are not house dogs. They need a lot of exercise. They don’t stay in one place for long. They are always looking for new places and new prey.

       Samoye: Samoye is really enthusiastic to meet strangers. Samoye dog has a very striking appearance, strong physique, snow-white fur, smiling face and black and intelligent eyes. The samoyer is very strong and fast, and is an excellent guard dog, but it is gentle and friendly.

       The three big silly dogs in the world are the Shih Tzu, the Beagle and the Jingba.

       1. Shih Tzu

       The hair of Xishi dog is similar to that of human. It will not cause allergy. People who are allergic to dog hair can be raised. Xishi does not shed hair seasonally, but it will shed some every day, so it needs to be combed regularly by the owner. Oh, it’s very important for dogs to tie their hair too long.

       Although he is of noble lineage, his personality is cheerful, cheerful and friendly to all people. If the owner is properly t

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