The poop of the cat is particularly smelly – what should I do if the poop of the cat stinks?

       The smell of a cat is mainly due to the cat’s urine, stool and desquamation.

       1. Clean with vinegar. There may be a strong smell of cats at home, because cats pee and poop. Urine vinegar can be used to treat the smell of urine. Put 1:1 water and white vinegar in a spray pot. Spray to the area that needs cleaning.

       2. Deodorant, deodorant for pets, helps to remove odor quickly. It can help remove the smell of cats. Apply pet deodorant spray to the area where it needs to be deodorized to remove the smell after urination and defecation.

       3. Daily need to clean the cat stool basin in time. Check at least twice a day. This will also reduce the flavor.

       4. Clean the cat’s playing area and clean the cat’s fur and dander. Clean up all the places where cats have been and where cats like to play.

       5. Cleaning the cat’s bed, another source of odor is where the cat sleeps, which needs to be cleaned up frequently. At least once a week. Keep the cat’s eating place clean and minimize the smell of the house. Avoid food spoilage and keep the cat bowl clean.

       6. Groom the cat, clean the fur and reduce the smell of the cat at home. Make a good habit of cleaning your cat regularly. Avoid parasites and reduce odor at the same time. Trained cats, adult cats can clean themselves.

       Cats poop because of the food they eat

       So pet owners should make sure that the cat’s diet is light and fresh

       Give the cat something easy to digest

       And feed more fruits and vegetables

       Then drink more water for the cat and feed a little meow. Think of probiotics

       If the poop smell of the cat makes the whole room, then you should be diligent to shovel excrement and change the litter

       You can also spray some meow. Want deodorant spray on the litter

       There are many reasons for the smell of cat poop. The first thing to consider is the diet. If the protein content of the cat food is high, or some meat food is added, it is easy for the cat to defecate without absorbing protein, which will lead to the stinky or sour cat poop. At this time, the owner can consider reducing the intake of meat, and add some probiotics to the cat for gastrointestinal conditioning to help absorption. If the cat is not vaccinated, and the stool is smelly, it is also necessary to consider whether the cat has potential virus infection, and also need to go to the hospital for relevant virus examination and treatment. If the cat is infected with some parasites, it may also lead to the smell of the cat’s stool. Therefore, it is necessary to observe whether there are obvious parasites in the cat’s stool, or directly take the fresh stool to the hospital for relevant test, to see if there is parasite infection, and then treat according to the situation.

       After reading your answers, we all talked about the solutions, but I think we can deeply understand the odor gas source of cat poop, and then we can have targeted solutions to reduce the odor of cat poop.

       Volatile compounds specific to cat feces

       From the above figure, we can know that there are certain compounds in cat excrement that cause odor, and we can specifically eliminate the odor.

       The most effective deodorization method is decomposition type, which completely deodorizes by the reaction of specific compounds in the deodorizer with the specific compounds in the above figure. Share some ways and principles of deodorization.

       Cover: generally smell, * *, contain essence, deodorant, plant essential oil to make complaints about the smell, cover up the malpractice, I do not want to Tucao is completely in the pit dogs and cats, continue to science dogs and cats smell sensitivity is 100 times the human and not to the person is very fond of the smell, and will seriously damage the dog and cat smell, dogs and cats smell as smell and food judgment. Damage it. How does it judge food?

       And the mask is cool for a while. Generally, there are only two sales. There will be bad smell in the back. What kind of chemical blending aroma is inhaled into the body, and sexual drug abuse. (masking does not completely decompose odor factors)

       Adsorption: active, cyclodextrin, this is not completely decomposed, but activated carbon adsorbs odor factor. When saturated, it will release, and the effect is slow. If you are a favorite odor source, do not use this method.

       Decomposition: enzymes, quaternary ammonium salts. However, different components are different in deodorization ability and secondary damage to dogs and cats. Deodorization ability is divided into low, medium and high, this specific can be based on the composition of Baidu specific understanding, citing several common pet deodorization disinfectant ingredients and secondary damage to pets. (secondary injury mainly refers to olfactory irritation, skin irritation and licking injury)

       1. Contains ethanol. Flavors are inefficient. To smell harm, skin prick

       2. Containing biguanidine salt, polyhexamethylammonium chloride is inefficient. To smell harm, skin irritation

       3, containing surfactant flavor, low efficiency, olfactory stimulation

       4. It contains glycan, chlorhexidine acetate, dodecyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium bromide, povidone iodine, eucalyptus leaf essential oil, which is harmful to olfactory irritation and skin irritation.

       5. The medium level of benzalkonium chloride is irritant to pet.

       6. Weak acid hypochlorite water, high level s deodorization and sterilization, tasteless, no skin irritation, practically non-toxic and unstable (SRK pet deodorant disinfectant I use at present is this ingredient)

       These are the ingredients for pet disinfectant that are easy to buy. If you learn the new posture, you can use the disinfectant at home.

       In addition, if the cat’s intestinal tract is not good, indigestion will also lead to bad stool. At this time, feed some Gooden probiotics to regulate the stomach and intestines

       Cats stink when they poop

       There is a lot to do with the smell of cat poop. From the beginning of understanding the cat’s habits, cats are carnivorous. They can’t eat a lot of plants and fructose containing food, because they don’t have enough enzymes to digest starch fiber and fructose. That’s why cats don’t feel sweet. These plants can’t digest them and make their stools stinky, such as potatoes and milk. However, a small amount of plant food is also necessary, but remember to only feed a small amount! For example: a small amount of fresh vegetables with a large number of meat.

       First of all, you should choose some cat food rich in probiotics or easy to digest for your cat, because the cat poops very stinky. Because the protein is not digested, it is better to maintain the cat food without grain. With the addition of probiotics, the cat will not poop.

       Secondly, the litter should be changed frequently. After the cat poops, the excrement shovelers should bury their poop under the litter as soon as possible, and change the litter every two to three days. If the cat defecates frequently, the frequency of changing litter can be accelerated.

       Finally, try to put the cat litter and cat’s nest in a well ventilated place. You can put some activated carbon in the cat’s nest, which can also absorb the smell of cat poop!

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