The price of the easiest cat to raise

       Meow people’s temper sometimes sticky, sometimes high cold, it is really hard to understand, it is quite capricious. If one day it doesn’t like you, it may even run away from home. What kind of cat is easy to keep and inexpensive?

       Some time ago, I chatted with my friends. When it comes to raising a cat, it is the same as raising a girlfriend. I have to give it a comfortable service every day. If you are not happy, you can’t help it. You are willing to sink for it. This is the charm of the master. It is so independent, clingy, clever and willful. I can’t put it down What about it.

       So what kind of cats are easy to keep and inexpensive?

       1. Chinese civet cat

       2. Cow cat

       Cow cat is a kind of cat with only black and white colors. It belongs to a hybrid breed. It is one of the most common native cats in China. It is very easy to raise and its price is not high. Therefore, it is fed by many people at home, and many people like cow cat.

       3. Lion cat

       The cat’s hair is very fluffy. Under normal circumstances, it is white or yellow, and there are black and white mixed colors. The body of Shandong lion cat is very strong. Its tail is very strong, and its ability to resist diseases and cold is very strong.

       4. Sanhuamao

       Sanhua cat is a cat with three colors of black, orange and white, so it is named Sanhua cat. Sanhua cat refers to its snake, not its species. As the genes controlling gender are combined with genes controlling tricolor, they are called sex linked genes. Therefore, most of Sanhua cats are female cats.

       The key is to feed well. What kind of dogs and cats are suitable for students

       For example, orange cat has a good temper. Even if the owner does something he doesn’t like, he won’t lose his temper.

       And orange cat’s special relatives, it is different from Sanhua cat, Sanhua cat likes to go out to play, and orange cat’s favorite is to stay by the owner’s side.

       By the way, this kind of cat’s temper is a little big, we keep it at home, it’s better not to mess with it.

       The fourth kind of cat: cihuamao. Some people think it looks fierce, so they dare not keep it. In fact, it is just a little fierce, and it has a good temper.

       Cats suitable for students are cheaper, such as Siam cat, Sanhua cat, cihuahua cat, orange cat, etc., which are cheaper. Students should choose to take good care of cats. However, its good temper and orange cat’s good temper are still some different, orange cat’s life may not be angry with its master once, and it is different, if the owner makes it angry, or particularly angry, it will be angry with the master.

       Its IQ is very high, but also special relatives, it likes to do the thing, is to talk to the host.

       The key is to feed well. What kind of dogs and cats are suitable for students

       There is no smell, no sound. The disadvantage is that only one hamster can be raised. Hamsters will fight to death when they are caged. If it is a high school student, college students or do not raise, high school learning task is busy, there is no time to take care of, cat.

       3. Elves

       4. Bengal cat

       5. Toy tiger cat

       6. Pomila

       7. Tailless cat

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