The problem of male sterilization

       Now is the best time for sterilization. It is recommended to have sterilization. No matter whether the current situation is estrus or not, people who call in the middle of the night will be restless. Is the kitten living in the cage all the time or has been put into the cage only recently? If it is put into the cage recently, it may be because it is not used to it, For example, it’s appropriate to pee anywhere. If it’s estrus, it’s better to wait until the oestrus period is over, which will reduce the risk of danger. All four cats in my family have been sterilized. The two male cats are very good after sterilization, and there is no sign of re estrus. Occasionally they call at night, but not because of estrus. To prepare for sterilization, the first thing is to select the hospital, Try to choose the more prestigious one. Although it may be expensive, it’s safer. It’s better than going to a quack doctor to gamble on the cat’s life for those small money. Then the preparation before the operation, such as fasting and water deprivation, I can’t remember these details. I should find them on the Internet

       Sterilizing male cats is a small operation. I wish you success!

       According to the age, it’s time for oestrus, but it may be that I’m afraid of insecurity in the cat cage. My cat was not adopted since I was a child. Now I don’t sleep if I can’t see it every night.

       If it’s oestrus, you have to wait until the oestrus is finished to sterilize. After finishing, there is no physiological reaction. As for whether you are good or not, the cat can’t do anything wrong.

       If you want to get to a good pet hospital, you don’t have to be big. But if you want to disinfect thoroughly, the doctor should be able to take good care of animals at least. Don’t use the doctor who treats cats as dead meat, even if the doctor graduated from Union Medical College. At the time of sterilization, eye drops were prepared because most cats could not close their eyes after anesthesia. You should give eye drops to protect the eyes.

       I had a cat for 12 years, and I gave him birth control in the 10th year.

       1. The only way to solve this problem is to do birth control

       2. Birth control is a small operation for male cats. A regular pet hospital is OK. When my cat was done, it was 70. If there was any problem in the back, the hospital would bear the cost. Because my cat was too old for a while, I would not charge for taking hormone. It’s time to raise the money now, but the male cat is much cheaper than the female cat. Your cat is young and heals quickly. The doctor told me that the smaller the cat is, the better it will be. Some of the wounds will be closed the next day.

       3. It doesn’t hurt to do birth control. After finishing, my cat is very honest. She doesn’t pee everywhere. She doesn’t want to run outside. She can eat and sleep. She lives a very happy life. She doesn’t have to worry. The side effect may be weight gain.

       4. Don’t make too much preparation. Take a bath before. Don’t touch water after operation. The doctor will bandage the wound. Don’t let him lick it. Take it back to the hospital for anti-inflammatory. This is the after-sales work of the hospital. Remember to go to the hospital if you have a problem, don’t solve it yourself. Listen to his breathing speed. It’s too fast. Go back to the hospital to get hormone

       5. You can go to your district’s animal epidemic prevention station, the difference between the animal hospital is more expensive, dog is 40, cat seems to be about 60 is not expensive. But some animal hospitals ask for a price at random, you can consult in advance. Don’t go private

       6. Solve the problem 100% once and for all. My cat has been a little boy for 10 years. When I moved, I didn’t watch it. After finishing, it’s really easy to worry, and my character will be more gentle.

       I hope my answer will help you. I’ve always been disgusted with people who abandon animals. You are very loving. If you have questions about cats, please ask me. I like cats very much. My email [email protected]

       1. This is the nature of cats. Only by solving the root causes can we eliminate this phenomenon.

       2. Cats are nocturnal animals, and they are also by nature.

       Is your cat out for a walk? If there is a change in the smell of going out, other male cats will bully him. After all, the cat has to fight with his courtship opponent. In fact, there is no change after sterilization. My male cat is very good. I always play and run when I’m free. I’m six years old now. And now the life span of cats is long. Cats are as old as people. They will have this problem. They have prostate problems in male cats and ovarian cysts in female cats. When I was 9 years old, my big Mimi had ovarian cysts. She kept calling cats. She was only 5 jin thin. Later, she went to the Agricultural University for sterilization. After sterilization, she was 16 years old.

       I understand that you think that you can’t deprive cats of their reproductive rights. I’ve thought about it. In fact, it’s very painful to think that there is no place to use this function? ha-ha

       The answers to the questions are as follows:

       1. Yes. Only sterilization

       2. Go to Kangdu. It’s also close to you. It’s opposite to Rome Jiayuan on Chaoyang North Road. (friends give me a discount ~ ha ha) the operation cost is more than 100 yuan, and the cost of anesthetic varies from tens to 300 yuan. After the operation, anti-inflammatory needle should be given for 3 days, tens of yuan. Recovery 3 days basic no pain, 7 days to remove stitches.

       3. Doing this operation is beneficial to the old people’s life. The side effect is that they will become playful like children, and they will get fat. But pay attention to it and you can recover your weight.

       4. Fasting 8 hours before operation. During operation, some cats will be allergic to anesthetics, but generally will not. Better anesthetics or inhalation anesthesia can be used. Postoperative anti-inflammatory 3 days, no excessive care to prevent licking.

       5. Routine immunization is enough. 60 injections are imported. According to the first immunization. There are not many kinds of vaccines for cats. I think it is Ruihui’s.

       6. There is a process. After finishing, I will still cry occasionally, and it will not be so loud. ***It can be solved. No problem. I think, like a child, I like to play and play. ha-ha

       Hope to help you ~ if you have any questions, you can leave me a message ~ put the mouse over my name and you can leave a message~

       My meow is the son of a stray cat. At that time, a friend who cared for small animals sent a post to collect the family. The first premise is to operate. Because they breed too fast, but they can’t get a good growing environment, stray cats have a short life span, and they all die of illness. In addition, if they are adopted as pets, there will be no chance for them to have sex with cats when they grow up, destroy furniture and disturb people. When they get old, they will have urinary system problems (female cats will have abscesses), which is very painful and troublesome to take care of. They should take prescription cat food.

       I suggest you go to the pet hospital for surgery. My family meow is 8 months have not made a cat to do. It can be done in five or six months. Male cat surgery is very simple, less than 20 minutes. Buy an Eliza white cover (neck cover) to wear at home, that is, do not want him to lick his wounds. I live in Chongwen District and do it in the “I love my pet hospital” of China Agricultural University. We took him to do it at the weekend four years ago, so we could stay with him for a day or two. The doctor will tell you what to pay attention to. It’s a very common operation. It’s not complicated. It’s a few hundred yuan. I forgot. It’s cheaper than a female cat. But once and for all!

       We took it when meow was weaned for a month, and then consulted the doctor, bought books and fed scientifically. After three months of vaccination, we’ll get a good vaccination certificate!

       After the operation, the cat will not pee and scream everywhere, and he will be gentle. No other thoughts every day, eat and sleep and play, easy to get fat. To control weight, play with him more.

       Thank you for your love and wish your cat a healthy growth!

       Male sterilization is castration, but sterilization is not to reduce noise and waste water, but to prevent more stray new cats. In fact, if they know family planning, they don’t have to. (laughter) but the vaccine has to be taken. (re serious) sterilized males become more clingy, more neutral in character, and do not observe changes in their bodies. In fact, the cat Huzi of Ji Xianlin’s family was not sterilized (in fact, there was no such statement at that time). The cat peed on Mr. Ji’s paper. Mr. Ji kindly dried the paper and did not investigate the cat’s responsibility. Then, he copied all the words on the paper again. There are two natural ways to do it. One is to stare at him when he urinates. He must make a sound. This means extreme anger in the cat’s language. Over time, it will understand. The other is to squeeze juice out of orange or toothpaste rind and put it on the place where you don’t want it to urinate. Cats hate these two kinds of smell.

       My meow is the son of a stray cat. At that time, a friend who cared for small animals sent a post to collect the family. The first premise is to operate. Because they breed too fast, but they can’t get a good growing environment, stray cats have a short life span, and they all die of illness. In addition, if they are adopted as pets, there will be no chance for them to have sex with cats when they grow up, destroy furniture and disturb people. When they get old, they will have urinary system problems (female cats will have abscesses), which is very painful and troublesome to take care of. They should take prescription cat food.

       Post sterilization care for cats:

       1. Wear Elizabeth collar for 7 days to prevent licking. (you can take it off when eating cat food and put it on after eating it)

       2. Quiet, clean environment.

       3. 6-8 hours after operation, water supply and cat food were given.

       4. If there are other cats, keep them away from each other.

       5. Change to sterilized cat food, suggest French royal or American hills.

       Extended data:

       Precautions for male cats after sterilization

       1. The owner of the cat should drop eye drops every 3-5 minutes before the cat wakes up. Because cats can’t close their eyes in drowsiness, they can’t secrete lubricating liquid to moisten their eyes. In order to prevent the lens of eyeballs from drying and shrinking, we must drop eye drops to cats.

       2. Keep warm. Especially in cold weather, the circulation of the cat after anesthesia is weak and the body temperature is low. It is necessary to cover some clothes and towels before waking up to avoid catching a cold.

       3. On the way, pay attention to the cat’s neck straight, so that breathing smoothly.

       4. When you go home, put a mat on the ground and put the cat on the mat. The purpose is to ensure the safety of the cat when it wakes up, so as not to fall from a height. The owner of the cat can’t leave until the cat is fully mobile. (the waiting time for the cat to wake up is usually 1-3 hours)

       5. Don’t let the cat eat when it just wakes up. Because at this time, the cat’s stomach may still be under anesthesia, unable to withstand food stimulation, the cat will vomit, which is not very good for its recovery. It’s better to put cat food and other food in the cat bowl 3 hours after waking up, without prompting the cat, the cat will follow the feeling of its body needs.

       6. Since the removal of the cat will temporarily affect the hormone balance in the cat, the cat may become fond of eating more and sleeping more. The cat owner should pay attention not to eat too much for the cat, and guide the cat to exercise appropriately to prevent the cat from getting fat.

       Reference: male feline sterilization

       1. Male cats do not close their eyes after taking anesthetics, so they should drop a few drops of chloramphenicol eye drops every 10 minutes before waking up to prevent them from drying out.

       2. After the operation, before the male cat wakes up, it should be laid flat on its back, never nest to the neck, so as to avoid suffocation. (especially on the way home with the male cat, pay more attention)

       3. Male cats do not usually sew or bandage after birth control surgery, so it is necessary to pay close attention to its excessive licking wound after operation, so as to avoid infection.

       4. After taking the male cat home, it is best to put it flat in the cat’s nest, not on the bed or sofa, in order to avoid falling in an unconscious state.

       5. Before the anaesthetic all fails, the owner had better accompany the male cat all the time. There are a lot of male cats will urinate in a state of unconsciousness, if not found and cleaned up in time, it is easy to dirty the wound.

       6. 2 to 3 days after the operation, if the male cat has symptoms of wound secretion and high temperature rise, he should go to the hospital in time.

       7. Many male cats with irritable personality will be more docile after sterilization, which is very beneficial. It should be noted that the diet of male cats may increase after sterilization, and they are not willing to exercise. The owners can usually feed some pet probiotics, which contain a variety of pet beneficial bacteria to regulate the intestinal flora, so as to avoid food accumulation and make the male cat fat.

       Extended data:

       1. Siam (Xi ¨¡ n) is a world famous short haired cat, and also a representative breed of short hair cat. The race originated from Siam (now Thailand), so it is named Siamese cat. More than 200 years ago, this precious cat was raised only in Thailand’s imperial palaces and monasteries, and was a staunch aristocrat.

       2. Siamese cats can better adapt to the local climate of their owners, and their character is strong and active, witty and flexible, with strong curiosity and understanding.

       3. Siamese cat head is slender and wedge-shaped. The skull is flat and straight from the top of the head to the tip of the nose when viewed from the side. The face is sharp and V-shaped, and the muzzle is sharp, forming a V-shape from the tip of the muzzle to the tip of the ear. The bridge of the nose is high and straight. It is an equilateral triangle from the nose to the ear tip. The cheek is thin and the teeth are scissors bite.

       4. Siamese cats have large ears, broad base, sharp and erect ears. Eyes of moderate size, almond shaped, blue, dark or light. The elongated line from the inner corner of the eye to the tip of the eye forms a V shape with the tip of the ear. The eyes are slightly convex. The tail is long and thin, and the tip of the tail is slightly curly. The length is equal to the hind limbs. Good flexibility, muscular development, slim figure, angular growth, thin and long legs.

       Reference: Baidu Encyclopedia: Siamese cat

       For male cats, sterilization is the removal of the penis. Generally, there is no need to remove the suture after the operation. On the day of the operation, you can take it home or stay in the hospital for care. If the sterilization operation, there are the following advantages and disadvantages.

       1. Advantages:

       The disposition becomes gentle, and the consciousness of dividing territory becomes weak;

       The expression of oestrus was reduced and the aggressiveness was weakened;

       Reduce the amount of urine in cats;

       Reduce the incidence of skin diseases and sexual organ lesions secondary to abnormal levels of sex hormones in the body.

       2. Disadvantages:

       The main risk is that cats are allergic to anesthetics;

       You may get fat.

       Precautions after sterilization are as follows:

       1. Eating after operation: after the operation, the cat should not be allowed to eat directly. The cat’s intestines and stomach peristalsis is slow after anesthesia, and the cat is eager to eat, which may cause gastrointestinal inflammation. It is generally recommended to give some water or liquid food 4-6 hours after operation.

       2. Diet changes: some cats may have poor appetite and are unwilling to eat after surgery. At this time, you can feed some canned or liquid food (soft cat food) to stimulate the cat’s appetite.

       3. Wound care: pay attention to the cat’s neck ring after operation to prevent the cat from licking the wound and stimulating infection. In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to keep the wound dry. If there is bleeding and pus, go to the hospital in time for the doctor to deal with it. Male cats generally do not need to remove the thread.

       4. The cat is suitable for rest after operation. It is suggested that the cat can stay in the cage and keep the environment safe. If the environment is too noisy or crowded, it is easy to stimulate the cat to produce stress response.

       5. Last but not least, keep in touch with hospitals or doctors. The operation has a certain consumption on the cat, so if the cat is observed to be abnormal after the operation, contact the doctor in time, and do not always seek solutions to delay the disease.

       My family had just finished sterilization last month. When I just woke up, I was distressed. My brain was not clear. I bumped everywhere. On the first day when the cat woke up, the owner must take good care of it. Don’t let it be damaged or broken. It’s best to keep watch on the cat. In addition, it’s best to put a hot water bag in the nest, gently touch him and talk to him to make it feel at ease. First, the cat will have vomiting symptoms. Don’t worry. This is normal. The first cat will also have symptoms of urinary incontinence. The owner had better put some paper or waterproof things in the nest. When the second cat is fully awake and wants to lick the wound, the owner should put Elizabethan circle on the cat. It is sold in hospital stores or self-made One is OK. The cat who has just brought Elizabeth’s circle may be very irritable. When my cat takes Elizabeth, she can only walk backward and can’t even go to the toilet. At this time, the owner must be more cruel. The cat will get used to it after a night. It is recommended to feed canned cats for the first two days. It is recommended to start feeding cat food on the third day, preferably soaked. It can be eaten normally on the fourth or fifth day. If the male cat is younger, Elizabeth can be removed after the scar on his wound is removed. For the female cat, it will be two days after the stitching is removed in a week. After the operation, some local veterinarians will ask for anti-inflammatory injections every day, about three to four days.

       Personal experience oh, don’t spray if you don’t like it~

       I wish you a speedy recovery~

       For male cats, there are the following advantages and disadvantages after sterilization: the temperament becomes gentle, the consciousness of dividing territory becomes weak;

       The expression of oestrus was reduced and the aggressiveness was weakened;

       Reduce the amount of urine in cats;

       Reduce the incidence of skin diseases and sex organ changes secondary to abnormal levels of sex hormones in the body.

       2. Disadvantages: the operation has risks, the main risk is that the cat is allergic to narcotic drugs;

       You may get fat.

       Therefore, after the male cat is sterilized, the cat will become less active, so the amount of heat required is not much. We should pay attention to control the diet, which can reduce the food by about 15%.

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