The rabbit is very sad when he is old – the rabbit is dead. He is very sad. Please comfort me

       Are you still sad? This year, I also bought a little rabbit, which is very cute. When I bought it for only one month, I always only gave rabbit food and hay, and I drank cold water. After 16 days of raising, I had to pull grapes for no reason. I was very anxious. I didn’t dare to delay to buy medicine in the street for a few seconds, but I was ignored by the drugstore aunts as if they were. When I got home, I called the veterinarian in the pet store. He told me it was ok, so I didn’t care too much. Who knows, the next morning at 5 o’clock, my mother woke me up, said Nuo Nuo (rabbit) dead, I quickly ran from the second floor to the balcony to see her, has not moved, the small body has hardened, I collapsed when dealing with the body, my mother asked me why not cry, but I dare not tell her that I have been scared to cry. The next morning, before I went to class, I couldn’t bear to throw her little body away, so I put it at the door for a while and went to class. That morning, sitting in the subway, I began to gradually recover my mind and found that all this was true. I recalled everything the night before, and I felt so painful that my heart was torn to pieces. If I didn’t neglect that night and went directly to the veterinary hospital, she would not leave. I tried to hold back my tears. I have never cried in front of others for more than ten years This is true for others, even for the wild cats on the roof. My family doesn’t care about my tears. They just yell at me. Even when the dog sees me, it barks for no reason. Only Nuo Nuo, see me not happy, will be sensible to look at me, and then silently lick my hand, she will never yell at me, but, she just left like this. Two days before she died, I brought her brother back from the pet store. He was a pure white rabbit with blue eyes, but his mother didn’t accept him. Maybe it was because Nuo Nuo was so cute and beautiful. My mother loves Nuo very much. She can do anything for her. This is totally different from the image that she once saw a small animal and wanted to send someone immediately. Tonight, I lay down in my study and cried. Yes, face the reality. I told myself that the little hairball that will never perfunctorily please you all day long has gone … and never come back again… Reply when you feel something, or ignore me when I’m sentimental.

       My little bear Bunny sweetheart has not been raised for three and a half months. We have had a deep feeling. It’s so cute. Also like to lick my hands and feet! Looking at it, my mood is particularly good. But just because of some neglect of it two days ago, it was angry and left me. In fact, it may have been sick ten days ago. At that time, it always dropped the rabbit food. I thought it couldn’t eat and it fell down accidentally. In fact, it can’t bear to eat that food, but sometimes it will eat some, it should be hungry will eat a little bit. I will remember when it leaves. It’s too late to hold sweetheart any more. These two days, I was in a bad mood. The whole person was in a terrible state of mind. I regret my heartache when I think of it. I wish it was a dream. When my son came back from school, he remembered that he was sad and crying and had no appetite for food. He used to tease sweetheart every time he came back from school. I’m not even allowed to name sweetheart right now. He said that if he asked me to buy two, sweetheart would not be lonely. He raised the other one as a sweetheart. Would it really feel better? But I’m afraid that I can’t keep them well. I’m afraid that I can’t get rid of the hurt rabbits here. I’m also able to take care of them. What I get is sadness. I can’t stand the blow. Let’s talk about whether I should raise rabbits again! My son said that if I don’t have rabbits, he can’t eat. What should I do? In fact, I really like rabbits!

       My little rabbit was less than a week old and left before I could think of a name for her. There was a bit of mud poop before leaving. At that time, I couldn’t take her to the hospital in the early morning. I didn’t take her to the hospital the next day when I saw that she was better. During this period, I once bit my finger gently, and I never bite my rabbit. I also blamed her and patted her twice. She was so surprised that I was heartbroken in retrospect. She did something wrong. Maybe she just wanted to tell me, little master, that I was really miserable… And then on the third day after I woke up, she had no breath. I blame myself. If I took her to the hospital earlier, it would not be the result now. A small calcaneus who likes to stick to me and follow me behind my buttocks, like to cuddle up in my arms and lick my hands, left me like this. You hope to go back to the day before, but you can’t go back. I hope there will be heaven. My rabbit will be safe there

       My rabbit has been raised for eight months, and her birthday will be two months later. It is a pure white dwarf rabbit. However, this morning, my father put the rabbit running in the grass downstairs. I couldn’t find it in the evening. I saw the weasel. My mother said it was eaten by the weasel. I don’t believe that the weasel is so small. How can the weasel eat my rabbit? Although I have a dwarf rabbit, I feed a lot of food every day. It’s very fat, and I never get sick. Sometimes I eat bad things But just take a meal of medicine. It’s healthy and lively. I searched the video of weasels eating rabbits from the Internet. I was so angry that I really wanted to kill the weasel. My rabbit is only one year old in two months, so poor. Because of my work, I often go to other places. Whenever there is no one to take care of the rabbit, I always take it with me and accompany me. When I drive, I let her sit in the co pilot. I feel at ease when I think that every time I go to work in the unit, I will go back to the dormitory alone and cry. I don’t want to buy rabbits. I’m afraid I can’t keep them well. I’ll be sad again.

       Rabbit’s ears are full of rich nerves, blood vessels and brittle bones, which are easy to be injured and broken. Therefore, rabbit’s ears can not be pulled. If you want to move a rabbit, you can grasp the skin on the back with one hand or hold the abdomen of the rabbit with one hand, and hold the fart with the other

       Most rabbits and rabbits don’t like to be held, so don’t hold it when you have no experience, because the bones of rabbits and rabbits are very fragile and easy to fracture. It is easy for rabbits and rabbits to struggle and pedal

       Kick, even fall to the ground

       If you hurt a rabbit or even you, you should see the reaction of the rabbit when holding it. If you are very good, you can hold it under your armpit with one hand and drag the whole buttock with the other hand. If you have resistance, don’t worry. It means that you need to spend some time with rabbits

       Build up trust and train slowly. After training, most of the rabbits will accept it. However, some of them are more independent. You don’t have to force them to meet them. Just respect them.

       If you are approaching the rabbit, it turns around and runs away, which means that the rabbit does not trust you enough. At this time, you must not be anxious. Do not try to approach it or hold it. You need to have enough patience

       And time, slowly to cultivate rabbit trust in you, patiently waiting for it to approach you, to smell

       You, it may take a while, but as long as you don’t act so willfully, respect their wishes, and try to feed them with their hands, the rabbits will relax their vigilance and be willing to approach you and lick you over time

       Will be willing to jump on your legs and pray for your touch

       Even if you stop touching, it will use its head to arch you, to lick you, to prompt you to continue, to help it do a comfortable massage, this is rabbit trust in you like performance, this kind of trust depends on time and yourself to some

       Some behavior of self-restraint gradually accumulated, do not have bad words to rabbits or do something against the rabbit’s will oh, that will easily break the trust you have built up for a long time.

       If you approach the rabbit or want to hold it, it wants to escape or struggle, which means that the rabbit does not want you to do that. Just stop your behavior. The brave rabbit will not run away at the sight of people, but will approach you and smell you. When you shout at you, it’s warning you to stop your behavior. Rabbit will stomp, that is to remind you that it feels danger is near, just comfort.

       It can hold the forelimb from its back with both hands, or hold the forelimb from the back with one hand, and grasp two hind feet with one hand. No matter what, the rabbit won’t let you hold it, you can only try not to catch you. After holding it out, put it on the table or other places to stroke it. It likes to be touched by other people’s head and ears. Hold it when it gets used to it. But the rabbit doesn’t like people holding it. It struggles. In the summer, my arms are all scratched one by one.

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