The reason why cats are fat and thin

       Cat families want their babies to be happy, healthy and healthy. However, the premise for a cat to be happy is conditional. In addition to the owner’s company, toys and food, more and more owners spoil the cat too much. As long as the cat is happy when feeding, the owner will provide food uncontrollably, which can easily lead to cats Once the cat is too fat, all kinds of diseases will enter. In fact, fat and thin cats are not necessarily caused by diet, and the weight standards of different kinds of cats are also different. Next, we will focus on the theme of the article to tell about the reasons why cats are fat and thin!

       Which cats are always fat

       1. Oriental cats

       Oriental cats are born with relatively small size. For example, Oriental short cat, Siamese cat and so on. These cats are all slim, and even if they are a little fat, they still keep sharp faces. If you like fat faced cats, try to choose Western cats.

       2. Cats with parasites in their stomachs

       Parasites in cats are generally parasitic in the intestines of cats, and the food they eat will be absorbed by parasites, resulting in malnutrition of cats; external parasites will suck the blood of cats and cause anemia of cats, and the cats with malnutrition and anemia will not grow fat.

       3. It is in the developing stage

       Cats of two to eight months of age are generally thin because of their high activity and vigorous metabolism. Therefore, even healthy cats will be thinner during their development, which is normal. Adult female cats should keep 6 kg and male cats about 10 kg.

       2. Different breeds of cats have different standards of fatness and thinness

       1. Type of lean muscle

       Siamese cat, Oriental short hair cat, Singapore cat and so on, these are the representatives of thin and muscular cats. His body is thin and long, and his limbs are also very slim. His body is very light and has charming muscle lines. If such cats get fat, their stomach will come first.

       2. Round and thick type

       For example, exotic kittens, British kittens, and so on. These more round cats look like a big skeleton, with thick beard pads, fat cheeks and thick neck, which make them look fatter than they really are.

       Tip: for these cats, you can tell by the ratio of their head to belly. If the width of their belly is larger than that of their head, they may be overweight.

       3. The type of hairiness and length

       Because of the large amount of hair, this kind of cat, although not fat, is often considered overweight, such as jinjila, Persia and so on. Even with standard weight, they are still mistaken for big fat because of their large and thick fur. Owners can judge whether they are the standard weight when the bathing fur is close to each other.

       What are the misunderstandings of cat weight loss

       Misunderstanding one, fat looking at the heart is solid, even if the disease is better than the thin cat can resist the disease.

       Correction: obese cats have poorer immunity and disease resistance. Excess fat is not body armor, but shackles. Excessive fat will not only shorten the life span of cats, but also affect the diagnosis of doctors once they get sick, which will bring a lot of trouble to the laboratory test, and even increase the risk of anesthesia in operation.

       Second, weight loss is very single, like people eat less and move more, the host can make their own plans.

       Correct: eating more and exercising is not easy. You don’t know how much to eat less, how to eat and how long to exercise. Once the method is improper, or excessive weight loss, the cat’s body will not be able to bear or because of malnutrition and illness. Some cats will also be sad because of the sudden decrease in food, suffering from mental illness.

       Misunderstanding 3, and people’s diet pills, cat’s professional diet food must have unhealthy “greasy”, we can mix diet food for cats.

       Correction: weight loss prescription foods reduce fat and carbohydrates, the elements that cause cats to become obese, and increase protein that protects muscles and nutrients that help burn fat. The diet formula of cats on the market is more scientific and safe, and homemade food has too many risks.

       Four, eat wet food than dry food is not easy to cause obesity!

       Correction: the same weight of dry food contains more nutrients and energy than wet food, but cats generally eat more wet food than dry food, so it can be used as the main means of weight loss.

       4. Precautions for cat weight loss

       1. Don’t be soft hearted at the beginning

       In the early stage of losing weight, the diet and habits of the fat cat have changed. The cat will feel hungry. However, the owners must not be soft hearted, or they will give up all their efforts. They can’t see him act coquettish or pretend to be pitiful, which will make the fat cat lose weight longer.

       2. Healthy and reasonable weight loss

       The food to change the cat’s eating habits must also be reasonable and ensure that the nutrition of the food can meet the nutritional needs of the cat such as vitamins and minerals during weight loss. When the cat loses weight and controls its weight, a plan must be made first, and it must be reasonable and healthy.

       3. Pay attention after weight loss

       After the success of losing weight, the owners should pay attention to the situation that the cat has regained weight. Therefore, after successful weight loss, they should continue to lose weight plan for a period of time, strengthen the effect of weight loss, and effectively control the weight and health of the cat.

       To determine whether the cat’s weight is excessive, consider weight loss, do not blindly give the cat weight loss, not to diet. At the same time to lose weight, to ensure that the cat’s daily body needs to keep up with the nutrition, there is a habit of eating snacks cats from the day of weight reduction, until no snacks can be.